Like frogs slowly being cooked alive! Blind to reality.

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The world is blindly being led down a path of destruction, they follow along with what they are being told is the truth.  Like frogs being slowly cooked to death in a pot of slowly boiling water, not knowing that it’s killing them!

This is where we are in the world today my friends, when most people follow along blindly, not being able to see the truth.  This is what the Left now call being “woke”.  Being woke to them is a good thing, and they make it sound good.  However, there is a major flaw in their assumptions, and that flaw is that they think that they know better than God does, and they seek to make things all better (according to their will) without God!

They are woke while wearing a blind fold, and they cannot see that they are actually being boiled alive!  Theirs will only lead to destruction.

The secular world is being led down a very dark path, people are being deceived and lied to about many things, and they believe these things to be the truth, when in reality they are deep, dark, and sinister lies!  

Most people these days believe just about anything that they are told by the government, by medical and scientific professionals, etc., by anyone in a position of authority, that is of course unless it goes against the propaganda and narrative of the Left.

Most people have been programmed (brainwashed) into believing that what they are being told by the Left is the truth.  

Masses of people around the world have been pre-conditioned for decades now to believe lies, by removing God from schools, government, and society at large, through political correctness, accepting things which God calls evil, by demonizing what God calls good!  This has led us to where we are today, when good is called evil and evil is called good.

This my friends is a major sign of the times, and it will lead to many things which are abominations to God, things which are evil, wicked, and sinful.  But the world has it’s own definition of sin, and in many places has even done away with the idea of sin altogether!  Sin to them is of their own interpretation, not God’s.

The world is on a fast track to erase God and the things of God.  It is replacing them with ungodly things, with evil and wicked things.  This my friends is not from God but from Satan!

Jesus warned us that in the last days deception would be a major sign of the times, and this is where we are now, in a world full of deceptions.  It’s becoming much more difficult these days to discern the truth from lies, and so many are deceived.

People are so busy with their lives, so busy being distracted from the truth (one major distraction is the coronavirus pandemic) that they cannot see what is really happening around them or why.  They are in such fear of what may happen to them if they contract the virus that they are willing to go along with anything that they are told to do, no matter the cost!

And now we see reports of thousands of people actually dying after taking the Covid-19 vaccination, but that is a very small percentage of actual cases.  The actual death count from the vaccine is more than likely exponentially higher.  Not only the death count but also the number of people with serious side effects, some people being crippled for life!  If the side effects from these vaccines for this virus are that bad then why continue with the vaccines in the first place?  Sounds to me like a managed agenda!  But who in their right mind would want to do such things?

And the funny (in a strange way) thing about all of this is that there is no one that we can hold accountable!  If you or a loved one dies or becomes permanently disabled then who is held responsible?  No one!  You’re on your own my friend, on your own!  So there is no accountability, no one held responsible, no one to take the blame, why not just continue on?  That’s the way the Left sees it, vaccinate everyone, don’t worry it’s safe for everyone!!!  Well, tell that to those that have died from taking it, tell that to their families, tell it to those that have suffered from it and have become permanently disabled from it!  Tell it to them!

I didn’t mean to make this about the Covid-19 vaccine, but I just can’t say enough about it, about how we are being lied to, coerced, and how it is being propagandized!  And one reason that I go on about it is because I believe that it is a part of a managed agenda of the Left, both the coronavirus and the vaccines for it!

The Left is being controlled by a group of Elite individuals, which I believe are being controlled by Satan.  These individuals are ungodly and unholy, they seek to destroy the things of God.  Theirs is to control the entire world and those living in it.  And how do they do it?  By creating fear, panic, chaos, and mayhem.  Then they slowly begin taking away our rights, freedoms, and liberties.  They mandate new laws and restrictions, they reward those that go along with them and punish them that do not!  This is where we are now in the world, being forced (or coerced) into following along with their plans, being under their control, but this is only the beginning!

People follow along blindly, not really knowing the truth behind their agenda, not even caring for the most part.  They believe what they are being told, even as they lose their rights and freedoms, after all, it’s in the name of the common good, right?  

What are the consequences of such things?  We are already seeing the beginning of it, inflation, shortages of goods and supplies, rising housing prices, increasing homelessness, lawlessness, confusion – people not knowing if they are male or female, females being forced to shower with males who feel like a female that day, fear of the unknown – people not knowing if they will be able to pay their rent or mortgage, not knowing if they will be able to put food on the table from month to month, the list goes on and on.  But we will also continue to see increasing division among those that follow along and those that don’t, rewards and punishments, it will be engrained within the system, mark my words.  All of these are the beginnings of which will usher in the ultimate plans of the Elite, a new cashless society, a society where no one owns anything but rents it from them the Elite, a place where everything is done by proving who you are as it will all be digitally recorded.  Sounds a lot like the Mark of the Beast, and guess what, that’s where it’s all headed!

This is what most people don’t see, they don’t see what is happening by the Elite and where it’s headed, and most people either don’t want to know about it or just don’t really care!  They consider themselves “woke”, enlightened, if they follow along with the Left who are controlled by the Elite.

If all of these things are already happening now, then just how close are we to the beginning of the Tribulation period?  Just how close are we to the rapture of the church?  These are all signs my friends, signs of the soon return of Jesus Christ!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!