Chaos in Shanghai; Starving Citizens Fight for Scarce Resources and Jump to Their Deaths From Balconies After ‘Zero-COVID’ Lockdown

Everyone must pay close attention to what’s happening in Shanghai right now.

The CCP “zero-COVID” policy, where citizens test every day and get quarantined inside their homes upwards of two weeks, is what the globalists and their authoritarian puppets wish to emulate.

Just like the 2020 lockdown psy-ops, China is the model they desire for the global population.

Shanghai, China’s financial capital, began what was announced to be an eight-day lockdown on March 28, but has since enforced an indefinite citywide quarantine.

Chinese citizens are desperate for food and other basic necessities to the point where many of them are killing themselves.

Footage circulating on social media depicts chaotic scenes of small riots, people jumping from balconies, and displaying bare shelves.

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