Punishment of the Unvaccinated is Increasing! Papers Please!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

As time goes on the push for everyone to get vaccinated with the so-called Covid-19 vaccine is on the rise.  The pressure is on to vaccinate the entire world’s population, even though the so-called Covid-19 vaccine is not even a vaccine, but an mRNA solution which alters a person’s DNA and has had many deadly and serious adverse side effects thus far.

Isn’t it sort of odd that even though the majority of Americans have been fully vaccinated the number of coronavirus cases and deaths continue to rise, and the number of people being admitted to the hospital with illnesses also continues to rise, even though many if not most of them have been fully vaccinated?  You would think that just the opposite would be true?  I’m not here to argue if the number of fully vaccinated hospitalizations are higher than unvaccinated, that’s not my point here, you can do your own research.  My point is that if so many people have been vaccinated with a so-called vaccine that is supposed to keep them from being infected with the coronavirus or at least ease the symptoms from it, then why are so many more people becoming ill and dying?  And why are children who are being “vaccinated” dying and becoming permanently disabled?!

There have been reports that this so-called Covid-19 vaccine contains substances that are not only harmful to humans but deadly as well, one of these substances is graphene hydroxide.  You are not going to find any of this on the mainstream media my friends.

Dr. Andreas Noack made the claim that these so-called Covid-19 vaccines contained graphene hydroxide, and that these molecules were so small they acted as micro razor blades within the human body.  Here is an article explaining his findings, you be the judge yourself.  And please take note, this doctor died just a few days later, coincidence?

Dr. Andreas Noack: Covid-19 mRNA vaccine contains graphene hydroxide acting like a razor blade in the body

The problem is that we don’t know all of what is contained in these so-called Covid-19 vaccines and just what they may do to us.

People are being forced to take this injection, if they do not comply then they are being punished for it!  Don’t believe me?  I myself have been terminated from my employment for not complying with the draconian mandate of forced “vaccination”, and this is going on all over the world my friends, all over the world.  But this is only the beginning, the pressure is on for people to comply with draconian and illegal mandates.

I recently posted a piece about the Canadian government in New Brunswick allowing grocery stores to require proof of vaccination before patron’s are allowed to enter the stores.  This is only the beginning; it only has to start in one place before it spreads like wildfire!  So, I guess they plan on also starving those who do not comply with their agenda?

There are also many businesses that require proof of vaccination, and we all know about vaccine passports, they are already here and some countries are using them.

What Is Vaccine Passport, Why Is World Opposing It? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Vaccine passports will and are being used in order for people to buy, sell, and trade, to travel both internationally and domestically, even to go to the hospital in some cases.  These passports are a form of control, of oppression, and they were used by Adolph Hitler during the Third Reich.  They are not only used as proof of vaccination but also as a form of identifying who is compliant with the agenda at hand and who is not.  Sound a little like the Mark of the Beast?  While this is not the Mark of the Beast either is the so-called Covid-19 vaccine, they are both precursors to it.

Isolation camps (or as I prefer to call them: prison camps or concentration camps) are being built throughout the world.  Some of these camps are already being used such as in AustraIia.  If a person is suspected of being in close contact with a Covid positive person or they test positive then they can be sent to one of these camps indefinitely.

Footage from Australia’s COVID internment camp: mandatory masks and $5k fines for leaving your cell

Will a New Austrian Law Be Used To Imprison Unvaccinated At Own Expense?

The world has been brainwashed into believing many things about the coronavirus and the mitigation of it, such as social distancing and facemask wearing, and if you don’t comply with these mandates then you are ridiculed, ostracized, and humiliated by your peers.  This is a form of punishment and harassment, and it is increasing by the day.  People are being divided and labeled, and those not complying are now seen as second-class citizens, as outcasts and rebels.  This didn’t happen by chance, no, it was all planned ahead of time.

Even though there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that a person’s immune system is more than capable of fighting off this virus (at least for most healthy people), more than a 99% chance, and that natural immunity is by far the best way to keep it at bay, most people believe what they are being told about the so-called Covid-19 vaccine.  They believe everything that they are being told about the virus and the ways to mitigate it.  They believe that the co-called Covid-19 vaccine is both safe and effective, without even doing any research on their own.  They believe that the government is out to protect them and is looking out for their health and well-being.  When they hear anything that goes against the narrative set forth by the MSM they sweep it under the rug and yell conspiracy theory!  And even though there is mounting evidence showing that the Covid-19 so-called “vaccine” is killing and injuring people they look the other way because they just don’t want to hear it!

If you don’t want to believe that there is an agenda at hand here then don’t, it’s your choice, but I see it clear as day!  The global elite have already told us that they have an agenda, and that agenda is to control the entire planet and those living on it.  They have a plan, they have an agenda, and it’s right in front of our face if we care to open our eyes and look at it!

Fortunately, there are some people beginning to wake up and see that something is just not right and that we are being lied to.


While the world seems to be falling apart it is actually falling into place.  The world is now being setup for the coming Tribulation period my friends, the coming Antichrist and his system upon the world.  Things don’t seem to make any sense anymore because they don’t!  That’s because during the Tribulation period things will be turned upside down and inside out, and most people will succumb to the wiles of the devil and the Antichrist.

We cannot nor should we trust in this world, we should trust in God Almighty, we should make Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, for He is the only way!  Time is short, it is of the essence to make a decision on who you follow, the world or Jesus Christ?

Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior!

God bless my friends!  Marnatha!