WATCH: MASSIVE Riots Break Out in the Netherlands Against COVID Restrictions


Has the revolution started on the eve of World Wide Demonstration For Freedom 5.0?

Vienna has the world’s attention due to their government’s diabolical COVID-19 jab mandate of the entire country’s population.

However, things reached a boiling point for Dutch citizens Friday night.

Amid surging COVID-19 cases, the Dutch government announced plans to restrict unvaccinated citizens from public venues.

On Thursday, the Netherlands reported a record-high 23,591 daily cases.

The Netherlands has fully vaccinated 80.3% of adults from COVID-19, but that didn’t prevent another outbreak in the European nation.

In the port city of Rotterdam, fiery riots broke out due to the tyrannical COVID-19 restrictions.

Police fired warning shots as several squad cars were set ablaze during the civil unrest.

Reports indicate multiple injuries and arrests made by police in an attempt to control the riot.

Footage appears to show police firing live ammunition that injured at least two protestors.

Watch below: