The Trajectory of Things in this world is headed for Disaster!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Back in September of 2014 I wrote about a dream that I had regarding supercell tornadoes.  I wasn’t sure at the time just what the significance of the dream was other than disaster.  But as I look back on that dream now it seems to make much more sense and I can see it more clearly.  The following is a link to the dream that I had:

Supercell-Tornado Dream!

I believe that this dream may have been a warning of the danger and disaster that lies ahead for both America and the world.  There were supercell tornadoes everywhere, massive tornadoes, and they were causing mass destruction.  I believe that these tornadoes were signs of coming disaster, not specifically natural disaster but also and perhaps mostly man-made disasters!

The trajectory of things in this world are headed for nothing more than disaster.  We see it now in everyday life, from dawn to dusk and beyond.

The government is printing money like there is no tomorrow, not just a little bit of money but trillions and trillions of dollars, that’s more then anyone of us could ever imagine just how much it really is!  And the thing is that this is fiat currency, meaning that there is nothing to back it up, it’s just worthless paper.  There was a time when the U.S. dollar was backed up by gold, but those days are long gone my friends, long gone!  I’m not an economist but this is how I see it: the excessive printing of money increases inflation, the shortages of supplies and goods also increase inflation, as the dollar cannot buy what it used to buy, it becomes less valuable, it takes more and more money to purchase less available goods.  As more and more money is printed the dollar becomes even less valuable, meaning you can purchase less with it.  And when you have a shortage of goods then the prices of those goods increase as more and more dollars and people are chasing after them.

That leads me to the next thing, the shortage of goods and supplies.  Why do we have so many shortages of goods and supplies today?  I don’t have all of the answers to that question, but it happened after Covid-19 lockdowns, and after the government began printing tons of money out of thin air.  It happened after Joe Biden’s bans on the oil and gas industry.  After a cyber attack on the largest meat supplier in the world.  All of these things have effected the prices of virtually everything that we purchase today, some to a much greater degree than others, but I believe that this is only the beginning of such things.  It happened in Weimer Germany in 1923 when a loaf of bread cost 200,000,000,000 marks, and one US dollar was worth 4,210,500,000,000 German marks (that’s 4.2 trillion marks!).  All thanks to a failing economy and hyperinflation because the government began printing excessive amounts of paper money.  And we’ve seen a similar situation in Venezuela over the past few years under a Socialist government.  

Soaring home prices continue to escalate around the country.  With increasing lawlessness and homelessness in major cities around the nation people are flocking to the suburbs and rural areas to find peace and security.  This is driving up the prices of homes at unheard of rates, but not only that, investors are also competing for these same homes, driving up the prices even faster.  And apartment rents are increasing also, at unprecedented rates, none of which I have ever before seen in my lifetime!  This cannot be good, and it can only lead to more and more people becoming homeless, more and more people doing what they have to do to survive. 

So we have inflation (hyperinflation waiting in the balance), a shortage of goods, and staggering home prices not only ahead of us but here now and getting worse!  This will lead to more chaos, lawlessness, and homelessness, as people struggle just to survive.  

And I haven’t even mentioned disease yet.  Of course all of us know about the coronavirus and the pandemic, but what about the draconian measures being used to fight off this disease?  Could they in fact themselves be actually making not only this disease but many others much more dangerous?  Of course they can!  I for one believe that the so-called vaccine for the virus actually makes it worse, and lowers our immune system.  I also believe that by social distancing, wearing face masks, and sanitizing ourselves and everything that we touch, will make our immune systems very weak and ineffective.  Diseases will become much stronger, and we will become much more vulnerable to them!

The governments actions are leading us into disaster, they are making us more vulnerable to it, and they know it.  As we become more vulnerable then we are becoming more and more dependent upon the government for our survival.  This is where its headed, towards more government control over our lives.

Do you think for one minute that this was not all planned out ahead of time?  Well, think again!  Of course it was.  Do we learn nothing from history?  Are we that naive to believe that all of these things are just happening by coincidence?  Can we not look back at the past and learn from our mistakes?  And if we are truly following the science then we should know that by isolating ourselves and killing off all germs then our immune systems will be much too weak to fight off disease.

The nation is being divided, between those that go along with the vaccine and those that don’t.  It’s being divided between the races, and divided between those that have and those that don’t.  And the way the economy is going right now the middle class is shrinking quickly, and the wealthy are becoming wealthier.  It’s being divided between those that truly believe God and His word and those that don’t, and the writing is on the wall!

All of these things are a culmination of the signs of the times, signs that the closeness of Christ’s return is near, even at the door!

There is an agenda at hand, an agenda of the Elites.  This agenda is not one for the people, but one to control the people!  They have ways of making their agenda sound soothing to the ears, sweet tasting to the tongue, but inside is rotten to the core, like biting into an apple that is full of worms.  Their agenda is to reset the world according to their standards, to their rules, to their benefit and not ours.  This agenda is setting the stage for the coming Antichrist my friends, a one world ruler.  When our currency becomes invaluable then they will reset it, not with paper money, but with digital currency, we already have the system in place for it now.  When the shortages become so bad then they will regulate who gets what and how much.  When people speak up against their agenda then they will be the ones to silence them.  When people don’t follow along with their plans then they will be punished for it, and when they do then they will be rewarded for it.  

The coronavirus pandemic was just the beginning of their plan of attack, the next will be climate change.  Don’t believe me?  It’s coming next.

Prepare yourself spiritually, repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.  Know the word of God, keep it in your heart, take heed to it, live it out in your lives.  Be able to discern from good and evil, do not allow yourselves to be deceived!  Prepare yourselves my friends, stock up on food and water, on medical supplies, do it while you still can, while supplies are still available, while you can still afford them!  

The world is a dark place and isn’t getting any better, at least not until Jesus Christ comes back to rule and reign.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!