Control the hearts and minds and you control the people!

Commentary By: Gordon King

The global elite know that if they control the hearts and minds of the people, then they control the people!

What better way to control the masses of people living on earth than through their hearts and minds?  Most tyrannical rulers know this, Hitler knew about this and used it to his advantage in order to control the masses living in Germany at the time.  He was a master of propaganda, and he knew that in order to spread his message he needed to use the media in order to do it.

If a ruler can control your heart and your mind then he or she controls your thoughts, your emotions, and the very decisions that you make in life, he becomes your master!

That is exactly what we see happening in the world today with the Covid-19 “plandemic”, masses of people are being controlled via the mainstream and social media by use of propaganda.  That is what this “plandemic” is all about my friends, a plan to control the masses of people living on earth.

Place fear and uncertainty in people’s hearts and most will conform, place lies into their minds, and they will believe.  This my friend’s is a form of brainwashing, and it is being done via the media on a grand scale.

How many people do you know that use the MSM and social media for hours each day?  I know of many, in fact they keep CNN on for most of the day, whether or not they are sitting down in front of the television or not.  And so many people are getting their news from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, both of which have been known to censor what they don’t want shared with the public.

What is the definition of Propaganda“information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.”

This is what is happening on both the MSM and social media, propaganda, all geared towards the views of the global elite and a New World Order.  Any information that they do not want to get out to the public they censor and ban, this my friends is propaganda!  It is brainwashing, and it is being controlled by the global elite.

They don’t want any opposing viewpoints, and they demonize those that do oppose them or question them.  Demonize all opposing views, do it over and over again until it sinks into the minds of the people, and eventually they will believe it to be the truth!  Tell lies over and over again until they become the truth, this is exactly what Adolph Hiter did with his people.

We’ve been told over and over again that Covid-19 is a very dangerous and deadly disease, yet the truth is that it has close to a 99% survival rate for most people.  We’ve been told that the so-called Covid-19 “vaccine” is both safe and effective, yet the truth is that it isn’t protecting people from acquiring the disease, and many who have taken it are becoming very ill and many are dying after taking it, including very young and healthy people.

We’ve been told that using Ivermectin to treat Covid-19 is dangerous and that it was only meant to be used for cows and horses.  Yet, it won a Nobel Peace Prize for it’s safe and effective use in treating humans, and it has also been shown to actually help people recover from the disease much quicker and with less symptoms when used off label.

We’ve been told that the only safe and effective treatment for Covid-19 is the CDCs treatment guidelines, of using Remdesivir, strong sedatives, and intubation (not to mention not giving patient’s food and water).  Yet, this method of treatment is not only making people sicker but actually killing and injuring many people!  We’ve been told that Remdesivir is safe and effective, when in reality it has been proven to be deadly!

We’ve been told that wearing facemasks and isolating ourselves will keep us safe and healthy, but in reality, neither of these are true.  In fact, it has been proven that people wearing facemasks are still contracting the virus, and it has also been proven that both of these things cause much more harm to people and society then any good, both psychologically and physically.

The mitigation of Covid-19 has been all wrong, and it’s proving to be wrong each day as more and more evidence is uncovered and becoming more available via alternative websites and media.  Yet, those in power and control deny these facts, they will not even look at the facts, nor will they look at alternative treatment methods!  This in and of itself tells me that there is much more to this so-called pandemic then first meets the eye.  This is much more than about healthcare, it’s all about control!

Control the people and you have more power; control the people and you can institute your plans of world domination.  Most of us know by now that the global elite have a plan to reduce the world’s population, and what better way to decrease the world’s population then via a world-wide pandemic?   The elite can blame the vaccination deaths on the virus, they can blame the treatment deaths on the virus, and the hospitals and doctors can keep on killing people via the CDCs treatment protocol and blame it all on the virus, what a scapegoat the virus is, the perfect alibi!

But it doesn’t stop there, the elite also have a plan to destroy the world’s economy, to usher in shortages via the supply chain, to increase famine and pestilence, to create a climate crisis, and to meld all religions into one, all with the intentions of instituting their own plans, for the good of them only.  Their plan is a plan of complete and total control of the people, from what we eat to what we wear, from where we go and how long we spend there, from how we spend our money to where we spend our money, from what we watch to what we say, from what we can buy and what we can own, it’s endless!

How many people do you know that just go along with all of the propaganda?  They don’t even try and research any of this stuff on their own, they just swallow it all up as if it’s the gospel truth. They believe what the MSM is telling them is the truth, they conform to all of the unlawful mandates, and they shun those that don’t follow along, they’ve been brainwashed!

Follow the money my friends, and you can figure out just who the elite are.  Big business, big tech, big pharma, they all have a hand in the pot, and they are all in line with the global agenda of a One World Order.  Why is Bill Gates involved with our healthcare?  What does he know about vaccines?  Who made him a medical expert?  Why is big pharma excluded from liability of the effects of the so-called Covid-19 vaccines?  Why do the big tech companies censor and ban conservative voices and those speaking out against the so-called Covid-19 vaccine?  Think about it.  They are all a part of the propaganda machine, part of the global elite!  They have money, power, and lots of control.

It’s all about control my friends, it’s not about our health, our safety, or our wellbeing.  It’s about ushering in a New World Order, a Great Reset, a One World Government, just as the bible said would form during the Tribulation period.

Know the truth my friends, stand for righteousness, expose the darkness!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!