The Rising Tide of Evil!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The coronavirus pandemic has been going on now for over a year and a half, they first told us to lockdown and that it would only be for two weeks.  Well, we see how that went!  They then began easing restrictions and now are talking about locking people down again!  What?!  If so many people have been vaccinated and are now safe from either becoming ill from the virus or spreading the virus then what’s going on?  They are even recommending and/or mandating that the vaccinated wear facemasks and social distance.

If the Covid-19 vaccination actually worked then why are so many vaccinated people coming down with the virus?  And if they are safe from the virus then why are they also spreading it?  Yet, the propaganda from the Left is that it’s the unvaccinated people that are spreading the virus, that it’s the unvaccinated people that have caused the new “D” variant of the virus, a more deadly form of the disease.

But is that actually the case?  Or could it just be that the Covid-19 vaccine is making things worse?  Could it be that the vaccine actually makes people more susceptible to not only acquiring the virus but spreading it also?  And perhaps the vaccine has also caused the virus to mutate into this new variant, I believe that it has.  Of course we’re not going to hear about that, but about how the unvaccinated are causing the virus to become rampant and have caused a new strain to surface, of how we must mandate everyone to take the jab!

And that’s what we see happening now, the Biden administration is trying their best to implement vaccine mandates, forcing the unvaccinated to get the vaccine whether they want to or not!  This my friends is not freedom, this is tyranny!  This is something that Adolph Hitler would have done, and speaking of Hitler, there are other things happening in America that are very eerily similar to his regime.

There are establishments that are now requiring that you have a coronavirus vaccination in order to patronize their business, such as restaurants.  One of these restaurants in Georgia did just that due to Covid-19 infections among their employees, yet all of those employees had been fully vaccinated!

A Georgia restaurant will refuse service for unvaccinated people after breakthrough COVID infections among fully vaccinated staff

There is a hat shop in Nashville Tennessee selling “not vaccinated” patches similar to the yellow stars Nazis forced Jews to wear during the Holocaust.  I can see the similarities and perhaps she meant it as a joke, but it was in very bad taste to say the least!  However, I can also see the tyranny behind it, both from Hitler and from our current government, and it wouldn’t surprise me if something similar happened now, in fact it already is with vaccination papers and passports.

Backlash against US shop selling ‘not vaccinated’ yellow Star of David badges

There are businesses requiring vaccinated employees to wear some sort of badge signifying that they have been vaccinated, a reverse form of stigma, that by not wearing one you are being stigmatized and labeled.

The Pittsburgh Steelers NFL players who are not vaccinated are required by the team to wear yellow wrist bands at practice.

Steelers unvaccinated players will wear yellow wristbands

This is what they are doing, not in order to keep people safe, but to shame people into following along with their plans!  If you don’t agree with them or follow along with them then they want to cancel you, silence you, make you an outcast from society.  It’s getting bad, really bad, they will make the unvaccinated out to be criminals and hateful people, they will label us as instigators and agitators, as the dregs of humanity.

It’s not about our health or safety at all, it’s about our control, about getting us to follow along with everything that they say and do.  It’s about ushering in an agenda my friends, a great reset of everything that we know in this world.  If the vaccine for this virus worked so well as they say that it does then why are they trying so desperately to shove it down our throats?!  If the virus was so deadly as they claim that it is then why wouldn’t they being trying everything at their disposal to eradicate it (such as hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin)?  If it were really about our health then why are they so strongly dividing us into groups?  Those that follow along and those that don’t!

This isn’t a good thing, it’s wicked and evil, it’s not meant to help us in any way, but to control and suppress us!  Some people laugh when they hear others being terrified by us loosing our freedoms by having to wear facemasks or social distance 6 feet apart, but that’s only the beginning!  It’s the beginning of conditioning and control, it’s not the end of it, but just the beginning of it, it never ends!

Take the jab or else, you can’t shop, eat out, go to sporting events, or even go to work!  You think that may be farfetched but it’s already happening my friends!  What else might we not be able to do if we don’t take the jab?  Perhaps not be able to receive our Social Security?  Perhaps no medical care?  Many businesses are mandating that all of their employees get vaccinated or they will be terminated, what’s next?

This is all evil and wicked, it is suppression, oppression, and tyranny!  It’s not freedom and liberty, it’s the exact opposite!  Our current government in the United States is of the Left, the far Left!  They seek to control us by censorship, tracking, mandates, and through the control of businesses and media.

All of these things getting worse and worse by the day tell me that the return of Jesus Christ is close at hand!  So when you see these things beginning to happen then look up for your redemption draws near.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!