If They really cared about your health….

Commentary By:  Gordon King

If the powers that be in this world really cared about your health, safety, and well being then why would they continue to force a so-called vaccine on everyone regardless if it is safe or not?

And if there is even a possibility that this so-called vaccine could actually be killing and maiming people for life then shouldn’t they be taking pause and be investigating these claims?  But that’s not what’s happening my friends, even though there are report after report stating that people all around the world are dying after taking these vaccines, that people are developing severe life altering symptoms and diseases after taking these vaccines!

Any sound minded individual would say wait a minute, if there is even the possibility that people are dying and their lives are being destroyed by this injection then we need to stop injecting people and do some research on this so-called vaccine before we continue this campaign.  But that’s not what is happening!

However, we are not dealing with sound minded individuals, we are not dealing with people who do have our best interests, health, and well being at heart.  If they did then they would not be forcing people to be taking the jab, they wouldn’t even be continuing on with the so-called vaccine, at least not until they have definitely confirmed that it is both safe and effective.

This vaccine campaign isn’t about our health or safety, it’s not even about a virus, no, it’s about control.  It’s about an agenda, and agenda to take total control over every single life on earth.  It’s about brainwashing, it’s about the formation of a One World Government, the Great Re-set!

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out, but you do have to be able to see and to understand what is really happening in this world.

What is happening in this world was all planned ahead of time, it is the beginning of a One World Government, a government that will eventually be led by a one world ruler, also known as the Antichrist!  Think this sounds like science fiction, that it’s way over the top?  Well think again!  It’s written in scripture that it will happen, and guess what?  It is!

And this isn’t the first time that this has happened in the world, but it will be the last, at least until Jesus Christ comes to rule and reign the world.  Nimrod, does that name ring a bell?  Nimrod also tried to unite the world under one government, remember the tower of Babel?  But it didn’t work, and God confused the people with different languages and dispersed them throughout the world.  This time it’s Nimrod and the tower of Babel on steroids!

Don’t hide your head in the sand, wake up, look around you, see what is actually taking place in this world, it’s not science fiction, it’s really happening!  Compare what is happening with bible prophecy, take heed to the warnings, for the signs are all around us.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!