Prepare for Difficult Times!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Difficult times are not only coming they are here now and getting worse by the day!  One of the best ways to prepare for difficult times is to prepare for them ahead of time, and if we know that they are going to get even worse then we should absolutely be preparing for them.

The world is a great big mess, it didn’t have to be this way, it didn’t happen by coincidence or chance, it was all preplanned ahead of time.  The Elite of this world are controlling the shortages that we see happening all across the globe, they are in power.  It’s part of their agenda, another way for them to have complete control over us all.

We are already seeing the beginnings of supply chain shortages, of grocery stores not having just what we needed in stock, and we definitely saw a shortage of toilet paper at the beginning of this plandemic.  We see car dealerships not being able to sell us the car that we want because of microchip shortages, but what electronic devices in this world do not have microchips in them, and what other shortages are coming our way?  I’ve heard of people ordering furniture almost a year ago yet they still don’t know when they will receive it.  So what’s next, grocery store shelves empty, gas stations with empty tanks, pharmacies out of medicine?  Where and when does it end, or does it end?

I’ve heard that there are hundreds of thousands of shipping containers aboard shipping tankers just off the shore of Southern California just waiting to be unloaded, but why?  Is there a shortage of workers?  A shortage of truckers?  Doesn’t this sound familiar?

The next big thing that we are going to see is a shortage of workers in all areas of life, all areas not only in healthcare, although healthcare will be a big one and will impact all of us!  Due to Joe Biden’s and many governor’s vaccine mandates there is about to be a very serious shortage of workers in America, and I believe that it will affect not only America but will be felt throughout the world.  I also know that America is not the only country instituting these vaccine mandates, so these shortages will happen worldwide, and all at the same time!

There has already been a shortage of workers since the beginning of this plandemic, but now it’s about to get really bad!  This will in fact affect each and everyone of us personally.  It will have a snowball effect upon society, upon all of our lives.

This is what happens when a society enforces principles of Socialism and Communism upon it’s people, society collapses!  Don’t believe me?  Just take a look at Venezuela.  Store shelves empty, no medicine, no healthcare, nothing to buy, and even if there were nobody could afford to buy anything due to astronomical inflation!  And oh yeah, that’s also coming!!!  It has been so bad in Venezuela that millions of it’s citizens have actually fled the country, not knowing if life would actually be any better for them, but what choice did they have?  The problem with that situation now for the world is that it is effecting the entire world, the world is in the same boat, we are all in this together.  Is this what they mean when they say that it’s for the “common good” of all?!  If that’s the case then I don’t want any part of the “common good” thank you very much!

But that’s the plan of the Global Elite, it’s part of their agenda, all in order to usher in a New World Order, all via the Great Reset!  It’s not a conspiracy my friends, its a fact!  It’s a fact because they have written about it and talk about it in plain sight, it’s no longer a hidden agenda.

The Elite of this world are pulling the strings, and the politicians in charge are following along while enforcing draconian measures against us.  The ones that are supposed to be looking out for our best interests are instead enforcing oppressive laws and mandates against us in order to control us.  They are the ones creating shortages, they are the ones causing increased lawlessness and deception among the masses.

Things in this world are about to get much worse my friends, I hate to say it but it’s the truth!  We must all do what we can to prepare for it, don’t just sit back and believe that everything will get better, prepare!

Stock up on groceries, on long term food storage, on non-perishable items, although it may not be that long before you actually need it!  Stock up on pet food and pet supplies.  Stock up on as much medicine as you can and hopefully it will not expire before you need it.  Stock up on medical supplies, on first aid.  Stock up on soap, toothpaste, laundry detergent.  

Make sure that you have a way to cook food in case the power were to go out for an extended period of time.  Have plenty of fresh water available.  Have ways to start a fire if needed, perhaps matches, lighters, or some sort of fire starter.  Have ways to stay warm.  Keep some sort of alternative lighting on hand, such as solar powered.  Have an emergency radio on hand, preferably one that has a hand crank or is also solar powered.  Have hand tools available for all sorts of repairs and fixes.

These are just a few of the items that you should stock up on, I am certain that there are many more things, but these are some of the necessities for survival.

It’s not a matter of will things get worse, but when!  And when things get so bad that you are not able to get the items that you need at the store then what?  If you have them on hand then you don’t have to worry, you have prepared ahead of time, this is the wise thing to do.

The bible tells us to prepare, that it’s the prudent thing to do.  But the most important thing to prepare for is eternity!  Eternity is coming my friends, it’s coming quickly.  Don’t put off today what you may not be able to do tomorrow, make sure that you have reserved your spot in heaven today!  Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, accept Jesus Christ today as your personal Lord and Savior!  May the good Lord be with you.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!