Living in a World full of Lies, Deception, and Delusions!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Our world is in chaos and at the brink of destruction from what seems to be at the hands of a deadly virus which could destroy a very large portion of it’s population.  At least this is what we are being told!

Is it true that the coronavirus (the Chinese Flu, the Wuhan Flu) is as deadly as they say it is?  Could the world’s population really be at the brink of collapse from this virus or are we being lied to?

From the reports that I have seen on the internet the coronavirus vaccine has a very high survival rate, close to 99% or more for most people, that’s very close if not the same as the common flu.  Lets compare that with the plague during the Middle Ages which killed close to one third of the European continents population, between 75 to 200 million people, that’s a 66% survival rate!  So if the coronavirus has a survival rate of 99% or greater then why are governments around the world so worried about it’s death and destruction?!  Why the strict government measures taken against us if it’s not any more deadly than the common flu?  And most of us know by now that the numbers being reported have been grossly over exaggerated, and why is it that there seem to be no reports of deaths from the common flu this year or last year, very few at best?  Something is not right my friends, just not right!

And now we are all being told that we need to take a coronavirus vaccination, that if we don’t then this disease will never go away!  I’ve seen these very same ads on television, that “we all need to fight this together so that we can get back to normal”, but what is normal anymore?

And if the coronavirus vaccine actually worked as they claim it does then why do these people who have taken it still have to follow the governments draconian measures of wearing a mask, social distancing, etc. ?  Why are some people dying after taking the vaccine?  There is a highway sign where I live that reads:  “Vaccinated or not, still wear your mask”.

The coronavirus vaccine was never approved by the FDA as being a safe and effective vaccine, no, it never was.  It was, however, approved by the FDA for “Emergency Use Authorization” only!  This should tell us what we need to know.

Accurate, appropriate, and needed clinical trials were never done on this vaccine, there just wasn’t enough time.  So what should that tell you?  It should tell you that those taking the vaccine are the ones in the clinical trials!  Yes, those taking the vaccine are being used as human guinea pigs!  These are the clinical trials now taking place, by the people who have taken the vaccine, and the results have yet to be calculated.  Yet we are still being told by those in authority that the vaccine is safe and effective, but they have no scientific proof of it!!!

The effects of such a vaccine have yet to be determined, it could take months to years to see all of the actual adverse side effects.  The numbers of deaths being reported after people have taken the vaccine are rising each day, and I believe that these numbers are being very under reported, as well as the adverse side effects from it.

And now those that have not taken the vaccine are being told that they cannot do specific things, or are being made to do specific things (such as quarantine in place, stay home, not work, not attend certain functions or go to certain places, not travel to specific regions such as out of state or another country).  The pressure is on to get everyone to conform to taking the vaccine, to follow draconian measures, to just do as they are told by the authorities.

We have been lied to when it comes to the virus and the vaccine for it, straight out lies!  Most people have been deceived into believing that this virus is so deadly that the world must unite as one to overcome it.  That if we do not follow the draconian measures imposed upon us by the Elite then we shall never see the end to this disease, that it will be to the peril of the entire world!

The truth is that this disease is real, but not nearly as bad as we are being told that it is.  We are being lied to about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine for it.  The real reason for this pandemic (plandemic) is for control, control of the masses by the Elite!  The great delusion, the lie, a grand deception that has taken the world by storm, the coronavirus pandemic!  This virus isn’t going away anytime soon, because they don’t want it to, they will milk it past it’s due date, way past it’s due date!

There are really bad people in this world, people with enough money and power that seek to deceive and control the masses.  Don’t believe me?  Then just look up the WEF website and read all about it, that’s what it’s all about.  Google “Davos Agenda”, “Agenda 2030”, “Great Reset”, it’s all there and not in hiding, they speak about it in great lengths my friends, it should be no surprise to anyone!  Bill Gates himself stated on video that his favorite way to global population control is through vaccines, he loves vaccines!

