Is the Mitigation of Covid-19 actually about protecting our Health or is there an underlying Agenda?

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Over the past two years we have seen world governments enforcing illegal mandates that have taken away our rights and freedoms as human beings.  

We have been given the narrative that there is a coronavirus spreading across the globe threatening the lives of billions of people, that this disease is very deadly, and that if we don’t act fast and hard then millions upon millions of lives will be lost.  But is this actually the truth?

The first question we should be asking is: “Has the coronavirus (SARS‑CoV‑2) ever been isolated?”.  I have never seen evidence that it has.

The second question: “Is there any test available that can accurately diagnose Covid-19?”.  I don’t know of any test that is available to diagnose Covid-19, and the CDC themselves have stated that the PCR test does not diagnose it.  The inventor of the PCR test, now deceased Dr. Kari Mullis (who by the way just died before Covid-19 made its so-called appearance), stated that the PCR test should never be used to diagnose a disease, that is not its intention nor can it.

If you look at the answers to these two questions honestly then you have to wonder if this pandemic (plandemic) is even real.  And if it’s not then what in the world is going on?!

So many people have bought into the narrative that Covid-19 is real, that it is deadly, and that we must do anything and everything to stop it, even if that means taking away our rights and freedoms, even if it means severely punishing those that don’t follow along!

The sad truth is that the scientists and doctors that are pushing this agenda are not following true science!  This so-called disease (because I’m not convinced that it even exists) is supposedly extremely deadly and dangerous.  If this were the truth, then wouldn’t you think that we would be seeing at least thousands of people dropping dead on the streets, or at least in their homes?  But we don’t see that, instead what we do see are thousands of people dying in hospitals where they are being treated, treated only according to CDC guidelines.  People being denied food and water, being injected with deadly poisons (such as Remdesivir, fentanyl, and morphine), and placed on ventilators, a lethal combination!

Yet, these very same people deny the fact that there may just be some very effective treatments available, treatments that have been proven safe and effective for decades now, such as Ivermectin.  Not only do they deny the facts, but people are being refused their right to even try these treatment methods, being denied their right to try alternative methods.

The fact is that if Covid-19 is real then it isn’t any more deadly than the common flu, yet we have never before seen the scientists, or the medical community so alarmed at people dying from the flu.  In fact, just the opposite has been true.  It has been reported that Covid-19 has a 99% survival rate for most people, is this a cause for creating fear and panic in the world population?  Absolutely not!!!  Yet that is exactly what is being done!

And this is what has happened over the course of the last two years, people have been scared to death over the threat of contracting Covid-19.  Why?  Because they follow the mainstream media, and the MSM is a voice of the Elite, they also thrive on scaring people and causing fear, it drives up their ratings.

If the mitigation for this pandemic (plandemic) were actually about our health, then the truth would be told.  Alternative methods of treatments would be examined closely instead of being demonized and swept under the rug.  Conversations would be taking place about the best ways to tackle this disease, but it isn’t happening!  Instead, what is happening are those that don’t go along with the narrative, those that believe that there are safe alternatives to treatment, are being censored and demonized, and even punished for it.  Does this sound normal to you?  A person would think that we should be using sound reasoning in order to come up with safe and effective solutions, but that’s not happening!

What is happening is a one-way street my friends, only one side of the story, and if you don’t agree with that story then you are ridiculed, demonized, and punished for it!  Does this sound like it’s for the good of our health?  Sounds more like a Totalitarian form of government to me!

Ever since the beginning of this plandemic we have been made to wear face masks (which have been proven to not be effective), to self-isolate (which is proven to cause all sorts of problems, such as depression, lack of vitamin D, lack of social interaction, etc.), but the mandates continued with people either taking the so-called vaccine (which isn’t really a vaccine but a medical experiment at best, I believe it to be a poison) or face losing your job (myself included), many businesses denying access without proof of vaccination, being unable to travel without proof of vaccination, unvaccinated people in Australia being imprisoned in quarantine camps, Austria fining unvaccinated individuals, the list goes on!

I don’t see any of the above forementioned mandates being good for anyone’s health!  In fact, just the opposite!  If they really cared about our health and well-being, then they would care what happens to us, not only our health but our emotional and financial well-being also.

The powers that be (backed by the Elite) are not only controlling the narrative being given to us by the MSM but are controlling us as well.  They are out of control, and they are power hungry, and the more power they obtain the more they want.  That is exactly what this is about, power and control, no matter the cost!

This my friends is not about our health, if it were then they wouldn’t be forcing people against their will to be subjected to only one method to treat this so-called disease, methods which are killing people by the thousands!

The proof is out their if you care to see it, the so-called vaccine is killing people, it is destroying their God given immune system.  Vaccinated people are becoming ill and dying, and many are developing life threatening illnesses, these are the facts!

Put the pieces of the puzzle together and you will see that there is something else going on behind the scenes, something very evil and sinister.  What is it that the Elite want to accomplish?  One thing is to reduce the world’s population, just listen to Bill Gates, and his favorite method is by vaccination!

The global Elite have a plan, and in order for them to initiate this plan they needed a world crisis, what better way than through world-wide pandemic?  They can institute their plan throughout the entire world, control the entire world, and manipulate the entire world through it.  This is what is really going on my friends, it’s also known by them as the Great Reset!

This isn’t anything new, thousands of years ago there was a wicked and evil ruler named Nimrod in Babylon.  He also attempted to unite the world as one, but God saw his plans and destroyed them, He separated the people and gave them different tongues.  What we see happening today is the reemergence of Babylon via the Great Reset!  It’s the beginning of the formation of a One World Government that will be headed by the Antichrist.  That’s just how close we are to the Tribulation period when the Antichrist will rule and reign.

You can follow along with the narrative if you choose to, or you can see it for what it really is, it’s your choice.  As for me I choose to see it through the lens of bible prophecy!

Evil and wicked rulers will deceive and continue to be deceived, they are blinded to the truth, they shall heap up for themselves evil and wickedness.  They have been given over to debased minds, they cannot see the truth nor is the truth in them.  The consequences of their actions will turn and be delivered to them, for they shall reap what they sow!

Know the truth and the truth shall set you free.  Follow the light and expose the darkness.  Stand for righteousness and find shelter under the wings of the Almighty.  God is good and His words are true, everything that He has written shall come to pass!

What we now see happening in the world today are all signs of the closeness of Christ’s return.  Look up my friends for your redemption draws near!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!