Where is the World headed?

Commentary By:  Gordon King

With all of the things happening in the world today it seems as though it is headed in a specific direction.  

Lets take a look at just some of what has been happening since late 2019 up to this date as we think about where this is all leading to.

  • Event 201 October 18, 2019 (meeting of Bill Gates Foundation, WEF, and others regarding a future Covid pandemic)
  • Covid-19 Pandemic (early 2020, effecting the entire world)
  • Draconian measures taken against us due to the pandemic (with no end in sight)
  • The development of Vaccine Passports possibly many purposes including travel, work, shopping, school, etc.
  • Covid-19 Vaccine expedited without proper testing or approval by the FDA (approved by emergency use authorization)
  • Talk about Covid-19 isolation facilities (camps)
  • Conservatives and Christians being labeled as terrorists and insurrectionists
  • Censorship of Conservatives
  • Talk by the Left of Conservatives being Reprogrammed or Re-educated
  • Increasing persecution of Christians in the West
  • Push by the Left to remove President Trump from office (and an attempt to keep him out)
  • The push by the Left to destroy nationalism and join a World Order
  • The Great Reset
  • Cancel Culture
  • Social Justice Movement
  • Excessive talk of Racism
  • Increasing Lawlessness

I believe that is enough to show us that something is amiss, that something is just not right, and that there is much more going on behind the scenes then we are being told, and that they are heading towards some very specific events.  When we take each one of these things individually they don’t seem so bad, however, when we piece them altogether then we can see the big picture much more clearly!

Does anyone but me see a common thread with the events that have taken place?  

What I see is a movement by the Elite to take control of the world and all those living in it.  

Create a worldwide crisis, implement your plan of control, institute strict laws and measures against the people, continue to push the crisis, silence and remove those against it, continue to implement your plan of world domination.

It may sound far-fetched to some of you, but this is exactly what is happening.  There is even talk in the U.S. of stricter gun control, and just what does a dictator do before taking total control?  Take away the guns of the people, take away their right to own and bear fire arms to defend themselves!  This happened before in the past, and it’s coming close to happening now.

Silence those in opposition, take away their ability to defend themselves, and force them to believe what you want them to believe.  The MSM has been brainwashing people for decades, they are the voice of the Left, they are being used as a propaganda machine for the Left and the Elites.

We’ve already seen conservatives being censored and silenced, Twitter permanently suspended President Trump’s account, Parler was forced off of the internet by Amazon, countless numbers of other conservatives are being censored on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Churches all across America have been closed by governors, some of which defied the orders and are facing very steep fines and some pastors maybe even jail time.

The plan of the Elite is to destroy nationalism and implement a World Order, this is the plan of the World Economic Forum, the Great Reset.  The plan is to unite the world under one government, a world government, ushering in a one world economy, currency, and even a one world religion!

The Pope himself has been working to unite all religions under one umbrella, a one world religion.  He believes that we all worship the same God, when in reality this couldn’t be further from the truth!  But this is the plan of the Elite, a one world religion, headed by a one world religious figure.  You will worship as they say, as they govern, as they expect you to.  It will be illegal to say that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, I see it coming!

So just where is all of this heading?  I believe that it is heading towards a One World Government, a One World Economy, and a One World Religion, that this is it in the making.  And I believe that it is all being setup for the coming Antichrist and his government.  

On a side note, some people believe that the Covid-19 vaccination is the Mark of the Beast spoken of in Revelation 13, but I don’t believe that it is.  For one thing we are not in the Tribulation period yet, and I don’t believe that the Mark of the Beast will be implemented until around the middle of that time period.  So we shouldn’t be concerned about that at this point in time.  Also, people will be willingly not only accepting the Mark but will outwardly being accepting the Antichrist and worshiping him, we don’t see that now with the vaccine either.  So is the Covid-19 vaccine safe?  I can’t tell you for sure, and I am not or ever have told anyone to not take it, however, I don’t believe that it is safe, that’s my opinion.  I will not take the vaccine, I don’t trust it one bit, nor do I trust just what the exact purposes of it are.  I have told people to research it first, and beware of the possible horrific side effects from taking it.  Many people have already died after taking it, some have had very bad side effects, you can research it for yourself and I suggest that you do!

The world is a great big mess, and it isn’t that way just by chance my friends, no, it was all planned out ahead of time!  The Elite, the globalists, they have a plan to control the entire world, and they have implemented their plan.  It’s a very wicked and evil agenda, an agenda leading to the coming Antichrist!  Believe it or not.

So many people do not believe that such things could happen in our lifetime, that those are just things of the past.  But I bet they also didn’t believe that we would have a global pandemic either, or that the entire would would be forced to wear face masks, to lockdown, or that there would be vaccine passports needed to travel, and perhaps even buy, work, or do many other things.

Jesus warned us that deception would play a major role in the end times, that people’s hearts would grow cold, that lawlessness would abound, and it’s all happening now!

As Christians we are not to be looking for the Antichrist but for Jesus Christ!  We are told to be ready and watching for the signs, because when we see these things happening then we are to look up for our redemption draws near!

The things that we see happening are signs, signs of the closeness of Christ’s return, signs of the closeness of the beginning of the Tribulation period.  It’s all happening, it all will happen, and it’s close to happening!

For Christians this is where the world is heading, towards our redemption!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

5 thoughts on “Where is the World headed?

  1. Yes Gordon the elites have seen the Crisis as an opportunity for a great reset across the world and it is being brought in by stealth, whilst everyone is distracted by the pandemic and through lockdowns. The elites are busy buying up assets even water rights and we already know that Bill Gates now owns so much farmland and is intent on getting us all to eat synthetic beef and gmo foods even more, for sustainable development. The wealthiest will own everything and we the other 99& will own nothing but apparently they think we will be happy.
    However I think they are leaving out the biggest fly in the ointment…HUMAN nature, socialism does not work because of that factor and people have to be controlled by fear and dictatorship to get compliance.
    It makes me think what it will be like when Jesus returns to set up His millennium reign on Earth, we know He will rule with a rod of iron but maybe that is for the unsaved because I think we will obey out of love not fear. What do you think?

    God bless

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  3. Thanks for your question Watching68!

    I believe that you are spot on sister.

    Socialism has never worked just like you said, yet so many people are in favor of it, it really makes no sense why they want it so bad.

    Jesus will come to rule and reign with a rod of iron. I believe that means that He will in fact rule the entire world with true justice, not the way it’s been for thousands of years. However, we won’t be included in the world since we have already been glorified in Christ. We shall be ruling with Him. But there will be new believers during that time period, and I believe that they shall all be under Christ’s rule and justice, both believers and unbelievers. But it’s like you said, the believers shall want to obey Him because they love Him and want to follow Him. We both know that during that time there will be many that will rise up against Him with Satan.

    God bless! Maranatha! Gordon

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