Religious Exemption Letter Update!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Many of us are experiencing the dilemma of either taking the so-called Covid-19 vaccine or loosing our job, our careers.  We are being forced to make a decision that goes against our better judgment and our faith in God.

I work two jobs (my career), one full time and the other part time or on call, they both claim to be Christian companies, and they are both in the healthcare field, both in Skilled Nursing Facilities.  My full time employer told me that although the governor of this State has said that employees will be able to submit either medical or religious exemptions to the vaccine, they will not be able to approve any exemptions because by doing so they will not be reimbursed by the Federal Government for Medicare services (that’s a lot of money).  They told me that even if the employees who are unvaccinated have an exemption they would not receive this funding, so they are not taking any exemption letters.

I spoke with my boss at my part time job (who is also a very good friend of mine) regarding this matter, and he told me that this is not true.  He checked with the corporate office of the employer and they said that there has never been a law passed stating this, therefore they are accepting exemption letters, both medical and religious.

So, I told him that I was going to write a religious exemption letter and submit it for review.  He told me a few days later that they need a written letter of exemption from a pastor of a church not from myself.  It figures!  So what did I do?  I got a religious exemption letter from a pastor of one of my online churches and submitted it about a month ago.

About two weeks later I was told by my boss that the letter was not good enough and that they did not approve my exemption.  A day or two later I was having dinner with my boss, he told me that it’s not over yet, they wanted me to submit a written letter from me, they wanted me to write the letter regarding my own religious beliefs.  I was thinking, yeah right, if they didn’t accept it from the pastor of a church then why would they accept it from me?!  It would be an act of God for that to ever be approved, it would be a miracle!

So what did I do?  I went home after dinner that night and began writing my religious exemption letter.  I wrote a typed, two page, 11 font letter, including bible verses, and explained from my heart and my spirit, why taking this vaccine goes against both my faith and trust in God.  And that by doing so would weaken my faith and distance myself from my God.  That my faith is by trusting God and His word, and that if I go against what God has told me then I wouldn’t be trusting in God, nor would I be having any faith in God.

I didn’t think that this would really do any good at all, but I kept my faith, and I trust in God, that He will see me through, and that whatever the outcome I will continue on with my faith and trust in God.  For I know that He makes all things work together for the good of those that love Him, all those that are called according to His purpose.

About a week later, which was yesterday, I received a text message from my boss.  He told me that my religious exemption letter has been approved!!!  Praise the Lord, God is so good!  It truly was a miracle, no other way to explain it.

I have yet to work under this religious exemption, it won’t begin until after October 18th, so we shall see if they hold up to their end of the bargain.  Of course I will still be made to coronavirus testing, to wearing N95 masks and face shields, and gloves.  I will still be forced to retire early, but, I will have the ability to supplement my Social Security income with a part time job, in the career that I started over 30 years ago!  And to tell you the truth, I am looking forward to it!

I have yet to tell my full time employer that I received a religious exemption from another company, and most likely I won’t either.  It’s their loss, and they shall reap what they sow.

Trust in God at all times and in all things!  What may seem impossible for us is possible with God!

My faith in God has increased through this experience, my trust in God unshaken.  And whatever the outcome may have been I would continue to have faith and trust in the Lord, for He is with me and shall never forsake me!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!