Time is short!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Time is a dimension of our reality here on earth.  We all experience it, we all know of it, and we are all affected by it.  

Times change as does time itself.  In the beginning God created Adam and Eve, and I believe that He created them without the prospect of death.  And if there is no death then the dimension of time is quite different then what we experience today.  When sin entered the world time became much more obvious, it became a reality that all of us will experience, a dimension that limits just how much of it we have here on earth before we pass on into another dimension.  And when and if we get to heaven then time will have changed for us, in fact I’m not sure if there will even be the dimension of time in heaven, for God Himself is outside the dimension of time.  We will live on for eternity, and that’s a long, long time, if time itself is even a factor, and if it is then it will have a very different meaning then it does to us now.  And if we go to hell then time will have another meaning all together!

As humans living on earth we are very limited on the amount of time that we have here.  And as we age time becomes much more significant, we can see that our time is very short, that we don’t have that much of it left, and we begin to reflect on life itself.

As we age into our senior years we can see much more clearly the effects of time, on our bodies, on our perspective of life, and on those around us that are passing away.  We loose our parents, our siblings, and our friends.  They slip away into eternity as the grass withers, as if they were never here.  Some of us find ourselves being alone, without the love and support of those that were once with us, those that we have known our entire lives, they just seem to slip away into eternity.  And as time goes on we become more frail, our bodies begin to fail us, it becomes more difficult to do many of the things that we did when we were younger.  

When you are young time seems to go on forever, but as we age time seems to have more meaning.  And as we continue to loose loved ones then we can see that time really is short, that we don’t have much of it left, and we never really had much of it in the first place!

Life wasn’t meant to be this way, God didn’t create us to die but to live!  He created us for life, to procreate, to live a full life.  But Satan had other intentions in mind, and he still does.  Life is precious to God, for God is life!  And we should never take life for granted, but enjoy it, treasure it, and make the most of it.  When you loose a loved one then it really puts things into perspective, it shows you the real meaning of life itself.  Homes can burn, cars can be stolen, money can be lost, but those things are all passing away forever.  Life itself is eternal, and life on this planet is very precious to God, therefore we should treasure it as God does!  

God wants us to treasure life while we are here, He wants us to enjoy it, He wants us to know that life is sacred.  And when we loose a loved one then we can see how true this really is.  God loves everyone and wants none to perish.  And our life doesn’t end here my friends, it goes on for eternity, either in heaven or hell.  For those born again this life is as close to hell as we will ever get, on the other hand, for those not born again this life is as close to heaven as they will ever get!  And when our time is up on earth then we will live out eternity in one of these two places, forever!

Even if we don’t die physically we will pass on, for Jesus Christ is coming soon to take home those that have faith in Him, and the time is short!  Jesus gave us many signs to watch for His coming for us, and these signs are all around us now.  And while these signs shouldn’t be our main focus we are to be watching and waiting for His return, our main focus should always be on God!

I believe that we are at a precipice of time, that all things are merging towards the coming of Jesus Christ.  I believe that our time is very short and that our redemption is drawing near.  

Time, we don’t have much of it no matter how you perceive it.  Life is short in this world, we should embrace it and love it.  That’s not to say that we should love the world, so please don’t twist my words, but we should love life and the Creator of it!

As time goes on times will change, the meaning of time itself will change.  And if we are going to heaven then time will have a completely different meaning to us then it does now.  Make the most of your time here on earth, share the love of God and know where you are going to spend eternity, for it’s a very long time!

Reserve your place in heaven, Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior now!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!