The Elite are now beginning to ban “The Unvaccinated” from shopping in Grocery Stores!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

It all began with social distancing 6 feet apart, the wearing of facemasks, and locking people down in their homes, this was the beginning of what the Elite told everyone that they had to do in order to mitigate what we were told was Covid-19, a deadly virus that would kill millions and millions, if not billions of people worldwide if we didn’t do enough to stop it.  We were also told that it would only take just a few weeks at most.

Well, here we are almost 2 years later, and the draconian measures forced upon us in order to mitigate what they call Covid-19 have not only endured but have grown even more oppressive!  Even with the so-called “vaccines” things haven’t gotten any better but actually worse!

Now that the so-called “vaccines” for this supposed virus is worldwide governments are enforcing illegal mandates in order for people to keep their jobs, and for many to even enter businesses or to socialize, even in their own homes!  But it’s not over, and I believe that it’s actually only the beginning of unending mandates and oppressive tyranny.

New Brunswick Canada has just announced that grocery stores may now ban people from shopping in their stores if people are “unvaccinated”! 

Canadian Province of New Brunswick Moves to Ban Unvaccinated From Grocery Stores

So where does it end?!  Just how far will the Elite go to enforce their wicked plans upon those that do not comply?  Wasn’t it enough to force people to get “vaccinated” or lose their income?  Apparently not, and if one province in Canada can institute this evil and wicked mandate then what is to stop the rest of the world from doing so?  This my friends is not only wicked it is pure evil!

So, what is next after that?  This is what I see coming, digital vaccine passports in order to buy, sell, or trade, including visits to the doctor or hospital, in order to travel not only internationally but nationally.  Forced imprisonment for whomever the Elite choose to place into their internment camps and for whatever length of time they deem necessary.  The inability to use energy as you need or want to including gasoline, electricity, oil, as they will be rationing all of these commodities at their will.  Taxes, fines, and/or imprisonment for anyone caught using/having these resources in their possession without authorization by the Elite.  The rationing of all goods and services not limited to food, water, but also fuel, electronics, furniture, cars, etc.  Being told where we can and cannot live, being taxed excessively for where we live and not being able to afford it, thereby losing our homes to the Elite (forced evictions).  Perhaps I am wrong in what I see coming, but I see it coming none the less!

The fact it that we are losing more and more of our rights and freedoms, they are being stripped away from us one at a time and we are going to get them back, at least not willingly.  The more they (the Elite) take the more they want, the more control that they get the more that they want!  This is how it works my friends, since when does a government relinquish what it has taken from the people?  Since when do they give up power that they have taken?  And if they seem like they do, such as Stimulus Checks, it’s only because they are doing it for a nefarious purpose, in order for them to gain more and more control over the people!

So, one province in Canada is allowing grocery stores to ban unvaccinated people, doesn’t seem so bad.  Tell that to the people living in New Brunswick!  And we all know that this is how it starts, in one place, then catches like wildfire.  The Elite always have a testing ground for their wicked plans, we see it in Australia and in Austria where they are carrying them out to the extreme, and now it seems as though Canada is following suit.

So many people just follow along and comply with these oppressive, tyrannical, draconian mandates that it just boggles my mind!  And if I didn’t know bible prophecy as I do then I would probably be at the end of my rope!  But I do know bible prophecy, and I do know that things in this world will get very bad before the return of Christ, He told us that they would.

Take my word for it, no, don’t take my word for it, take God’s word for it!  While the world seems to be falling apart, it is actually all falling into place my friends!  The evil, the wickedness, the hearts of men growing cold, it’s all told to happen in the last days, and it most definitely is!  The world is being setup for the Tribulation period, a time for God’s wrath to be poured out upon an evil and wicked world, but also a time for the Jews to be reconciled back to God, the Time of Jacob’s Trouble!

With everything that we see taking place in the world today I don’t see how much longer it could actually be before the Tribulation period begins.  And as a believer in the pre-tribulation rapture of the church, how much longer it could possibly be before the rapture of the church takes place!

We were told that when we see these things beginning to happen then look up for your redemption draws near!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!