Empowered by the Global Elite to push Covid-19 Injections and Mandates! And this is only the Beginning!!!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Most people around the world support the so-called Covid-19 vaccines, touting them as the cure all for a disease that has a 99.9% survival rate for most people.  That is if this so-called virus even exists at all.  I for one am not yet convinced that it does exist, to my knowledge the virus has never been isolated, I believe it to be a hoax, one of the greatest lies ever told to humanity.

The fact is that people who have been tested positive for Covid-19 with a faulty and inaccurate test (PCR) are being treated in hospitals with only one treatment protocol, Remdesivir, morphine and fentanyl, and mechanical ventilators.  However, there are also reports of patients being isolated from loved ones (most of which I have heard of), and even being denied food and water.  All of these treatments are a recipe for disaster and death!  It’s no wonder that so many people are dying from what they are calling Covid-19, any healthy person given these protocols would die eventually, every single one!

But wait, it gets even better (sarcasm), there are many, many reports now of “vaccinated” people dropping like flies, many of which are dying from this so-called vaccine.  And many if not most of these reports are of very young and healthy people, many athletes included in the reports.

540 athletes die after receiving COVID injections, hundreds more develop serious health conditions

The Athletes Who Got Vaxxed Are Dying in Droves

However, if you try and look up these reports on the internet you will be hard pressed to find them, you really have to search for them, but they are there.  Why are they so difficult to find?  Because they are being banned from the internet, from social media, and from the MSM.  They are being demonized and labeled as “misinformation”.  

27-Year-Old Italian Swimmer Passes Away Following Heart Attack One Month After Her Engagement


There are now tens of thousands of Covid-19 vaccine deaths posted on the VAERS website, yet we all should know by now that these numbers represent only 1% of actual cases, the real numbers would more than likely be 100 times those numbers, and perhaps even higher, and that doesn’t even include serious vaccine injuries!  These are only reports from America, but this my friends is happening all across the globe.

So why are people so afraid of the so-called Covid-19 virus that they believe everything that they are told?  Why can they not see the truth?  Because they don’t want to!  They have been brainwashed and programmed to believe the lies given to them by government officials and the MSM.  They are in fear of a virus that hasn’t even been proven to exist, and the Global Elite know that fear equals control.  Not only that but these very same people believe the lies that “those who speak the truth are spreading misinformation, that they are nothing more than conspiracy theorists”, and that’s another plan of the Elite.  Dishonor and discredit those that seek the truth, those that question authority and their narrative.

If people are dying from these poisonous injections, and they are, then why would any sane government continue the push to inject everyone?!  If people are becoming seriously injured from these injections then why continue to inject them?!  Because my friends it’s not about our health and well-being, its about controlling us and depopulating the earth!!!  It’s an agenda, a global agenda!  If it weren’t then these injections would have already been stopped long ago my friends, long ago!

Isn’t it funny in a sick and twisted way that the number of Covid-19 cases has not diminished after the Covid-19 injections began rolling out but actually sky rocketed?  And the numbers of very young and healthy people are dropping dead like flies?  That’s no coincidence my friends, it was programmed that way!  The Covid-19 injections are killing and injuring people worldwide.  These poisonous injections alter our DNA and destroy our God given immune systems.  IMHO, it’s only a matter of time before we see a large number of people that have been given this injection becoming very ill and unable to fight off even the common cold, due to the fact that their immunes systems have been compromised.

Infections, Hospitalizations, Deaths Increase in Canada for the Doubly and Triply “Vaccinated” as Antibody-Dependent Enhancement Takes Hold

The Global Elite need this plandemic and the Covid-19 injection (bio-weapon) in order to both depopulate the planet and to usher in their plans of world domination.  That’s why the push for a global vaccine passport and IDs, the push for a digital currency worldwide, an entity of global healthcare, a social credit system, etc.  And that is also why they are pushing their next agenda, climate change!  It’s all preplanned in order for them to carry out their plans of a New World Order, The Great Reset, the Fourth Industrial Revolution!!!

Isn’t it sort of odd that most of the governments around the world seem to have the same mindset regarding the plandemic and the Covid injections, even though so many people are becoming seriously injured and dying from it?  And isn’t it sort of odd that the very same people that are backing the Covid-19 injections and mandates are the very same ones backing up and supporting Ukraine in their war with Russia?  Just saying, but something to really think about!  Who are you going to believe, Joe Biden, George Soros, Klaus Schwab (WEF), or JustinTrudeau?  All are globalists, all have pushed the Covid-19 agenda with a passion, and all support Ukraine in the war with Russia, and they aren’t alone, the list of globalists that supports Ukraine goes on and on.  And it seems that it’s not only the globalists who support Ukraine, but also the people that have bought into their narrative!  Of course I support the citizens of Ukraine, that does not mean that I support their government, which I definitely do not!

It’s all tied together in order for the Global Elite of this world to carry out their plans of the Great Reset, of world domination, of a One World Government.  It’s not over, its only just begun!  What we have seen take place over the past two years is only the beginning of what they plan to do.  The “pandemics” of viruses is not over, climate change is not over, food and goods shortages are not over, nor is the coming civil unrest and protests over, as well as wars and rumors of wars, they are only just beginning!   All beginning in order for the Elite to usher in their plans, and that is exactly what they are doing my friends, do not be led astray!

Pray to the Lord without ceasing, stand for righteousness, and do what is right in the eyes of God Almighty!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

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