Davos Agenda January 2022, the March towards a New World Order!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The Davos Agenda took place from January 17th through the 22nd of 2022.  It was composed of Elite world leaders from across the globe.  Their mission, to unite the world under one rule, a New World Order, a One World Government.  

It’s now being reported on the news that many places around the world are easing up on some of the Covid-19 mandates, however, I must warn you that this is only a ploy my friends, it is nothing more than brainwashing!  Leading people to believe that things are beginning to return back to normal, when in fact it couldn’t be further from the truth!

Klaus Schwab himself said at the Davos Agenda that “we must continue to fight against the global pandemic”.

The following is from the WEF website regarding the Davos Agenda:

Klaus Schwab: At this pivotal moment, I see several priorities for the global agenda. We must continue to fight against the global pandemic. We must revitalise the global economy and accelerate its transition to net zero. We must preserve biodiversity by deploying nature-based solutions, and we must know the gap between the rich and the poor, to achieve more sustainable global development.

He talks about revitalizing the global economy and accelerating its transition to net zero.  When they talk about “net zero” the only thing that comes to my mind is carbon emissions.  So that would mean that their plan is to continue to push the global plandemic and also focus on “climate change”.  

They also want to equal the playing field economically, and their plan to do this is with a “Basic Universal Income” or “UBI”.

The following is from the WEF website:

Universal basic income is the answer to the inequalities exposed by COVID-19

“So a new social contract needs to emerge from this crisis that rebalances deep inequalities that are prevalent across societies. To put it bluntly: The question should no longer be whether resources for effective social protection can be found – but how they can be found. UBI promises to be a useful element of such a framework.”

Their plans cover virtually every aspect of society and our lives in total, hence, Totalitarianism.  It’s the total and complete control of our lives!  This is the plan of the Elite, they will control us completely, while they are free to do as they will.

So many people have been duped by this so-called Covid-19 pandemic, and by the mandates that followed, so much so that they will believe anything and everything that they hear on the MSM.  Some people are so brainwashed and scared that they wear facemasks while driving alone in their vehicles or are walking alone on a deserted sidewalk.  If they really believe that they could contract Covid-19 this way, then why wouldn’t they believe everything else that they are told?  Why wouldn’t they do anything else that they are told to do, including turning in friends, neighbors, and family members for not complying?

The so-called “Covid-19 pandemic” is a tool being used by the Elite to usher in the Great Reset!  It’s not about a pandemic at all my friends, but about the Elite taking total control over our lives.  It’s about ushering in a New World Order, a One World Government.

The Great Reset is underway, and the Elite have no intentions of stopping until they have accomplished their end goals.  Don’t be duped into believing that everything is returning back to normal, there is no “normal” anymore my friends.

If you already think that things are bad, well, I predict that they are about to get even worse.  The plandemic isn’t going away anytime soon, and in addition to that will be new climate change laws and mandates.  So, if 2021 wasn’t bad enough then buckle your seatbelts, because I believe that 2022 will be even worse, as the Elite push even harder to usher in their agenda towards a One World Government.

Do what is right in God’s eyes, stand for righteousness, uphold the truth.  This is not the time to cower down, but with God’s strength and courage stand!  Push back against evil and wicked mandates, do it for the sake of righteousness.

Christians are here in this world to shine God’s light and to expose the darkness.  Jesus Christ said that we are salt and light.  We are the restraining force in the world, restraining evil and wickedness through the Holy Spirit within us.  If there is no shining light, then there is only darkness, and we all know that darkness is evil and wickedness!  As salt we are to preserve what is righteous and holy, not to give in and go along with an evil world; as light we are to shine in the darkness, to expose it.  Once the church (Christians) is raptured then there will no longer be a restraining force to hold back the evil and wickedness, it must be done now!

Do not fall into the trap of the evil one, seek the truth, know the truth, and the truth shall set you free!  Do not worship the world nor creation, but God only!

Accept Jesus Christ now as your Lord and Savior!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

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