Putting together the Prophetic Pieces of the Puzzle

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The world is a mess to say the least, and many things that we see happening are not always so easy to see what they really are.  It’s not until we put the pieces of the puzzle together that we begin to see the whole picture!

It’s no coincidence that things are happening as they are in this world, the coronavirus, the response to the coronavirus, the mitigation of the coronavirus, the increasing censorship of conservative voices and persecution of Christians.  All of these things and many more are happening for a reason, a plan, in order to complete the whole picture.

And in order to complete the whole picture we must put the pieces of the puzzle together, one piece at a time.

The first piece of the puzzle is deception, the entire world has been deceived into believing many lies, lies which hide the truth, lies which lead to more deception.  This is the foundation upon which the picture is being assembled.

Then we have the turning of good into bad and bad into good, many things in this world which are an abomination to God have been praised, worshiped, and glorified in and by the world.  This my friends is the beginning of a brainwashing campaign, the likes of which we have never seen before!  Which leads to the next piece of the puzzle, acceptance and perception.

Acceptance of ungodly things leads to the changing of ones perception of things.  Once you believe that something is good then it changes your perception of it.  This perception is the basis for believing what you are being told is the truth, whether it is or not!  If you are told something over and over and over again (through the MSM and social media) then you will begin to believe it, it’s nothing more than propaganda!

When a large enough of the population believes the lies that they are being told then it becomes much easier for the enemy to silence those that oppose them.  This is what we have been seeing as of late, the censorship of conservative and Christian voices.  In order for them to initiate their final plan of attack they must first wipe the slate clean of any and all opposing opinions and beliefs.

The censorship of conservative voices is now under attack, it started with the MSM, now it’s moving into social media, then what’s next?  The banning and burning of books?  Of the bible?!  We already see the destruction of history, the rewriting of history, and the rewriting of life itself!  At some point in time it will be illegal to express your Christian beliefs, to gather together, to worship God, to even mention His name!

We need to understand the plan of the Elite in order for this to make sense to us, and their plan is written in plain sight.

“The Great Re-set” and “Agenda 2030” (the goals for sustainable development).  If you have never read their plans then I strongly urge you to do so now.  These are global plans, plans to control the entire world and all of those living in it!  Plans to control virtually every aspect of our lives.

These plans are ungodly and unholy, they are in direct opposition to what God has ordained.  He separated us at the Tower of Babel for a reason!

So how has the world been conditioned over the past few decades?

  • God has been taken out of schools, government for the most part, and society for the most part as well, at increasing levels over the years. 
  • Ungodly laws have been passed, such as legalized abortion and gay marriage. 
  • Political correctness has guided the paths of many into believing lies and accepting abominations, seeing good as bad and bad as good.
  • Media outlets have become more antichrist, more ungodly, and more leftist in their ideologies.

Do you think for one minute that any of these things just happened by chance?  Well they didn’t, they were all preplanned!  They have always been part of the plan of the Elite to take control of the world.  They have been preconditioning, setting up the world to follow along with their agenda, and this is where we are today.

As of recently we have seen their plans pushed even further:

  • Societal norms have been changed and altered to include many different sexes
  • White people are now seen as “racist” because of the color of their skin
  • America is now seen as “systemically racist”
  • “Social Justice” is a top priority
  • The world is in a crisis of “climate change”
  • The world is in a crisis of the “coronavirus pandemic”
  • Censorship of conservative voices

Do you think that these things just happened by themselves?  No, of course not, these are all a part of the grand plan of the Elite my friends!

They seek to divide and conquer, to separate people, to cause chaos, division, and hatred among the masses.  Why?  Because then they are much easier to control, if things are really bad in society then the people will follow whatever the Elite tell them to do!

Another part of their plan is confusion, when people become confused then they don’t know the truth.  This is why we are seeing the changes in a persons gender, it’s confusion.  That’s why all of the sudden talk of racism, defunding the police, and social justice.  Everything has been turned upside down, and people have become very confused about the truth and lies, not only are they confused but in fear.

The plan of the Elite is to control the masses, they have set their plan in motion, and the masses are confused, in fear, and they are loosing all hope.  This is exactly what the Elite want, because when people are confused and in fear then they will do whatever they are being told to do for the good of the people, for the good of their families.  While at the same time they are giving up their freedoms and their rights!

Look what happened after the coronavirus was introduced:

  • Mandatory facemasks
  • Social distancing
  • Limited gatherings
  • Churches being closed and now limited
  • Businesses closed
  • People out of work
  • People loosing their homes
  • Increasing suicide rates
  • Increasing lawlessness
  • Borders are closed
  • Covid-19 vaccine (which has not been properly vetted in my opinion)

I believe that the coronavirus pandemic was also preplanned, that it was in the making much sooner than it was spread.  Take a look at “Event 201”, it talks of a coronavirus that will spread throughout the world, this was just two months before it actually became a reality!  They even said that a vaccine would not be available for one year, and now one year later here it is!  Amazing!!!

So many people that I know personally are stepping up to the plate to take this vaccine, in fact most of them cannot wait to get it!  I tell them to at least investigate it first, do some research on it, don’t be a guinea pig, check out the possible side effects from it on the FDA’s website, one of which is death!

Here is the link:

Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee October 22, 2020 Meeting Presentation- COVID19 CBER Plans for Monitoring Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness (fda.gov)

Just in case they have taken it down here is a photo from their website:

Things in this world are changing quickly, and it’s no coincidence that they are changing in favor of a One World Government!  They didn’t just happen by chance my friends, no, they were all pre-planned.  The Elite has brainwashed the masses into believing their lies and to follow along with their agenda.  Theirs is about control, complete control of the masses of people living on earth today!

Put the pieces of the puzzle together and you will see that it is all leading up to the formation of a One World Government, a One World Economy, and a One World Religion!  That’s the whole picture, and it’s leading to the coming Antichrist!

Seek the Lord in all things and know that He is with you always!  See things from His perspective, and know that we have already won the victory!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!  

2 thoughts on “Putting together the Prophetic Pieces of the Puzzle

  1. Hi Gordon
    Funny you should talk of a jig saw puzzle, Steve had a dream a couple of nights back where he was putting together jig saw puzzles but they were all made from China and were about China, he completed four of them but could not find the key piece for the 5th one. I think his dream is very significant , he has been following with me all that has been happening in this world starting with the Wuhan virus . I do think The Lord does speak to him and warn him in dreams just like he did to Joseph when Mary was with child. Steve has had some amazing dreams that have warned us not to do something and especially not to take our usual winter holiday this year long before the lock downs occurred, we cancelled our planned winter holiday straight after he had the dream and we are pleased we did as Uk has had 3 lockdowns this year and we had no knowledge of what was to come when Steve had the dream but he was so shaken by it we a acted on it.

    God bless you brother

  2. Thanks for your comment Myrtle Esther!

    That is funny, or perhaps it’s a confirmation of his dream, that there is something to it! And just perhaps China is also involved in this end time scenario, which I believe that they most definitely are connected. I’ve had many dreams myself which I believe were very significant to the end times, most were warnings of things to come.

    Another thing that’s sort of funny, is that the original picture that I was going to use only had one missing puzzle piece, I added the extra missing pieces and the color.

    God bless sister! Maranatha! Gordon

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