Flood OF Hospital Death Reports: Thousands Cry Out As Loved Ones are Murdered By Hospital Protocols

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

I’ve added more videos (below) related to hospitals in America that are killing people with their Covid-19 treatment protocols, which include (but not limited to) withholding food and water, injections of Remdesivir, strong and deadly pain killers, and intubation.  Remdesivir is known to be very dangerous to the human body, specifically the kidneys.  This is absolutely disgusting and evil my friends, and it must be stopped!

The Federal government will withhold funding to these hospitals unless they follow the CDC guidelines for treating Covid-19 positive patients in the hospital.  Tell me there is not a conflict of interest here, to say the least!  This is coercion of hospitals and doctors to comply with an agenda.  These doctors are not allowed to offer alternative treatments or methods or risk losing millions of dollars from the government.

The current CDC guidelines for treating Covid-19 positive patients is killing people!  And what makes this even more egregious is that the tests used for the virus is not even reliable or accurate!!!  And if that were not bad enough the government also pays the hospitals to test all patients for the virus, to admit patients with the virus, and then to treat them for the virus, even if they don’t really have the virus, and the hospitals then receive large amounts of money for treating them, and if they die and are Covid positive then the hospitals receive even more money, not to mention the increased cash bonuses for intubating patients!

This is all an agenda my friends, part of the Elites plan to rule the world, part of their plan to depopulate the world, and so far, it seems to be working!

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