Persecution of those refusing to take the Covid-19 Bioweapon Jab!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

People refusing to be injected with the untested and unsafe Covid-19 injection (bioweapon) are being persecuted and shamed in America and throughout the world.

There is an increase in persecution against anyone not conforming to the authoritarian and tyrannical dictates of government leaders.  This my friends is not just happening in third world nations, but also here in America and Western nations!  The Global Elite and the Left continue their push to ensure that everyone takes the deadly and so-called Covid-19 vaccine, or else face strict and severe penalties for not doing so!

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The point is that there is increasing demand by governments all over the world to impose very strict and authoritarian measures against anyone not complying with being injected with the so-called Covid-19 vaccine, one that is proving to be both dangerous and deadly.  

Millions of people have been terminated from their employment (myself included), that’s not just the loss of their livelihood, but also of their health insurance, and any further contributions to their retirement accounts.  Many of these people spent thousands of dollars and many years of hard work in college to obtain their chosen careers, and now that has been taken away from them!

The people that are making and determining their own healthcare decisions are being bullied by the Left and the Global Elite, they are being persecuted and punished for not following along with the Covid-19 narrative.  They don’t want us making our own decisions, that is what the Great Reset is all about, complete and total control of the world’s population!

Many people have been forced into injecting unknown and deadly substances into their bodies or face loosing their jobs, unable to travel, and some even unable to shop!  Some countries have even go so far as to lock people up inside of internment camps, such as we have seen in Australia.  And most of us have seen what has been going on in China lately, forced lockdowns on everyone!  Starving their own citizens for the sake of a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate!!!

This Covid-19 injection was not safely tested prior to it’s emergency use authorization, but instead it is now being used upon billions of people worldwide!  Even former president Barack Obama admits to that.

(WATCH) Obama Admits COVID-19 Injections Were Giant Experiment with Billions of People “Clinically Tested” and Used as Lab Rats

I don’t actually agree that it’s being tested on billions of people, I believe that they knew beforehand just exactly what it would do to people!  Depopulation!!!

It’s part of the plan of the Global Elite, depopulate the planet!  Force people into taking this poisonous injection through fear and control, punish those that don’t follow along, take away their income, their rights, their dignity, bully them until they conform!  Does this sound like any form of democracy to you?!

It’s tyranny and authoritarianism!  This is where we now stand, in the midst of the greatest oppression of the people that the world has ever known, and it’s not over, I believe that it is just getting started!

The Great Reset, it’s not about forming a Utopia my friends, but about forming the greatest tyrannical and authoritarian government that the world has ever known!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!