Mike Lindell has been De-banked, if they can do it to him then Who is next, and What is next?

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Several of Mike Lindell’s organizations are being “debanked” by Heartland Financial Minnesota Bank and Trust.  Mike Lindell has been told by the bank that he must leave the bank, in other words, they don’t want his business anymore.

UPDATE: Mike Lindell Officially “Cancelled” By His Bank, All Accounts GONE!

Why in the world would a bank not want anyone’s business anymore?  Especially a client with a large bankroll?  Could it be political?  Of course it is!  They don’t agree with his political stance so they are cancelling him.  Mike Lindell is a Christian, he supports President Trump, and he is investigating the fraudulent presidential election.  Is it also possible that the Elite are behind this, of course it is.  Either way it’s part of the “cancel culture”.  Cancel out anyone that isn’t going along with the narrative of the Elite, cancel out conservatives, Christians, and those that aren’t going alone with the narrative of the Elite.

Watch the video below and listen to Mike himself explain it.

Click on picture for link to video on Rumble.

If banks can cancel Mike Lindell, then what’s to stop them from cancelling out you?  What’s to stop them from cancelling out all conservatives and Christians?  Is this what is coming next, not allowing Christians and conservatives from banking?  We’ve also already seen banks in Canada freeze peoples bank accounts during the trucker convoy.  Seems like this is a new ploy of the Elite. 

The world is a crazy place and getting crazier by the minute!  Banning, censorship, forced mandates, rising prices, shortages of all sorts of things including food and fuel, attacks against conservatives, media propaganda, war, controlled health care, and yes, even controlling our bank accounts, all a plan of the Elite!

So, what is coming next?  A digital currency and social credit system?  Digital passports for all travel both foreign and domestic?  Rounding up dissenters from the global elite narrative and placing them in forced labor camps (FEMA camps)?  They (global elite) must somehow stop those that are speaking out against them in order for them to achieve their goals, the goals of the World Economic Forum.  We’ve already seen it happen in Australia with quarantine camps, it’s happened before in Nazi Germany, Russia, China, and North Korea, so what’s to stop it from happening again on a larger scale?

We are at a precipice of time in which the world is unfolding, a time like no other in history.  The beginning of the Tribulation period is close at hand, you can actually see the setup happening right before your eyes.  You can see just how the prophecies of Revelation are casting shadows upon the world, and how those prophecies can actually take place in the very near future.  It used to be difficult to see how these things could take place, but now it doesn’t, in fact it seems as though they could all happen today!

And if we are that close to these things taking place, then look up my friends, for your redemption draws near!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!