Easing restrictions on the Vaccinated only! The Pressure continues for those who refuse to be Jabbed!

FILE PHOTO: A woman holds a small bottle labeled with a “Coronavirus COVID-19 Vaccine” sticker and a medical syringe in front of displayed Pfizer logo in this illustration taken, October 30, 2020. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/File Photo

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The CDC just announced that they are calling for the easing of restrictions for those who have been fully vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine.  They say that those who have been fully vaccinated no longer are required to wear a facemask or social distance themselves from others.

However, for those of us who refuse to comply with this vaccination campaign will be subject to further and continued restrictions.  Not only that but we will be subjected to increased scrutiny, pressure, and ostracization from the Elite, the government, and those that follow their lead, it’s far from over and I believe that it will continue to get worse my friends.

The funny thing about all of this is that if a person has been fully vaccinated and is safe (as the authorities claim) from contracting this virus then why would anyone need to wear a facemask or social distance themselves?  Think about it for a minute, those that are vaccinated don’t need to worry about contracting the virus, they could be around anyone who has been vaccinated or not.  And for those not willing to be vaccinated that is their choice to make, right?  If a person chooses not to get it and contracts the virus then that is their choice.  So why does anyone need to wear a facemask or social distance (neither one work anyway)?

Another thing is that we all have immune systems, God gave them to us when He created us.  Therefore we already have within ourselves the ability to fight off this virus!  Unless of course you have an underlying condition that impairs your immune system, but then you should be taking precautions anyway!  I have heard and believe that this so-called vaccine actually does impair your immune system, and that eventually you will not be able to fight off this virus or others, and that you can much more easily contract a deadly disease.  You don’t have to believe me or take my word for it, I’m not a doctor or scientist, but just do a little research and you can find the same data that I have on the internet.

Thousands of deaths have already been reported after taking this vaccine, not only deaths but sterilizations, miscarriages, paralysis, blood clots, anaphylaxis, among many other side effects, and this is just the beginning!

If you are so afraid of contracting Covid-19 then you should just stay at home!  Isolate yourself if that’s what you choose to do, wear a facemask, social distance yourself, but don’t try and force an untested, unreliable, and unsafe co-called vaccine on those of us that choose not to take it for whatever reason!  It makes no sense whatsoever to call for healthy individuals with a good immune system to take an unsafe vaccine, no sense at all!  A so-called vaccine for a virus that has a 99% survival rate at that!

This Covid-19 vaccine is being used as a tool, as a weapon against those of us that don’t wish to comply with the Elites plan of world domination!  There is no scientific basis for wearing facemasks, for social distancing 6 feet apart (who was it that came up with that random number?), or for taking an unsafe and untested vaccine that is doing much more harm than any good!  Like I said, I’m no scientist but I can see the forest through the trees!

A week or two ago I heard a news anchor interviewing someone with supposed knowledge about the coronavirus and the vaccine.  He was asking the man “Why are those refusing the vaccine doing so?”, and “What can we do to change their minds?”.

This man just doesn’t get it, he cannot see the forest through the trees!  He is blind to what is really going on here, and blindly following along like a lemming.  He believes what he is being told about the coronavirus pandemic and about the coronavirus vaccine, that this pandemic is very real and will destroy us all if we don’t do some drastic things to stop it, and that the vaccine is the best way to stop it!  When in reality this pandemic is nothing more than a “plandemic”!   A way to put fear into people’s hearts and to get masses of people to follow along with the plans of the Elite, and the vaccine is also being used as a tool to control the masses, and not only that, but to thin the herd!  Yes, to thin the human population on earth!  I truly believe it.

The Elite will continue with their propaganda machine to pressure the unvaccinated into taking the jab!  They will use every means within their power to do so, by the media of all types, by using big business to do their deeds, by instituting further restrictions upon us, and by brainwashing those that follow along with them to ostracize us from society!  We already see big business touting propaganda messages on television, radio, social media, bill boards, and the like, but we also see it when we patronize businesses, on their windows, packaging, and advertising.  And many of us have personally witnessed coworkers and counterparts pressuring us to just take the vaccine!  And now I have personally seen advertisements stating that they are giving away gift cards to local stores if you go and take the vaccination!  Unbelievable!!!!

This is a war, a spiritual war made manifest into the physical, it is spiritual warfare my friends.  The Elite are driven by wicked and evil forces, they have a plan and it’s no good!  They have already brainwashed millions if not billions of people to follow along, not being able to see the truth behind what is happening.

This plan is to control the entire world and it’s systems, and in order to do that they need to first control the people.  And one of their main goals is to reduce the world’s population, what better way then through a deadly vaccine for the masses.  Many will survive, but many more will perish.  I know it sounds like science fiction, it does to me too, but it’s happening and it’s real!  It’s time to wake up from our slumber, to see what’s really taking place around us, to see what the Elite are planning, it’s no secret, they have it posted all over the internet!  Do we believe them or do we just ignore them and move along, nothing to see here.

We all have choices to make, I can’t make anyone believe me or anyone else for that matter, but I’m telling you what I see and how I see it, believe it or not!

Do not place your hope and trust in the government, don’t place your hope in a so-called vaccine that isn’t yet proven to be safe, in fact just the opposite thus far!  Place your faith and hope in the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ!  He is our only hope, hope for salvation, hope for a better life, hope for eternity!  He gave us an immune system for a reason, don’t mess it up by taking the Covid-19 vaccine!  Once you take it it’s too late, you cannot un-take it!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!