Joe Biden’s new Ministry of Truth! Is this 1984?!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The Biden administration has just announced a new Ministry of Disinformation, or in other words, a Ministry of Truth (as in George Orwell’s novel 1984)!  The Federal Government is calling it: “The Disinformation Governance Board”.  It was formed on April 27, 2022.

WATCH: This is Biden’s Executive Director for the Disinformation Governance Board, God Save Us All

Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” becomes a reality in Biden’s America

As with most Leftist propaganda, what they say actually has the opposite meaning.  When they accuse their opponents of doing something wicked and evil, then it is actually them doing it!  When they place titles on something that they do it actually has the opposite meaning.  When they say that they care about people’s lives via reproductive healthcare, it really means killing innocent lives through abortion.  When they claim to be about supporting people’s rights then they take them away and force people to comply with their agenda.  They tell us that the Ministry of Disinformation was formed in order to battle “disinformation”, however, what they don’t tell you is that it was really meant to stop the truth from spreading and instead to spread disinformation, propaganda, and to stop those that are in opposition to them and their agenda!

The very term “liberal” has several meanings, one is to be “tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others”.  Yet, the Left, claiming to be liberal, is anything but tolerant of the ideas and behaviors of others!  Theirs is about forcing people to either comply with their ideas and behaviors or be censored, banned, ostracized, and punished for it.

This my friends is where we find ourselves today, just as in the novel 1984, when the fictional government was forcing people to comply, when free speech and thought was outlawed and the government formed a Ministry of Truth.  This Ministry of Truth was not about the truth at all, but about silencing those with opposing viewpoints, about spreading lies as the truth, about a dystopian governments propaganda machine.

The American governments newly formed Ministry of Disinformation is a branch of the thought police.  And how long will it be before these police come knocking at the door of those in opposition and haul them away, not for anything that they did, but for what they thought that they might do in the future?  Sound farfetched?  Remember the movie the Minority Report?  That’s exactly what they did, Tom Cruise was one of these policemen that arrested people, not for what they did, but for what they thought that they might do.  I see this new Ministry of Disinformation doing the exact same thing, not only spreading lies and propaganda, not only censoring and banning opposition, but actually punishing those that don’t follow along with them!

The biggest threat to the Global Elite and their quest for a New World Order are those in opposition to them!  They must do everything in their power to silence and stop the opposition.  They will do everything in their power to spread lies as the truth, this is their propaganda, brainwashing the masses into following along.  This is nothing good my friends, it won’t lead to a Utopia on earth, but a Dystopia on earth!  It is all wicked and evil, and all headed up by Satan himself.

Satan knows that his time is short, and as such he is stepping up his game.  We can see it happening in real time my friends, right in front of our face, if we care to see it.  We must view what is happening in the world through the lens of the bible, from a heavenly perspective.  

Everything that I see happening is leading to the beginning of the Tribulation period, to a One World Government, a One World Currency, and a One World Religion, all headed by the Antichrist.  It seems as though we are very close to that happening already, the stage is being set, how much longer could it be?

And if the beginning of the Tribulation period is that close, then just how much closer is the rapture of the church?!  Take heart my friends, keep the faith, stand in righteousness, and know that God is with you!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!