Major Signs of the Times!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The world is quickly changing right before our eyes, but is it for the better?

Ever since the introduction of the coronavirus on the world stage things have been changing at a rapid pace.  First of all we have been told to do things which are unconstitutional and go against our freedoms and liberties like wearing a face mask wherever we go, locking ourselves down in our homes, staying 6 feet apart from one another, but that was only the beginning!

The new administrative government of the United States of America has put a halt to energy independence, causing shortages of not only gasoline but also electricity!  This will affect us all my friends, it will cause supply line issues, the ability to ship those goods, and the shortages of goods and supplies, it will add to the already rising inflation.  This will make everyone pay higher prices for almost everything, and for those already struggling to make ends meet it will mean deciding which bills to pay over buying food.

The call by government officials to defund the police will and already has led to cities being burned, looted, and destroyed.  It is causing mass lawlessness, chaos, and mayhem to arise.  And it has caused many police officers to throw in the towel and give up, thereby increasing the madness!

The unrestrained printing of money is causing inflation and the fear of hyperinflation in America and across the globe.  Almost everything has increased in price this year and is isn’t ending there as prices continue to escalate.  Most people’s paychecks have not increased but the prices have.

Increasing minimum wages also has an effect upon the economy, as wages go up so do prices all across the board, this adds to the already growing inflation rate.

And if inflation wasn’t bad enough, the talk of a Climate Change Global Tax is soon to be introduced.  If you think that we are already taxed enough then think again.  This tax has been talked about for several years now by the U.N. and other Elites and its coming our way.  If we ourselves are not taxed corporations will be, and the tax will in fact be passed on to the consumers, so we will in fact be taxed.

Droughts are increasing not only in the world but in the United States, specifically in the Western States.  California is a major producer of produce and also a state that is being hit hard by drought and a dwindling water supply.  If that weren’t bad enough California is also being struck with swarms of grasshoppers which are destroying more crops, a plague of grasshoppers!

Shortages of goods, supplies, and food!  We have all recently seen a shortage of all sorts of goods and supplies, this has also driven up prices, and I believe that food is the next shortage that we are about to experience.  All of this will lead to more shortages and even higher prices.

Increasing lawlessness is now a common theme in society and it seems that most people don’t even seem to notice or really care.  

Decaying morals and values in our society are increasing by the day.  Not only are people becoming more and more immoral but are more and more accepting and approving of those that engage in such activities.  This my friends is unholy and ungodly and the Romans 1 mentality.

Increasing government control over our lives.  The more that society decays the more control the government will take over us, and people for the most part will be accepting of it.

Increasing homelessness is an issue that most major cities across the globe are experiencing, especially here in America.  If you haven’t noticed, most big cities are filled with homeless encampments, with people wandering the streets asking for handouts.  But it’s not only happening in big cities, it’s also happening in smaller cities as well.  And as inflation increases there will be more and more homeless people!

As I see it, things in this world are not getting any better!  In fact just the opposite is true.  As time goes on the leaders of this world are not making things better for us but worse!  But, this is their plan, the plan of the Elites in order to usher in their wicked and evil scheme!  You don’t have to believe me, just read what the WEF has to say about their plans, check out the Great Reset plan.

There is only one hope in this world, and His name is Jesus Christ!  Jesus is our only hope, don’t put your trust in man but in God!  Repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior before it’s too late!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!