Red Flags, Sirens, Warnings! Prepare!!!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

We are being inundated with red flag warnings on a daily basis, warnings of severe food shortages, famine, rising inflation, economic collapse, shortages of goods and services, the list goes on.  But how many people are awake and taking notice, how many are preparing for it?

I often warn people of the coming severe food shortage and economic disaster, yet most of the time it seems to fall on deaf ears.  I warn friends, co-workers, and anyone that will listen of the coming disaster that lies ahead.  I tell them that they should prepare by stocking up now on food and water supplies, and anything else that they may need for survival.  Yet, the response that I get most of the time is one of complacency and disbelief.

I can’t for the life of me understand why people cannot see what is coming when we have warning signs all around us, when we are actually being told now that food shortages are imminent, that inflation is on the rise, and that the economy is headed for disaster.  Red flags are waving, sirens blaring, and we are being warned over and over again of impending disaster!

Most people that I talk to don’t even seem to know about these things, that really surprises me and shocks me at the same time.  Even after I explain to them of what is happening and of the warnings they don’t seem very interested.  Some tell me that they don’t have the room to store extra food, but how much room does it take to store a couple of bags of rice, beans, and some canned goods?  Find a place!  Put them under your bed, be creative!  Do it now while you can still afford it and before the prices get so high that you can’t afford it, or before the shelves run bare and you can’t find any food to buy!

I’m not writing this in order to sell any products, I don’t advertise any products, nor do I sell any products.  I’m writing this because so many people are sleeping and not even aware of the coming disaster that awaits us!

I’ve been warning people about the coming food shortages and economic collapse for years, and we are now at the precipice of it coming to fruition.  This is not a conspiracy theory as some will lead you to believe, it’s real and it’s happening!

Some of what is happening is caused by natural occurrences, such as droughts and wild fires, but most of it is happening by the hand of the Global Elite!  They have a plan to control the world through depopulation, by controlling the masses via a plandemic, forced injections, mandates, climate crisis, energy crisis, food crisis, economic crisis, inflation, war, civil unrest, the list goes on my friends.  This is all proving to be an actual conspiracy of the Elite, the World Economic Forum, the Great Reset!  It’s their plan to create a New World Order, a One World Government, their version of utopia on earth.

All of the things that I mentioned are culminating into a looming disaster of biblical proportions!  Don’t you find it quite odd that so many food production facilities in the United States have been destroyed by serious fires?  One or two, perhaps three, ok, but over twenty in a very short period of time?!  It doesn’t add up.  And why are so many people dying suddenly and without any known cause of death ever since the rollout of the so-called Covid-19 vaccine?  People that were otherwise young and healthy, many of which were athletes and body builders.  And why do we all of the sudden have a supply chain crisis, with thousands of cargo ships sitting and waiting to be unloaded and loaded?  What brought that on, a so-called virus?  Now that just adds to more and more shortages and actually creates a real crisis.  That’s just it, these crises have been created by man, crises which otherwise could have been averted or never even happened in the first place!

Why the shortage and increase in prices of fertilizer, what brought that on?  We never had that problem before now (at least not in my lifetime that I can remember), and thanks to the war in Ukraine with Russia the problem is exacerbated.  Of course we all know what that means, less fertilizer, less crops, less food, equals a global food crisis.  And if that weren’t bad enough, increasing fuel costs also exacerbate the cost of virtually everything else, thereby increasing inflation.  It didn’t have to be that way, but thanks to Joe Biden shutting down the Keystone Pipeline project and limiting oil production in America we are now energy dependent!  So where do you think we will get more oil, from Russia?  I don’t think so!  America was an exporter of oil before Biden became president, now we are a net importer of oil, and that will in turn increase the demand and lower the supply of oil on the world market.

Millions of people were terminated from their employment by tyrannical leaders for not injecting themselves with an unsafe and very dangerous substance.  This combined with the coming food shortages, inflation, economic collapse, forced mandates, and millions of people becoming seriously injured or dying from the Covid-19 injections will only lead to civil unrest.  

The point is that things in this world are bad and getting worse by the day, they didn’t have to be this way, they were planned by the Global Elite!  And although the coming food shortage was preplanned (as I truly believe that it was) it is still real, and as such everyone should be preparing for it!  They (Global Elite) are betting that most people won’t be prepared, and as such they will have more control over them.

Don’t be caught unprepared, we all should know that it’s coming, that it’s right around the corner, the waring signs are all around us, right in our face!  Do what you can to stock up on food and water, on medical supplies, on whatever you think that you might need if you were not able to find it in the store.

I believe that all of these things are signs of the closeness of Christ’s return for the church, and that the beginning of the Tribulation period is close at hand.  While we (Christians) are not appointed to wrath we shall endure tribulation in this world, just not the Tribulation period.  Just how bad will things get before the Rapture of the church?  Your guess is as good as mine, no one knows.

The Bible is God’s word of love and encouragement to us as believers, a book of God’s morals and values, but it is also a book of God’s warnings to us, of His prophecy to us, of what is to come and what we should expect.  We were warned by God that there would be famine as a sign of the times and that it would increase before His coming, I believe before the Rapture of the church.

The disciples of Jesus asked Him what would be the sign of Your coming and the end of the age?  We all know that Jesus will come in the air at the Rapture, but also at His second coming.  But what “age” are they referring to?  I believe that it is referring to the current “age”, the church “age”.  These signs will happen during the church age as a sign of the coming end of the “church age”, that’s how we will know that it is close, that’s why He gave us signs to watch for.

Once the Tribulation period begins we are no longer in the church age, but the “Time of Jacobs Trouble”, a time for the Jews, but also a time for God to pour out His wrath upon the wicked.

Take heart my friends and prepare for difficult times, do it now!  These are the signs of the closeness of Christ’s return for us, the Rapture of the church!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

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