Time is running out!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Our time is short my friends, our time here on earth, our time before the rapture of the church, and our time before the Tribulation period begins.

Whatever happens in this world God loves us!  We need to hear it, we need to know it.

This is a time when we are being forced to make some very difficult decisions in our life, decisions of the like we have never before in our lifetime had to make.  We may be facing dilemmas which go against our beliefs and what we know to be the truth in order to retain our livelihood.  Being coerced into doing something that we may not want to do of our own free will.  This is the world that we now live in, these are things that are coming to us face to face.

Let us pray to God for wisdom, insight, knowledge and understanding.  Let us pray that the Holy Spirit gives us discernment and guides us in the right direction.  And let us pray that the Lord sends His angels to minister to us and help protect us in these times of trouble.

The only one that we can truly depend upon is the Lord, in all things, in all situations, at all times.  Pray for God to shine a light upon your path and to lead you through the darkness.  We all need Him, but we all don’t seek Him, seek God in all things.

Proverbs 3:5-6

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.”

Numbers 6:24-26

“The Lord bless you and keep you;
25 The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
26 The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.”

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!