The Mark of the Beast and the Covid-19 Vaccine Passport

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The Covid-19 Plandemic is part of the Global Elites Agenda to usher in a New World Order,  it’s the crisis they need in order to begin instituting their wicked and evil plans.  In order for them to begin “resetting” society at large they needed a crisis large enough that it would involve the entire world, this was the perfect scenario by which to do this.  This my friends is the beginning of The Great Reset!

The plandemic alone was not the actual tool being used to implement their plans, but it is their vehicle by which to do so, it is the crisis needed in order to begin instituting their plan.  Their tools include many things, such as (draconian mandates) lockdowns, facemasks, social distancing, behavioral modification, Covid-19 vaccines, and the coming Covid-19 passports.

And if you think that things are getting bad now then just wait, the coming Covid-19 passports will make things much, much worse!

The Covid-19 vaccine is not the Mark of the Beast, the Covid-19 passports are not the Mark of the Beast either.  However, both of them are the precursors to the Mark of the Beast!  They both have draconian measures attached to them, they are both very oppressive and totalitarian in nature.

The vaccine (which is not actually a vaccine by any means) is being used to control people, by way of force and by it’s contents.  No one really knows for sure just what is inside of these vaccines, but, there have supposedly been some very interesting things already found inside of the vaccines, things which are detrimental to our health and well being, things which shouldn’t be there!  There are some people that claim that these substances will be used to control us, to control our very thoughts and behaviors.  I have no reason at this time not believe these claims, especially when I see just how evil government leaders are behaving these days, and how we are loosing our rights and freedoms day by day.  And if there is even a chance that these things are true then we shouldn’t just sweep them under the rug and ignore them, but investigate them further until we have the truth!

The vaccine passports are not any better my friends, not by a mile!  They will also be used to control people, to oppress us, to get us to comply to their draconian measures against us.  These are called “passports” because they will be used to restrict our travel, but what else will they be used for?  I presume that they will also be used to restrict our buying and selling, our healthcare, our employment, education, etc., but also to monitor our every move and action!  They will be used against us in many nefarious ways, and those not complying with government mandates will be subject to further disciplinary and restrictive actions.  They will be used as a measure of who we are as world citizens, as global citizens, then placed into classes in society.  Those who don’t measure up will face horrific consequences!

So what’s the difference between the Mark of the Beast and Covid-19 passports?  Well, I certainly don’t see much, other than the fact that the passports are not the Mark of the Beast, at least not yet anyway.  I know this because we are not yet living in the Tribulation period, the Antichrist has not yet confirmed a covenant with Israel, if he did then we would know who he is, but we don’t, not yet anyway, but it sure seems close.  No, this is not the Mark of the Beast, but my friends it is a precursor to the Mark of the Beast!  And if these vaccine passports are that bad then just think what the Mark of the Beast will be like!

It’s all about control my friends, complete control of all of us, that’s their end goal, and that’s what is happening all around the world.  People don’t ask questions, they seem afraid to question authority, but instead just follow along like lemmings, like the blind following the blind.  Following along into destruction until it’s too late to turn back!

It’s happened before in other countries (does the Third Reich ring a bell?  Or how about Nimrod and the Tower of Babel?), but most people don’t know history nor care to, and in fact history is now being erased, I wonder why?

There will come a point in time of no return, a time when this evil and wickedness has reached such a point that it’s too late to turn back.  At that time many people will be asking the questions: “How in the world did we get here, what happened, where did we go wrong?”.  By that time it will be too late to ask any questions, too late to change your mind, if you are even able to change your mind!

Have you ever wondered what all of those FEMA camps around the United States will be used for?  Just take a look at what’s now happening in Australia and you don’t really have to think that hard!  FEMA camps or FEMA concentration camps?  Or perhaps FEMA re-education camps?   Hmmm…just wondering.

The fact is that things are just not right in the world, people are being suppressed and oppressed, certain people are being censored and shamed, they are being divided!  If you don’t follow along with a certain agenda then you are being labeled as a terrorist, an insurrectionist!  This isn’t speculation, these are the facts!!!

Evil in this world is abounding, much worse than I have ever before seen in my lifetime, much worse than I ever thought that I would see in my lifetime!  Things in this world are beginning to resemble what it will be like during the Tribulation period under the rule and reign of the Antichrist.  And if it’s looking that bad already then how close our we to the rapture of the church?!  What I believe that we are seeing are foreshadowings of the Tribulation period upon our time, that’s how close we are!

Do not fear the world my friends, but look up for your redemption draws near!  Jesus Christ is coming soon, the signs are all around us!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!