Covid-19 Injection Victims are Real People not just a Number!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

When we hear about the numbers of deaths and injuries from the so-called Covid-19 vaccine we don’t really get the full impact of how bad things are.  It’s difficult to see these numbers as actual people, but merely numbers on a spread sheet.

However, when you put the actual faces of these victims along with the numbers then the numbers become much more meaningful.  The following link is to a website that has documented thousands of actual Covid-19 injection victims along with the faces of many of them.  Everyone on the planet should look at these photos, every single one!

1000% Increase in Vaccine Deaths and Injuries Following Pfizer COVID-19 EUA Vaccine for 5 to 11 Year Olds

When you see the faces of these people, especially the children and very young people, your heart breaks and goes out to them and their families.  You begin to see that this deadly poison is taking the lives of people that were otherwise healthy, that these people are not just mere numbers on a spreadsheet, but actual real people!

This could be you, your spouse, your children, grandchildren, neighbors, co-workers, or anyone else that you might be close to or know.  Thousands upon thousands of innocent lives are taken or severely injured in order to stop a so-called virus with a 99.9% survival rate for most people!!!

Almost everyday I read another report of someone dying after taking the Covid-19 injection, and today it was an eleven year old healthy girl from Brazil, heartbreaking!

11-Year-Old Girl From Brazil Died Four Days After Being Threatened and Coerced by School to Take COVID-19 Shot

An 11-year-old girl (Izabella da Silva) from Londrina, Paraná, Brazil passed away four days after being coerced by her school to take the experimental COVID-19 shot.

The fact is that we know of thousands upon thousands of people dying after taking the Covid-19 injections, it’s more than likely into the millions worldwide, but we have no way of knowing.  And the numbers of severely injured people from these injections is even higher than the death toll.

If the governments of this world actually cared about the lives of their citizens then they would be outraged by this and stop the injections immediately!  But my friends, that’s not the case, they (most nations) continue to push the jab upon it’s citizens.  How many people have to die before they say enough is enough?  How many children have to die or become permanently disabled before they stop?  That’s just the point, there is no magic number, because they don’t plan on stopping!

Do you see reports like this on the MSM?  Or how about FaceBook or Twitter?  Do you hear any politicians talking about this?  No, of course not!  Why?  Because this is all a plan of the Global Elite, this is what they planned to have happen, it’s all a part of their plan to depopulate the earth!

If this was not a plan to depopulate the earth by the Global Elite then the MSM, social media, and politicians would be outraged by the numbers of deaths from this so-called “vaccine”.  They would be sharing this information with all of us, but instead they are hiding it from us and telling us that we all need to get vaccinated in order to save the world.  They are telling us that these injections are both safe and effective, yes, they are still telling us that.  And they continue on with their fear tactics of new and threatening variants of Covid-19.

I guess that most people who go along with this evil narrative don’t really care too much about the deaths of other people, as long as it’s not in their own family.  But even then, they don’t blame it on the injections but on the virus.  They claim that it would be much worse then if they didn’t take it.  But how could it be worse then losing a loved one, or having a loved one becoming permanently disabled?!  Most of these people have blinders on, just as they did during the Nazi occupation and genocide, while millions of innocent people went marching off to death camps and gas chambers!

The fact is that millions of innocent people are being severely injured or killed by these poisonous injections.  These people are not merely numbers but real people!  This matters, it matters to me and it matters to God Almighty!

This agenda is all Satanic my friends, and it starts at the top with Satan and works it’s way down through the ranks.  People are being brainwashed to believe the lies, programmed to just follow along and not ask any questions.  This is how the Global Elite want us, to act like robots, jumping whenever they say jump, and only asking how high, but not why.

The world is a very scary place to live, but most people just turn a blind eye to the wickedness and evil, and tell themselves that these things couldn’t be true, that they would never happen in their life time.  It must all just be a conspiracy theory, and as such they demonize those asking any questions regarding this narrative as conspiracy theory wackos and lunatics!

We must share this information, spread it far and wide, for the truth must be known.   We must uncover the works of darkness in this world, we are commanded in the bible to do so.

Ephesians 5:11

“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.”

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!