We are in a World War against the People!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

When most people think of a world war, they think of nations attacking other nations, such as in WWI or WWII.  However, at this time in history I believe that we are in the middle of WWIII, and it’s not nation against nation, but it’s a group of elite individuals against the rest of the people living in the world.

We are under attack by the enemy, and the enemy is the Global Elite!  They are currently doing everything in their power to oppress us, to subdue us, to control our every move.  This my friends has been in the works for decades now, we have been lied to about most things, we have been led to believe certain things, and we have been brainwashed into believing their lies.  We are living in a world full of illusions and deceptions, and unless we can see them for what they really are then we are doomed to fall into their traps!

The Global Elite are using crises to control us, but ultimately to usher in their agenda of world domination.  First (step one), they used the planned Covid-19 pandemic as a worldwide crisis in order to usher in control and oppression, by forcing people to wear facemasks, to social distance, to take an unsafe and deadly poison (the so-called Covid-19 vaccine).  They oppress those that don’t follow along by limiting where they can and cannot go, and by taking away their rights to work.  Anyone standing in opposition to them is their enemy, and they will do what they can to silence them and punish them.

This group of individuals uses the mainstream media, social media, and big business to do their bidding and to promote their propaganda.  Most people eat it up and believe it all, without taking the time to discern the truth from lies.  They are allowing themselves to be brainwashed to the nth degree, they have become puppets and slaves to the Elite!

Most mask mandates have been lifted temporarily, yet, there are still many, many people that continue to wear facemasks, even when they are alone while driving in their cars!  These are the most gullible of people, they are the most easily controlled, they have drank the kool-aid and will do whatever they are told to do by the Elite.  They follow along with evil and wicked plans no matter the cost, even at the cost of their own lives, and especially for the lives of others!

Another crisis (step 2) being used for ultimate control of the masses is the “climate change” agenda.  This is also being used to usher in a New World Order, or a One World Government.  As with the planned Covid-19 pandemic, the climate change agenda is being used to implement more and more control over the people, to suppress and oppress us into submission.  So, what is coming from these things?  Digital IDs, digital currency, social credit system, all of which will further control us, we will not be able to buy or sell without them, and if you don’t follow along with their agenda then you will be very limited on what you can buy or sell, if at all!  They will also determine if you receive any healthcare or if you even deserve to live.  

They not only use the media as a weapon against us, but also big business and big pharma, using these entities as a task force, not only for propaganda purposes, but also to implement their plans of attack.  Why do you think that we had shortages in the first place?  And who is buying up as many homes as fast as they can?  BlackRock, Vanguard, and other large investment companies.  Remember, you will own nothing and be happy!  Who was it that developed and issued the so-called Covid-19 vaccines (bioweapons) against us?  Big Pharma.  Don’t you find it very odd that so many people are dying and becoming seriously injured from these injections, yet nothing is being done by them or the government to stop them?!  This never would have happened in the past, and it didn’t!

Other things that the Global Elite are using to control us are shortages of goods and services, food scarcity, energy crisis, rising inflation, more planned pandemics, civil unrest, the breakdown of the family unit, etc.  They will censor those that speak up about their agenda, they will punish those that go against what they say.  

What is happening to us now in the world is nothing compared to what is coming my friends!  We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.  And this is how the Global Elite work to take control, they offer up many, many crises, cause mass confusion, chaos, and unrest, then they offer up their own solutions to the problems, as if they are the saviors of the world!  And the very sad thing is that most people will believe them and follow along, just as they did with Vladimir Lenin, Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin, and Hitler.  How many millions of citizens died because of them?  I don’t know, the numbers are too high!  I believe that this current group of Global Elite care about you even less than the heinous leaders before them did!  And in fact, this current group of Global Elite want to reduce the world’s population, not by millions, but by billions!!!

Another thing that I have not yet mentioned is the destruction of the church.  The end times will be fraught with apostasy of the church, as many in the church will fall away before the rapture of the church.  I wonder how many people in the church are actually born again?  The church has been infiltrated by the world, and the world along with the Global Elite are in fact against the church and wish to silence the church.  Theirs is to unite all religions into one, under their control, under their power.

All of this is pure evil and wickedness my friends, no matter how much they sugar coat things, no matter how good they say that society will be with their agenda in place, it’s all lies and deceptions!  Remember who the father of all lies is, Satan, remember who comes to steal, kill, and destroy, Satan!  This group of Global Elites is being controlled by Satan, he is their father, the devil.

John 8:44

You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.

The Global Elite are not of God Almighty, but of their father the devil, and the desires of their father they want to do.  Murder, lie, deceive!  

We are in the middle of World War 3!  Except this time the war is not between the nations, but between Satan and God, as Satan is attempting to steal the souls of every last person alive on earth, to destroy God’s people, and to place himself above God Almighty!  He is attempting to set up his own kingdom on earth, a One World Government, One World Currency, and yes, even a One World Religion!  The only thing standing in his way is the Holy Spirit filled church, the Restrainer.

Once the Restrainer is removed from the earth all hell will literally break loose!  If you think that things are bad now just wait until then, of course I don’t plan on being here!

Stand firm in your faith in God, put on the whole armor of God, so that you may withstand the days of darkness!

God bless my friends! Maranatha!