Another thing that is being used by the Elite to control the world and it’s population is “Climate Change”.  The Elites of the world are seeking to do away with fossil fuels and usher in “clean fuels” such as by solar power, wind mills and the like.  The problem with that is that they are way to expensive and won’t supply enough power for the world’s population.  I’m all for solar power, don’t get me wrong, but it just isn’t enough!  Another big push is for electric cars, but where do you think that they will get the electricity?  They have to produce it somehow, and it’s not by solar or wind-power but with fossil fuels!  So you may think that you are driving clean but actually you are also burning fossil fuels by driving your electric car!  Burning fossil fuels in America is very clean, the processes has been improved upon over the years for that very purpose, yet in many other countries it has not, yet you usually don’t hear about these countries but mainly only in America, even though America probably has the cleanest burning fossil fuel plants in the world!  So what’s my whole point to all of this?  It’s all a scam, a sham, and a lie!  It’s not about climate change at all, but about the Elite controlling the masses, just as the coronavirus is about control by the Elite.  Do you believe for one minute that this group of Elites are really concerned about the environment while they are flying all over the world in their jets burning fossil fuels?  Or living in their mansions around the world fueled by fossil fuels?  It’s hypocrisy to the nth degree my friends, and we are being lied to on a grand scale!  It’s all about control and decreasing the world’s population.  They know that the world relies on fossil fuels to survive, and by eliminating them then many in the world will not only suffer but die!  Think about it for a moment.  The Elite are not under the same directives that we the common people are, they exempt themselves from them.  They put on a show in front of the masses of people, but behind the scenes they live a different life style, and they don’t punish themselves for not following along!

The Elite know that in order for them to take complete control then they must cause fear, confusion, and chaos in the world, and that’s why they have created this pandemic, climate change, and are promoting racism, hatred, and lawlessness!  To say that America is systemically racist is an out and out complete lie.  Sure, there does exist some racism in America, but it also exists throughout the entire world!  But America has done more than any other nation in history to right it wrongs concerning racism, and it’s come a long, long way my friends, a long way, it’s not perfect but getting better, and it will never be perfect until Jesus Christ comes back!

The Leftists, the Elites, promote and support lawlessness, chaos, and confusion.  That’s why we have seen them allowing and condoning violence in the streets, the burning of buildings, and even people getting away with murder!  That’s why we have seen so many conservative voices being silenced, being censored, and even many being persecuted for their beliefs.  Do you for one minute believe that all of this is just by chance?  If you do then you probably also believe that man was not created by God, in the image of God, but was formed some how, some way out of chaos as well, formed from a pile of slime!  Yet there is no scientific proof of it!  If these Elites keep saying, and they do, that we have to follow the science, then where is the science to prove evolution, or for that matter the efficacy of the coronavirus vaccine?!  It just isn’t there my friends, yet so many people believe it and follow along for the ride.

And this is where we are today, a coronavirus pandemic that has been blown way out of proportion with a 99% survival rate, with no scientific proof that face masks or social distancing work yet can do much more harm then good, a coronavirus vaccine that has never been proven safe or effective, which I believe will do more harm then good, and masses of people are being used as human guinea pigs, no scientific proof of climate change being caused by man yet is proclaimed by the Elite that this is the case and will destroy us all, a world in which the Elite promote and condone violence, racism, hatred, and even murder!  And all of this happening while the Elites themselves are proclaiming that they will change the world structure, will change all of society as we know it, and usher in a grand utopia in which the Elites themselves will be in charge!  A utopia for who?  For themselves?  For everyone else it will be a Grand Dystopia!  A place where the Elite will enjoy all of the wealth, the best food, housing, transportation, amusement, while the rest of us live to supply them with all of their needs, a place where we are all slaves to them, do as they say, as they will!

Many if not most will not believe what I have said, some will believe parts of it, some will be skeptical of it, do your research and see for yourself, but do not just believe what you are being told by the Elites and follow along with their plans.  Research it, think about it, pray about it!

It’s all being setup my friends, it’s a precursor to the coming one world ruler, the Antichrist!  It’s all wicked and evil, and it’s only going to get worse, much worse until Jesus Christ comes back to make things right!

We can live in this world and be deceived, we can follow along with their grand delusions, accept the lies and wickedness, or we can believe the truth, we can follow Jesus Christ and HIs plans for the future, which would you rather do?

Do not be fooled, do not be deceived, Jesus told us that Himself!   For they shall come dressed in sheep’s clothing and deceive many.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!