Here is something that you are NOT going to find on the Main Stream Media! Brace yourself for a Riot!!!

Huge piles of bricks are starting to appear around Kenosha Wisconsin.

Commentary By:  Gordon King

It has been reported on alternative news sites that there are piles of bricks being found stacked up throughout the city of Kenosha Wisconsin.  You cannot find any information about it anywhere on the main stream media news sites, or at least I wasn’t able to.

Piles of Bricks Randomly Start Appearing Around Kenosha…

So why would piles of bricks be showing up at random locations in this city, and where there is no construction going on in the areas?

Lets take a look back at what happened during the George Floyd riots involving randomly placed piles of bricks.

Random piles of bricks reported at George Floyd protests

Missouri Police Discover Large Piles of Bricks, Rocks ‘to Be Used During Riot’ Amid George Floyd Protest

Pallets of bricks ‘randomly’ appear during protests in NYC, Kansas City, Dallas and North Carolina sparking theories they were planted by cops or extremists to stoke violence

Videos from New York City, pictured, Kansas City, Dallas and Fayetteville in North Carolina all appear to show piles of bricks unattended in the middle of protests
In Dallas, Instagram user RuebenGotSoul documented a large pile of bricks stacked up in front of the city’s courthouse. ‘The Dallas protest was a lot of things. But I was very disappointed to see this RANDOM stack of bricks in front of the courthouse. #setup,’ he remarked

Randomly placed piles of bricks in Kenosha Wisconsin, why there?  Do you think that just maybe it has something to do with the Kyle Rittenhouse trial?  Hmmm…I wonder?

Kyle Rittenhouse trial: 2 protest arrests on 2nd day of deliberations

Kyle Rittenhouse trial: National Guard troops training

National Guard troops training in Kenosha Wisconsin in preparation for civil unrest.

So we know that there are randomly placed piles of bricks throughout Kenosha Wisconsin, we know that the jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial will come to a verdict very soon and that protests are already in progress, and we know that the National Guard is training and making itself ready for civil unrest.  We also know that during the George Floyd riots there were randomly placed piles of bricks located exactly where the riots occurred throughout many U.S. cities.

So it would seem that someone is planning for some violence if the verdict doesn’t go the way that they want it to.  And who was it that instigated the violence during the George Floyd riots?  The Left, the Marxists, Antifa, BLM, etc., and some say funded by George Soros and the global Elite!  

The sad thing about it is that the government basically said go ahead, burn and loot the cities we won’t stop you.  They encouraged it and support defunding the police as well.  This is the current government that we have now, supporting violence and anarchy!

If there are piles of randomly placed bricks in Kenosha Wisconsin then don’t you think that the FBI should be doing something about it?!  I can clearly see what’s happening here and I don’t belong to the FBI, but if I can see it clearly then shouldn’t they be able to see it even more clearly, that’s there job!!!  Something isn’t right here, why aren’t they doing what they should be doing?

This is something that you are not going to hear on the main stream media, why?  Because they are all in bed together, they don’t want you to know what’s about to come down!  They are bought and sold by the Elite!

It’s all about destroying what we have, then rebuilding back the way that they want it, it’s all part of the Great Reset my friends, a wicked and evil scheme to control the entire planet and everyone living on it!  Don’t believe me?  Fine, believe what you will, but I see it clear as day!

If the people of Kenosha, any of the people know about these brick piles, then they should be swarming the police departments and demanding that these bricks be taken away immediately!  Or perhaps they can get authorization to haul them off for themselves and use them in their yards for patios or walkways, at least then they would be put to good use and not for evil intentions.

We don’t really know what’s going to happen yet, but we can see some evil plans being put into place.  This my friends is yet another sign of the times, when lawlessness abounds, when evil and wickedness increases, when the hearts of many grow cold.  And these signs tell us that the return of our Lord and Savior is near!

Pray for the peace and safety of Kenosha and it’s residents, pray for good to overtake evil, pray for the good Lord to intervene and take matters into His own hands!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!