Misinformation and Propaganda is coming from the Left, it’s all a part of the Global Agenda!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Whether you watch the news on television or search the pages of the internet, some of the things that you will find are reports of how Covid-19 is a very deadly and dangerous disease, that the best way to mitigate it is with the so-called Covid-19 vaccine, and how safe and effective the so-called Covid-19 vaccine is.  You will also find many, many reports of very young people either becoming seriously ill or dying within months of taking the so-called vaccine, however, most of these reports state that the “vaccine” is not the cause of their injury or death.  You will find fact checker after fact checker stating that those who claim that the Covid-19 vaccine is the cause of injury or death to be “misinformation”.

Fact check: No links found between vaccination and deaths

Fact check: COVID-19 vaccines are safe for people in their 20s

The point is that many, many people, even very young and healthy people, are suddenly becoming seriously ill or dying within months of taking the so-called Covid-19 vaccine.  This has never before happened in history.  

12-Year-Old Boy Passed Away Two Months After 2nd Dose of Pfizer COVID-19 Jab Due to Heart Attack
42-Year-Old Brazilian Journalist Dies After Heart Attack

Teen boy dies a few days after receiving second COVID vaccine shot

However, the MSM and fact checkers are telling us that this is nothing new or anything to be concerned about.

So who do we believe for our health and well being, for our very existence?  Who is it that has something to gain from misinformation and propaganda regarding Covid-19 and the so-called vaccine?

Conservatives that uncover and tell the truth don’t have anything to gain from lying, in fact just the opposite!  However, the Left, the Global Elite have everything to gain by accomplishing their goals of a New World Order.  Doctors and hospitals have everything to gain, by making exorbitant amounts of money from positive Covid-19 cases, treatments, and deaths.  The MSM has everything to gain, due to the fact that they are bought and paid for by the Global Elite, they are the mouthpiece of the Global Elite, they are in fact their propaganda machine.

The Left has a way of making those in opposition to them sound as if they are doing exactly what the Left are doing, they are “blame shifting” or as some like to call it these days “gas lighting”.  They project upon those that oppose them as doing the things that they themselves are actually doing, and in this case spreading misinformation and propaganda!

You will be hard pressed to find much information on the internet regarding the deaths of very young and otherwise healthy people after receiving the so-called Covid-19 vaccine, let alone older people, good luck!  You really have to search the web, because these posts just don’t come up, as they are being banned and censored.  You must search for alternative websites, sites that are not following along with the Covid-19 narrative.  

Wall-Street-Quality Vaccine Death Research:”This Is Going To Get Serious Soon!”

Click on picture for video

The fact is that there is a group of Global Elite that have an agenda to take over and control the entire planet!  Many of whom are known as “Young global leaders” and have graduated from the World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leader Program”, they have been brainwashed, programmed to follow the plans of the World Economic Forum.

The Forum of Young Global Leaders

The plan of the Global Elite is to control the entire world via the Great Reset.  This is underway now my friends, hence, the Covid-19 Plandemic, the so-called Covid-19 vaccines, and even the war in Ukraine.  But that’s not all, why do you think we have supply chain issues, struggling economies, threats of famine, civil unrest, oil and energy shortages, etc.?  It’s all been planned ahead of time and part of the plan to control the world.

Misinformation and propaganda are major players in the push for a New World Order, Hitler did it, as well as the other totalitarian leaders before him.  This is how they control the masses into believing their lies and following along with their narrative.  Do not be fooled, do not be led astray!

Follow Jesus Christ and know the truth!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!