How close are we to the Tribulation Period and the Mark of the Beast?

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Just how close are we to the beginning of the Tribulation period and the Mark of the Beast?

First of all we must know that there is a group of Elite individuals that actually have a plan to dominate and control the entire planet.  These individuals are satanic, that is, they are led by Satan, and some may even be possessed by Satan and/or his demons.  This is not a conspiracy theory my friends, this information can be found all over the internet, they are not hiding it, but promoting it!  One of these individuals is Klaus Schwab head of the WEF (World Economic Forum), others include but not limited to Bill Gates and George Soros, there are many, many others involved.  You can read all about their plans on the WEF website.

World Economic Forum (WEF), Who is behind it and What is their End Goal?

The so-called global pandemic was preplanned and instituted by a group of Elite individuals, remember Event 201?

Coronavirus plushie toys handed out at the Event 201 meeting in October 18, 2019.

Event 201 was just one of many meetings of the Global Elite to usher in their agenda of a New World Order.  They have many plans my friends, and it includes bringing chaos and disaster throughout the world in order to unite the world, create many crises in order to reset our current way of living, every single aspect of it!

Is the Covid-19 plandemic an actual pandemic?  Does Covid-19 actually even exist?  I haven’t seen any reports that the virus has ever been isolated, and if it cannot be isolated then how do we know that it really exists?  Apart from that, if it does exist, we are told that it has a 99.9% survival rate for most people, nothing worse than the common flu.  Have we ever called the common flu a worldwide pandemic?  And don’t you find it quite odd that there haven’t been any reports of the flu or flu deaths since the beginning of this plandemic?  I sure do!  Covid-19 it seems has cured the common flu!  Amazing!!! 

Why would global leaders force draconian mandates on everyone living for a supposed virus that has a 99.9% survival rate?  This isn’t the black plague, if it even exists it would be in comparison to the common flu!  And why such a hardline push for everyone on the planet to be injected with a dangerous and unsafe so-called vaccine?  We should all know by now that this injection is killing and maiming millions of people worldwide!  

Pfizer documents: Over 1,200 people died during Pfizer vaccine trials

Pfizer knew ahead of time during their trials that this was a deadly injection, yet they covered it up and promoted it as both safe and effective!  Any other vaccine would have been stopped immediately, but not this one!

The Global Elite planned this plandemic back in October of 2019, it was all preplanned.  But why would anyone in their right mind want to do such a thing?  First of all, these people are not in their right mind!  Second, they are following the schemes of the devil himself, like their father they seek to do his will.

Isn’t it also odd that most world leaders seem to have the same mindset for the past two years?  They all (most of them) agree on the same things, when has that ever happened before in history?  This was planned by the Global Elite, they need everyone to participate in order to change the way that we all live, the WEF website even says this, I’m not making it up.  

So now we have crisis after crisis, mostly all of it manmade, none of it had to happen, all of it could have been avoided, but they are only getting worse and worse by the day!  Supply chain crisis, food shortages, threats of worldwide famine, threats of economic collapse, wars, increasing deadly diseases, droughts, civil unrest, etc.  All of these things created by the Global Elite, but why?  They need crises in order to bring about their New World Order.  You cannot build a house on top of another house, first you must destroy the house that is currently on the lot, then you can rebuild it with a new house.  This is exactly what they are doing, destroying every aspect of our current way of life so that they can as they say “Build Back Better”!  Haven’t you heard that mantra before?  

From the WEF website:

How to build back better after COVID-19

Even Joe Biden campaigned on building back better and still talks about building back better, just a coincidence?  Or is sleepy Joe actually a part of the Global Elite?  Look at what he is doing to America and decide for yourself.  And Joe talked about the Green New Deal, but I haven’t seen anything being done (other than destroying our natural energy production) by Joe to build a “Green” infrastructure, the liberals must be furious by now!

The point to all of this is that there is a plan by the Global Elite to change every aspect of society, to control every single person living on this planet.  How else might they do this?  By controlling our every move, purchase, action, and yes, even thought!

Beware of the QR Code, Remember Agenda ID2020?

Plans are not only in place, but they are actually being implemented by governments around the world.  What are these plans?  They were brought on by this so-called Covid-19 plandemic, QR codes.  Vaccine passports, digital ID, the likes of which we have never seen before in the history of mankind!  With these codes every single thing about our lives can be captured, stored, and yes, even our thoughts controlled.  However, I believe that it goes even deeper than that my friends, much, much deeper and sinister!

Not only will they be able to control what we buy, where we buy it, when we buy it, and how much we buy, they will control where we go, when we go, and how we go, etc.  But, the technology already exists where they will be able to control our very thoughts and minds via implants!  Klaus Schwab himself talks about implants in people, and he doesn’t have good intentions in mind.

Does any of this sound similar to the Mark of the Beast?  Well it should!  Because that is just how close we are to the Mark of the Beast coming to fruition, it’s the precursor to it.  The technology already exists, it’s just a matter of implanting people with it.  And how could that ever happen?  Well, we’ve seen over the past two years of just how the Global Elite can get us to do whatever it is that they want.  How many people have succumbed to the draconian mandates by the Elite?  How many fall in line and just do as they are told?  Way too many my friends!  They are told that it is for their well being, for their health, for their safety, and they eat it up!!!  Even after many governments have eased up on mask mandates, many, many people still continue to wear facemasks!  They don’t follow true science or facts, but the lies of man!  Way too many people continue to line up for the dangerous and deadly Covid-19 jabs, even after they hear of millions of people either dying or being seriously injured from them, even after they hear the Pfizer reports of deaths and injuries from it!  Unbelievable!!!  So it really shouldn’t come as any surprise that many if not most people in the world will also fall in line to accept the Mark of the Beast!  Afterall, they will be told that it’s for their own good!

Most people follow that path of least resistance, and if they are pressured to conform then they will.  They will not stand for what is right, even though their own lives depend upon it.  

The world is quickly becoming a more perilous place to live, more crises, more war, and that is more food for the Elite to flourish on!  They thrive on crises and chaos, it gives them the opportunity to implement their plans of a New World Order, a One World Government!

This is just how close we are my friends to the beginning of the Tribulation period and the Mark of the Beast!  It’s all being setup now as I write this post.  It could happen very, very soon!  And after the Tribulation period begins it will only intensify, and not much longer the Mark of the Beast will be implemented.

If we are that close to the beginning of the Tribulation period, then we are even that much closer to the rapture of the church!  And that my friends should give us all a reason to have joy!  Look up for your redemption draws near!

Accept Jesus Christ now while you still can!  He is your only hope!!!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!