In Whom do you Trust?

Commentary By:  Gordon King

I pray that the good Lord gives us insight, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding in these dark times!  Amen.

It’s becoming more and more difficult these days to trust what we are being told is the truth as the government, hospitals, doctors and scientists are telling us that everyone needs to be jabbed with the so-called Covid-19 vaccine in order to save the world from mass deaths.  While at the same time millions of people are either dying or being seriously injured from the very same Covid-19 vaccine that they are pushing so very hard for everyone to take!

The following article is very interesting and contains an extensive list of people who have either died or been seriously injured after taking the so-called vaccine.

How many people have been murdered with the Covid-19 Vaccines?

It just boggles my mind as to how people can be so gullible as to just believe what they are being told without even looking at the evidence right before their eyes!  Just look and see what is happening, investigate it, research it, know the truth.  Don’t be fooled by the MSM that is spewing Covid propaganda, do some real research on your own.  The facts are the facts, people are dying and being seriously injured after taking these so-called vaccines, merely a coincidence?

Check out the WEF website and read about their plans to take control of the world, look at the agenda 2030 website, ID 2020, Event 201, etc., they all are interconnected by a common theme, control of the world’s population by the Elite!

And isn’t it funny how Bill Gates himself (a leader in the Event 201 scenario) stated in a 2010 TED talks presentation that we need to reduce the world’s population and that he loves vaccines! 


He says that we can lower the world’s population via New Vaccines, Healthcare, and Reproductive Health Services, by about 10 to 15%, then says “But there we see an increase of about 1.3” (6.8 billion x 1.3 = 8.84 billion people on earth), meaning that this will be the population soon if we don’t stop it.  And just what does he mean by lowering the population through new vaccines, healthcare and reproductive services?  We all know about abortion, but how does he plan to lower the population via healthcare?  Could it be what we already see happening when people are being killed in hospitals by treatments for Covid-19 with Remdesivir and intubation?  And what does he mean by lowering the population via vaccines?  How many people have already died from this so-called vaccine?

Another thing that he said is that if he had one wish: “I can pick who is president, I can pick a vaccine, which is something I love.”  I find this quite fascinating as we already know that Joe Biden was elected by fraud, and now we have a so-called vaccine that is killing and maiming people worldwide!  It looks as though Bill Gates did get more than one wish after-all!  Just a coincidence?  I don’t think so!

The next big agenda is Climate Change, isn’t that what his talk was all about?  We must save the planet from global warming?  Yet, they don’t say “global warming” anymore because it isn’t true!  But it’s coming my friends, it’s coming!  Climate change laws, regulations, draconian measures, taxes, and mass surveillance and control of the people, just as we now see with the Covid-19 “Planned-Demic” (Event 201), but it’s going to be worse!

And if you think that the Covid-19 Planned-Demic is coming to an end then think again!  We have an unlimited number of variants that keep on coming, and they are all worse than their predecessors, meaning that people will need to take more and more so-called vaccines in order to fight off the disease, it’s never ending!

Were we not told at the beginning of this outbreak that it would only take two weeks to flatten the curve?  Well, that two weeks has now turned into almost two years!  Social distancing, mask wearing, lockdowns, all were supposed to only last for a very short while, just two weeks.  Now, nearly two years later everyone is being pressured to take an unsafe, untested, and unapproved so-called vaccine, many losing their jobs and income, many becoming very ill from them or actually dying after taking them!  Vaccine passports are on the rise in many nations, and not only are they for proof of vaccination but are being used to keep people who are not vaccinated from traveling, shopping, or receiving healthcare!  They will also be used as a digital ID in a Social Credit System similar to what they now have in China.

The truth is that many if not most in the government are being controlled by the Elite, as are many doctors and scientists, as is the news media, all bought and sold by the Elite of this world.  The MSM spews propaganda from the Elite, the internet is controlled by the Elite, and censorship is owned by the Elite.

There have been many, many reports of doctors in hospitals not treating the patients for Covid-19 as they choose to be treated or how their family members want them to be treated for the illness, they refuse.  But instead, they treat them according to an established protocol given to them by the Elite, even though people are dying from these treatments!

The government and the medical community are giving many people a sense of distrust, the very people that are given the power to keep us safe and healthy are actually doing the exact opposite!  Yet, many are just following along and believe everything that they are told as being the truth.

This is the world that we live in, a world that is full of distrust, deceit, and lies.  How many people now have a distrust of doctors, scientists, and hospitals?  How many people would rather just stay home with an illness then to visit their doctor, or deal with their illness on their own rather than going to a hospital for fear of what the doctors might do to them?  Was this also preplanned?

We must not place our trust in the world but in God!  We must seek God in all things, have faith and trust in God.  We must pray to God for wisdom and understanding, allow the Holy Spirit to be our guide, to discern for us.  We must believe that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life, and that He is our only hope of salvation!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!