Mass shootings just one sign of the systemic collapse of western society… more hunger, violence, debt and destruction yet to come

The realization is hitting home for many people that the crises now hitting the United States are not simply one-off events. The infant formula outage, rising fuel prices, supply chain collapse, authoritarian censorship and now a wave of mass shootings over the weekend — they all point to the systemic collapse of western society as a whole.

We are watching the downfall of western civilization as we know it.

The rule of law is dead. Elections are rigged. Free speech is disallowed and a criminally corrupt government now runs an actual Ministry of Truth “disinformation” board. “Science” is a total fraud and the medical system is a murder system. Most of the youth refuse to work, and real-world skills are practically non-existent among those under the age of 30. The education system is run by pedophiles and groomers, Hollywood has gone all-in with satanic programming of children and the US military, under the leadership of woketard Pentagon officials, has become a pathetic shadow of its former self.

On top of all that, the dollar is collapsing in real world value, even as it rises against other currencies (temporarily). The Fed is trapped in an inescapable economic collapse scenario, and the housing bubble is in the process of bursting. Our “president” is a dementia patient who was installed in a rigged election, and our news media — if you can even call them that — are journo-terrorists who parrot CIA lies and corporate disinformation to invoke race wars and covid panic while pushing depopulation vaccines that are designed to exterminate humanity.

None of this is going to get resolved through sanity and reason. It’s all headed for collapse. And when I say “collapse,” I mean the total collapse of western civilization as we know it. This includes the collapse of Western Europe, which is also run by retarded lunatics who are wholly incapable of functioning in any sort of rational way whatsoever.

Case in point: Germany’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock.

After her country voted for wartime economic sanctions that prevent Russia from selling grain and food exports in euros or dollars, she now blames Russia for weaponizing the situation into a “grain war,” absurdly claiming that Russia is responsible for “brutal hunger.”

Does Baerbock have no memory that her own country blocked Russia from exporting grain, fertilizer and farming outputs? She’s part of the insane, irrational class of NATO “leaders” who have become cognitively retarded and incapable of functioning in any rational way whatseoever. They create huge problems for everyone, then they blame someone else for those very same problems they created.

The only rational, sane response in all this comes from Russia itself, where Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote, “Prices are rising due to sanctions imposed by the collective West under pressure from the United States. This is if we talk about the direct reason. Failure to understand this is a sign of either stupidity or deliberate misleading of the public.”

Zakharova is correct: NATO and the USA are stupid. Their leaders are beyond incompetent. They are lobotomized. To call them “retarded” would be giving them too much credit. They run around the world destroying everything in sight and then wonder why things are being destroyed. It’s like an infant with a flamethrower setting fire to the family house and then crying and screaming when combustible items catch fire and the smoke starts to burn the eyes.

But Baerbock isn’t the only retarded lunatic running western civilization into the ground. In the USA, we have Joe Biden, the “Resident-In-Chief” who keeps shutting down oil exploration and pipelines while blaming Putin for shocking fuel price inflation across America. Is the baby food shortage also Putin’s fault? Why is Biden shipping pallets of baby food to the border while America’s moms are screaming and crying, desperate for infant formula that’s been wiped out from store supplies?

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