The Deception is even Greater than we thought!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The world has been deceived into believing many lies, we can see this much more clearly now after 2 years of this so-called Covid-19 pandemic.  The truth about many things is coming to the surface, and as always, given enough time the truth will eventually come out.

We have been lied to about this so-called pandemic (plandemic), about the so-called Covid-19 vaccine (bio-weapon), both in its efficacy and its safety.  Pfizer just released documents showing a 9-page list of adverse events from their so-called Covid-19 vaccine, something that has been covered up until now.  If this injection was safe, then why would they not want to disclose this information for 75 years?  What would there be to hide?

And yet just how many people that went along with taking this Covid injection will even seem to care about this adverse event list?  Some may wake up, however, I believe that many will remain deceived and continue to follow along.  Those that have been warning about this from the beginning were called conspiracy theorists, but are now not conspiracy theorists at all, but were able to see through the propaganda!

We’ve been told that the draconian mandates used against us are for our own good, that they are for our health and well-being.  Yet, the data shows that the mandates have caused much harm, distress, and even death!  What is the truth that lies behind these mandates?  Could it just be that it isn’t really even about our health but about controlling us?  I believe that it is, it most definitely is!

And now Russia has invaded Ukraine, as if no one else had anything to do with it.  As if NATO, America, or any other nation or entity didn’t have their hands in the pot.  The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a decoy to distract us from what is really going on in the world around us.  Ukraine isn’t an innocent player in all of this either, it is a very corrupt nation, and in 2014 the democratically elected president was overthrown in a coup, which by the way Obama and Biden were both involved in.  This also goes to show what they are capable of doing in America, such as overthrowing President Trump, a coup in America?  And to think that they blamed President Trump’s election on Russian intervention, such hypocrisy!

Why didn’t judges want to even hear about the claims of fraud in the presidential election and do nothing about it?  Why were Trump supporters in Washington D.C. labeled as terrorists and insurrectionists?  While at the same time BLM and Antifa rioters were allowed to burn buildings, loot, and even kill people without even being questioned about it?

These are the things of deception, lies, and coverups on the surface my friends, but it goes much, much deeper than this.  Our society is built upon lies and corruption, at least in modern times.  The lies, deceit, corruption is in all levels and areas of our society, from government to Big Pharma, to the Banking System, to Healthcare, and even in our Education system, heck, even in the Church! 

The Mainstream Media is not only complicit with this corruption, but they are also bought and sold by the corruption!  They are a propaganda machine, brainwashing people by the masses.  Owned by the Global Elite, fed information by them, told what they can say and not say.

The deception, lies, and corruption in this world is overwhelming, much more so than you may think my friends, it’s at every level, in every aspect of our lives.  We are being lied to on a grand scale, on a scale of which has never before been seen in the history of the world, with the exception of perhaps Nimrod and the Tower of Babel.

Satan is out to deceive, and he has infiltrated every aspect of society, from the top down.  The Global Elite follow Satan, they are out to perform his will.  Why do you think that they are so against Christians?  Why is it that Christian persecution and censorship is rising in America?  It isn’t just happening by chance.  They are against God and the things of God.  And in order for them to accomplish their plans of world domination they must silence Christians, someway, somehow.

Why did Obama and Biden include Christians on a “Terrorist Watch List”?  Check out the following article and just see who is on the list, it will amaze you!

72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered “Potential Terrorists” In Official Government Documents

The lies, deception, and corruption in this world are part of the plan to deceive us into believing and following the plans of the Elite.  The push for the Great Reset has begun, and I believe that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is yet another way for them to gain more power and control.

Anyone not complying with the narrative of the Elite will be censored, banned, or even punished for not following along and/or for having an opposing view.  This is only the beginning my friends, it will get much worse!

I’ve heard it said about the truckers in the People’s Convoy that some may get arrested.  And I’ve also heard some of the truckers say: “That’s ok, they can’t arrest all of us”.  Well, why couldn’t they?  What do you think that they are going to do with all of those FEMA camps scattered around the country?  If Stalin and Hitler could do it so could they!

We need to pray for the truckers in this convoy, and all those that support them.  We need to pray for the innocent civilians in Ukraine.  We need to pray for the end of draconian laws and mandates against us.  We need to pray for the wicked and evil rulers to be replaced with godly and righteous rulers, and for the wicked to repent of their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  We need to pray that good comes out of the darkness, that many will come to Christ through the darkness.

These are very dark times my friends, perilous times, and as such we must stand for righteousness.  

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!