Preparing the way for the coming Antichrist!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

As the world turns so do the minds of the Elites, the Globalists, as they seek to usher in a New World Order.  It is sinister in nature, an agenda which is bound and determined to unite the world under one government, it is wicked, it is evil, and it is Satanic!

They have conspired to bring in this One World Government by any means, and they have many means by which they are obtaining that goal, through “climate change”, through “chaos”, through “disorder”, through “lawlessness”, through ” turmoil”, through “pandemics”, through “economic disaster”, by creating many crises in the world. 

Their motto is: “Never let a crisis go to waste!”  And this is where we find ourselves today, in the middle of many, many crises, whether man-made or not, they have jumped at every opportunity to achieve their wicked and evil agenda.  

This wicked group of people have been and are determined to accomplish their goals, as they plan to “re-set” the global order of things, to “re-establish” the normal course of life and of world economies, structures, and values, just as Satan seeks to do the very same things!

It’s no coincidence my friends that things are happening the way that they are, that we now find ourselves in a world that is lawless, chaotic, and in turmoil.  That world economies are not only struggling but at the brink of collapse, that nation upon nation are lining up in favor of a One World Government, no coincidence at all!  It’s all a plan, a plan of the Elite and a plan of Satan, they go hand in hand, precept upon precept.

Satan’s grand plan is for a One World Government, headed by a One World Ruler, a One World Economy, and a One World Religion, and say it isn’t also true of the Elites.  This is their plan, this is their end goal, to usher in a New World Order!

The world is being readied for the coming of the Antichrist, people are being conditioned now to accept him and his evil schemes such as the “Mark of the Beast”.  We are now being told that if we do not accept the Covid-19 vaccination we may not be able to fly on an airplane, but how much further will it go?  Will we also not be able to shop in a store, or even travel very far?  I don’t know for sure but I see it coming!  I see this as a precursor to the Mark of the Beast, not the Mark itself, but a conditioning of people to be willing to accept the Mark.

I see people being conditioned to accept a One World Government, to fall in line with sinister plans, to accept what they are being told to do and believe, just as we are today!  Just shut up and do as you are told!  Don’t ask any questions, do not seek answers, just do it because we said that it’s good for you!  Really?!  Isn’t that what the Nazis also told the Jews as they shoved them off into railway cars to concentration camps before they executed them?!  Don’t ask why, don’t question it, just do it, it’s for your own good!

Just wear a mask they say, but where is the proof that it really works?  Just stay 6 feet apart, social distance, don’t get together with friends and family to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas, don’t gather together at church, just stay home alone!  But, where is the proof that any of these things actually work?  Oh, but I am not to question if or why or I will be censored for doing so, I will be ostracized and punished for it.   Hmmm, something just doesn’t add up here!  And why is it that big box stores are allowed to remain open?  Why is it that for some strange reason we will not get the virus in these larger stores but will get the virus in smaller establishments or even in church?  Even after smaller establishments have done everything that they have been asked to do by the government many are still be closed, even though there is no difference in what they are doing and what the big box stores and establishments are doing.

When we actually see that the measures taken against us are doing more harm than good, when the cure is more deadly than the disease why are we adhering to the cure in the first place?  When more people are dying from the cure, when the cure is putting people out of work, when people are losing their businesses, when people are becoming homeless and destitute, when world economies are failing, all because of the cure, then why do we continue to follow such draconian measures?  There is definitely more happening than meets the eye, and it’s no good!

I don’t see these things as being good for us, and I for one question the vaccine as well.  What is in the vaccine?  What will the long term effects of the vaccine be upon us?  Perhaps it will be effective against the virus, but we don’t really know, and just perhaps it won’t harm us in the long run.  However, I do believe in any case that it is a precursor to taking the Mark of the Beast, that it is conditioning us to take the Mark.  Just take the vaccine and you can live your life as “normal”, just take the vaccine and you can travel, buy, sell, and trade, hmmm, sounds fishy to me!  Sounds way too much like the Mark of the Beast!!!

The closer we get to the coming Antichrist the more and more the world is becoming more antichrist!  The closer we get to the formation of a One World Government the more persecution and censorship we see of Christians around the world and especially in the Western world.  The Elite are antichrist, they have an antichrist spirit within them, and those that follow their wicked schemes are also antichrist and have the antichrist spirit!  The more power they gain the more we see this and the truth of it.  The more that their plans unfold and come to light the more we can see just how wicked and sinister that they are!  They are becoming more emboldened, more energized, and more and more against the children of God Almighty!  This my friends is also not mere coincidence!

It’s spiritual, a spiritual battle both in the heavenlies and manifested here on earth.  As the forces of evil in the spiritual dimension rage on with more fervor, then the physical will as well.  And this is what we see happening in the world today, a war raging on with intense fervor.  It’s a battle between the forces of good and evil.  

We already know from scripture, from God’s word, that evil will intensify in the end times, in the latter days, and we see it manifesting itself now.  Evil will continue to manifest and grow as the days go by, and the wicked agendas of the Elite will be pushed forward the closer we get to the Tribulation period.

By this we know that the time is short, that the Tribulation period is close at hand, because the agenda of Satan is manifesting itself upon the world.  By this we also know that the rapture of the church is that much closer, because the prophetic word of God is manifesting itself upon the world.  We can see in real time biblical prophecies coming to pass, right before our very eyes!  This should cause us all to wake up for our time is short.  Personally, I cannot even believe that it could be very much longer the way that things are headed.  Everything is falling into place, just as God said that they would!  However, we do not know God’s timing, we know the season but not the time of His return for us.

Time is short, repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


2 thoughts on “Preparing the way for the coming Antichrist!

  1. Yes Gordon you are spot on…I watched a video on youtube from the Rock Harbour Church on the Great reset and another on preparing for spiritual battle and what you have said just confirms all of that. It is going to feel lonely down here for a while so many are sleeping, lukewarm or just unbelieving and not interested. There is another site now called ‘brandnew’ that is un censored and many of the people that have been censored on youtube have gone over to that forum. There is a video on there from many doctors and medical practitioners around the world speaking out about the jab not being safe.
    We must just use our God given discernment and not trust everything we hear but do our own research and follow God’s guidance for ourselves as we make decisions that will affect our lives and those of our families.

  2. Thanks for your comment Myrtle Esther!

    So many are sleeping and do not see the truth, and so many others are blind as to what is happening in the world around them. Let us pray for the good Lord to wake them from their slumber and to open the eyes of the blind! Amen.

    God bless! Maranatha! Gordon

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