Was the movie “Contagion” a warning of the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Commentary By:  Gordon King

I watched the movie “Contagion” last night, because I wanted to see if it was just perhaps very similar to what we see with the Plandemic that we are now living in.  Although the movie came out in 2011 I have never seen it before.  It was eerily similar to what we see happening with the Coronavirus Pandemic, almost to the “T”.  A few scenes in the beginning were difficult to watch, such as people that died from the virus and the autopsy of the main characters (Matt Damon) wife, other than that not so bad.

If you haven’t seen it yet and plan to then you probably don’t want to read this post first, as it will spoil the movie for you.  

The movie starts out with Matt Damon’s (Mitch Emhoff) wife (Beth Emhoff) played by Gwyneth Paltrow, suddenly becomes very ill and dies while in Hong Kong China.  A novel virus begins to spread throughout the world and people begin dying very quickly.  The disease spreads easily and quickly and has a short incubation period.

The CDC begins to investigate and tries to find out just where the virus has originated from and exactly what it is.  Beth Emhoff’s son then dies from the virus.  Mitch Emhoff is then isolated in confinement because of being in close contact with his step son Clark Morrow.  Mitch never contracts the virus and is somehow naturally immune from it, no one knows why.

People are in fear of the virus and begin panic buying, hoarding food, burning and looting businesses.  People are restricted from traveling, and the State of Minnesota is in lockdown, no one is allowed to leave the State.  Mitch keeps his daughter on lockdown in their home to keep her safe.

A blogger (Alan Krumwiede, played by Jude Law) who is betrayed as a conspiracy theorist spreads the word that he knows of a cure of the disease, “Forsythia”, a natural compound.   The CDC then comes up with a vaccine for the virus in 3 months time.  Meanwhile, Alan says that the pharmaceutical companies are just out to make money off the deaths of people and that the vaccines will actually cause people to come down with other deadly diseases.  Alan is then arrested and questioned by the authorities.  Alan is then released on bail.

In the meantime, there is not enough vaccine to go around for everyone, so they are given it by a “vaccine lottery”.  Those that do get the vaccine are then immune from the virus and have to wear a blue wrist band in order to live normally once again in society.  

At the end of the movie they show scenes of a bat dropping a piece of fruit into a pig pen, where a pig then ingests the fruit.  The pig is sent to the market and then to a restaurant where it is prepared by a Chinese chef, the chef places something into the pigs mouth with his bare hands.  Immediately after doing so he talks with Beth Emhoff and shakes her hand, this is supposedly how the viral infection starts.

So, lets compare the movie to the coronavirus pandemic.

MOVIE                                                                          CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC

Novel Virus                                                                    Novel Coronavirus

Unknown source                                                           Unknown source

Highly infectious                                                           Highly Infectious

Worldwide                                                                      Worldwide

Millions Dead                                                                 Millions Dead

Unknown Cure                                                               Unknown Cure

Lockdowns                                                                     Lockdowns

Social Distancing 10 feet                                              Social Distancing 6 feet

Spread by fear                                                               Spread by fear

Panic Buying                                                                  Panic Buying

Vaccine in 3 months                                                      Vaccine in less than a year

Proof of vaccine wrist band                                          Vaccine Passports

People speaking about a possible cure being silenced        Same

People are said to be spreading misinformation                   Same

Virus coming from bats and pigs                                 Told virus came from bats

Virus from China                                                            Virus from China

It’s amazing to me that there are so many similarities between this movie and the coronavirus pandemic, so many as to make a person wonder if they are not somehow related.

Haven’t you ever noticed that many things in the movies seem to come to life in the near future?  Just a coincidence?

The whistle blower in the movie played by Jude Law was telling people via his blog that he knew of a cure, Forsythia.  This can be likened to using Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin to fight off the coronavirus, both of which have been touted by the government and the MSM as misinformation and lies!  The whistle blower was labeled as a conspiracy theorist and portrayed as a nut job.  Don’t we see the same thing happening today with the coronavirus pandemic and those that say that there are cures?  Sure we do, exactly the same!  I wondered why Jude Law started wearing a bubble type suit later on in the movie, I suppose it was meant to tell us that this cure was nothing more than a lie.

The whistle blower also called out the pharmaceutical companies for making a fortune off the lives of people, just the same as today.  And then he said the the vaccines would cause people to develop other deadly diseases, just as they are today!  But the CDC was quick to discredit the whistle blower, just as they are today.

Many movies are used as propaganda, they come out before the Elite actually engage their plan.  These movies are used to brainwash us, to control us, to get us to go along with their plans.

The Elite are not stupid by any means, they use all aspects of social media to control us, to brainwash us, to lead us astray if they can.  We are being controlled not only through media but every aspect of our daily lives, through the economy, the education system, and even religion!  How many churches do you know that are following along with their plans?  How many are promoting critical race theory, social justice, climate change, the coronavirus pandemic and the vaccine?  Way too many I presume, way too many!

They use fear to intimidate and control, and what better way to instill fear into the masses then by a global pandemic?  It’s working, people are in fear of their lives, willing to give up their liberty and rights, to give up their freedom in order to stay safe and healthy.  This pandemic was preplanned, that’s why I refer to it as a “plandemic”, it didn’t just happen by chance.

In the movie the people that took the vaccine were able to return to a somewhat “normal” life, they didn’t have to live in fear anymore.  Isn’t that also what we are being told today?  Yet it’s not true, vaccinated people are still becoming infected and spreading the virus, and in fact are causing mutations!  Not only that but we still don’t know just how this so-called vaccine will affect people, but I believe that it will cause many other diseases and deaths.

People are now being divided into two classes, the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.  The unvaccinated are being treated as lepers, as spreaders, as second class citizens.  The unvaccinated are being swept to the side, not able to live a “normal” life as the vaccinated are allowed to do.  Show me your passport please!

Most people are blindly following along like lemmings, not asking any questions, not researching if the so-called vaccine is safe or not, but eagerly waiting in line to get theirs!  Believing everything that they are being told by government leaders, by any authority, by any doctor or scientist, no matter if they know the truth or not, no matter if they are lying through their teeth!

And just as the whistleblower in the movie was demonized, so too is the government and their cohorts doing the same today, to anyone opposing their narrative.  To anyone speaking up about possible alternative cures for the disease, to anyone disagreeing about the safety and efficacy of the so-called vaccine!

Fear causes panic, and panic causes hysteria.  People are fearful, panicking, and getting close to hysterical, many are already there.  Fear and panic causes people to panic buy, remember the toilet paper shortage?  Well it’s about to get much worse my friends, much worse!  We already have a shortage of goods and services, prices are inflating quickly, and none of it had to happen, it also was preplanned by the Elite.

If you care to watch the movie that’s up to you, you may find it disturbing, however, you may find it quite fascinating that there are so many similarities as to what is now happening in the world around us.  It will make you wonder if these things were not planned out ahead of time!  The Elite are trying to tell us what to think and how to behave, they did this way ahead of time to plant it in our minds before it actually happened.  

These things are precursors to the Tribulation period my friends, they are signs of the times, signs that the closeness of Christ’s return is near, even at the door!  Do not be alarmed, do not be dismayed, for our Lord is returning soon for us!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!