Prepare for Difficult Times Ahead!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

The world is becoming darker by the day and uncertainty is knocking at the door.  No one really knows just how bad things will get before the rapture of the church, nor do we know when Jesus Christ will come to take us home.  However, I do believe that things in this world are going to get very difficult for all of us, and it seems to me sooner than later!

As a believer in Jesus Christ I trust Him for all of my needs, that’s not to say that we shouldn’t be prudent about the future.  We are told in the bible to be prepared, Jesus even told the disciples to sell their clothes and buy a sword, why?  In order to prepare for what is coming.

Not only do I think that it’s a good thing to do, but it’s a wise thing to do as well.  Being prepared for hard times is prudent, and all of us should be doing it.

The signs are all around us my friends, signs of the times, signs of soon coming difficulties.  Food prices are already rising, the fear of inflation is knocking on the door as the government is recklessly printing unthinkable amounts of money as if it will have no adverse effect on our economy.  However, this can only go on for so long before things go South in a hurry!  And the economy effects everything!

We have seen the price of lumber skyrocket, a shortage of computer chips, new homes and automobiles, of gasoline, etc.  All of this will carry over into every single item that we purchase, every service that we use and seek, all aspects of our lives, nothing will be exempt from it, unless of course we prepare ourselves beforehand.

Don’t be one of those that believes the government will come to our rescue, they are the ones causing all of this mess in the first place!  Don’t be fooled into believing that everything will just work itself out and return to normal, there is no “normal” anymore, those times are long gone!

Prepare, prepare, prepare!!!  Don’t be caught with no food on your shelves, no water to drink, no first aid or medical supplies.  The time to prepare is now before it’s too late!

I’ve found myself in such situations before, in places with natural disasters, and the first thing to go on the shelves was food and water.  So this is what you should be stocking up on first, food and water first and foremost.  Not just any, but long term storage food, food that will last on the shelves for years to come, just in case.  There are many places right now where you can purchase long term food storage online, but that may not last long.  It wasn’t too long ago when it was very difficult to find, they were mostly out of stock and many if not most items, they were also back logged.

There are many other things that might be needed during such difficult times, I will list a few that I believe may be necessary, this is only a short list, as there will probably be many more items you can think of.

  • Water storage and purification methods.
  • Warm clothing, blankets.
  • First aid and medical supplies, as well as medications that you may need in case you can’t get them anywhere else.
  • Fire starters, matches, lighters, and things to burn such as firewood if you are able.  Have alternate ways to heat food, water, and yourself.  
  • Alternate sources of lighting, such as flashlights, solar powered is good, and/or candles.
  • Cooking utensils, as well as knives, axes, shovels, also rope would come in hand as well as duct tape.
  • Seeds for a vegetable garden
  • Weapons for self defense, I know all of you don’t agree with me on this, however I think it to be essential in order to protect your loved ones.

And another thing to really think about are your finances.  If money becomes worthless due to hyperinflation then what are you to do?  Precious metals seem to do well during these difficult times.  If you can afford it then purchasing some might be a good idea.  I’m not an economic expert by any means, so please at least do some research on this now ahead of time.  I don’t know what the value of these metals will be in the future, but the way things are headed it seems as if they can only go up in the near future.  There is a shortage of these metals, I am speaking of mainly gold and silver.  Most of us cannot afford to purchase gold, but silver is still relatively inexpensive, at least for now.  However it has doubled in price already since this time last year.  These metals have been used for thousands of years as currency, and they will always be around.

There are many more items which could be added to this list, such as two way radios, solar emergency radios, solar powered back up systems, etc.  And as we have seen last year the supply of toilet paper ran out, but you will also need toothpaste, soap, laundry soap, etc.  It’s probably not a bad idea to have a few extra of each of these stocked away if you can.

If you’ve been putting things away slowly over the past several years as I have then it doesn’t seem so overwhelming, but if you are just starting out then it can be quite daunting.  Start out slow, and at the very least put away a some long term food storage, it’s a good place to begin.

And what if I am wrong in saying that things will get much worse?  Then I am wrong and you will have some supplies put away for any hardship.  But, what if I am right?  What if I am right and you have not prepared at all?  Then what?  What will you do then?  When the store shelves run bare, when your shelves run bare?  Who will you turn to?  The government?  Your neighbor?  What if they are in the same boat that you are, unprepared?  Then what?

I’ve been there my friends, I grew up rather poor, and at times our shelves did run bare, and it wasn’t a very pleasant experience, living on crumbs, stretching out what was left of a small box of corn meal to make corn meal and water cakes until we had enough money to buy some groceries, yum!  Or sifting the weevils out of an old box of rice in the pantry so that we could make a pot of rice (little did we know that the weevils actually live inside of the rice grains, ewww!)  And perhaps that is why I am so adamant now about preparing for difficult times ahead!

We need to be prepared for the coming of the Lord, but I believe with all of my heart that He also wants us to prepare ourselves for difficult times, it’s in the bible!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!