Why is the Media increasing the Demonic idea of Cannibalism?

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Has anyone else noticed the increasing talk of “cannibalism” in the media lately?  Don’t believe me then just Google “Cannibalism” and see what comes up!

New York Times Accused of ‘Normalizing’ Cannibalism After Publishing ‘Sick’ Essay

And there are many movies and television shows that have been produced over the past several decades depicting cannibalism.

“Soylent Green” (1973), “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (1974), “Motel Hell” (1980), “The Hills have eyes” (1977), “The Silence of the Lambs” (1991), “Hannibal” (2013), “Raw” (2016), “Yellowjackets” (2021), but there are many, many more!

The movie that sticks out the most in my mind and I think has the most relevance is “Soylent Green”.  Take a close look at the movie poster above, the year it takes place is “2022”.  Just a coincidence?

Take a look at the following video for more and where it is leading.

The world is being inundated with the thought of cannibalism, it is being “normalized” and we are being conditioned to accept the very idea and action of cannibalism to survive.

Have you noticed that things which we never thought in our lifetime would ever actually come to pass, yet they have?  Things which were portrayed in books, movies, and television shows for decades that we thought unimaginable are now coming to pass right before our very eyes.  This is not a coincidence my friends, but a conditioning and brainwashing!

Don’t you find it strange that in the year 2022 we keep hearing the same thing, that we are facing a global food crisis, that farmers are not able to farm due to fertilizer shortages, severe weather patterns, and drought?  The food crisis is coming our way, and I believe much sooner than later.  We are being told that we will eat bugs for our survival, that it will be good for us.  Bill Gates and others are developing lab grown meats, and he is telling us that we need to eat it instead of beef, pork, or foul, that we will get used to the taste.  But did you also know that they are also making lab grown meat from human tissue?

A Company Making Lab-Grown Meat From Human Cells Insists You’re ‘Technically’ Not A Cannibal If You Eat It

There are approximately 8 billion people living in the world today. And if we are facing a very severe food shortage (which I believe that we are, however, it is all planned out and caused by the Global Elite) then billions of people are at risk of starvation!

They know that when people are starving then they will go to extreme measures to survive, and that includes cannibalism. One of the Elite’s main objectives is to depopulate the planet, they are doing a pretty good job of it with the Covid-19 bioweapon injections, but it’s not enough for them, nor is it fast enough for them.

So, when you think about the movies, books, and television shows that depict cannibalism, never think that it could never happen, because things which seemed impossible before that time which were considered merely entertainment have come to pass!

Do you really trust the “experts” that are telling you that the “Covid-19 vaccines” are both safe and effective when thousands upon thousands of people are dying from them or becoming permanently injured? These are the very same people telling you to eat lab grown meats! The very same people that would love for you to consume human flesh!!!

It is wicked and evil my friends, and so are the ones promoting it!

God Almighty created us in His image, we are precious to Him, and we were not created by Him to be used for food!

Genesis 9:5-7
Surely for your lifeblood I will demand a reckoning; from the hand of every beast I will require it, and from the hand of man. From the hand of every man’s brother I will require the life of man.

“Whoever sheds man’s blood,
By man his blood shall be shed;
For in the image of God
He made man.
And as for you, be fruitful and multiply;
Bring forth abundantly in the earth
And multiply in it.” ‘

God gave us plants and animals to be used for food not human flesh!

Genesis 9:3

“Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. I have given you all things, even as the green herbs.”

The very notion of eating human flesh is an abomination to God, it is a curse.

The Bible and Eating Humans—Cannibalism?

God Bless my friends! Maranatha!

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