Scaring People into Heaven or from going to Hell?!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

I just received a comment by someone, not going to name names, stating that I am trying to scare people to God!  The very funny thing about this comment was that it was regarding a post I wrote recently about the rapture of the church.

He said that I should not try to scare people to God but that I should just tell them that God loves them and that I should just show them God’s love, that this would be enough.  Really?  Is this the truth?  And how is talking about the rapture of the church even scaring people?  If anything it gives hope and comfort!  If I merely show people God’s love then is it enough for people to turn to the Lord for Salvation?

Jesus loved people when He was walking the earth, how many people decided then to give their lives over to Him?  Not very many my friends, in fact very few!  This commenter also seems to state that Jesus only taught about love and not about hatred, about death, about being sent to eternal damnation in hell.

First of all I must state that the entire bible is from God, not just the red verses in the new testament, all of the bible is from the Lord!

2 Timothy 3:16-17

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17 so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

Our Lord taught us about heaven, but He also taught us about hell!  He taught us about love but He also taught us about hate!  He taught us about God but He also taught us about Satan!  The point is that God taught us about all sorts of things, about His love for us, but also about His judgment and wrath upon the wicked in the world!  He taught us what would happen to us if we don’t accept Him as our Lord and Savior, He taught it to us over and over again, He reiterated it many, many times!

The Love of God is one of God’s main attributes that’s for certain, God is love!  However, that is not the only attribute of God, nor is it the only thing that we must know about God.

God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life!  That is wonderful!  However, what’s the flip side of this verse?  What will happen to those who will not believe in His Son?!  Does it even matter?  Of course it does!!!

The bible is not even close to be quiet about those who fail to accept His Son Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!  On the contrary my friends, on the contrary!  We are told that if we are not born again that we will not see the kingdom of God, that we shall in fact be cast into a lake of fire, that we shall be sent to hell for eternity!  Jesus taught it, Jesus spoke about it, and Jesus is God!

Jesus told us in John 14:6

“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

If Jesus spoke about it, if Jesus taught it, then shouldn’t we be teaching it as well?  Of course we should!

When Jonah preached to Nineveh did he just preach that God loves them? No!  He preached to them that if they do not repent of their wicked ways that they would be overthrown! 

When Moses went to the Pharaoh he told him what the Lord God had said: “Let My people go!”  Did the Pharaoh let His people go?  No!  And the good Lord poured out plague after plague upon Egypt until he finally relented, as the Pharaoh continued to harden his heart against the Lord.

The point is that they were warned by God ahead of time, He told them what would happen if they did not listen to Him.  Shouldn’t we be doing the same?  Shouldn’t we be telling people that without God they are eternally destined for hell?  Jesus did it, what makes us so much better than Jesus that we should not do it?  Are we not to be following in His footsteps?

Did Jesus merely speak about the love of God in order to draw people to Him for salvation?  No!  He talked about heaven, of hell, of being cast into everlasting darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth!  He told people that He was the only way to heaven, that without believing in Him then a person cannot be born again.

We can ignore much of scripture by not telling the whole truth, is that what the Lord wants of us?  We can ignore telling people the whole truth, but are we then being a bit deceptive?  We can fail to teach the entirety of the bible because much of it hurts, but how can we then say that we love the truth if we ignore the truth?

This is the problem with most of the church today, they fail to teach the whole truth!  They ignore much of it, they ignore bible prophecy, they ignore telling us what is coming, to relate current events with scripture, they ignore warning us of coming disasters.  Why?  Because they are afraid of offending us, afraid of scaring us off, afraid of how people may react.

Am I trying to scare people into heaven?  Perhaps, but I would rather scare them into heaven then to please them into hell!  

And if we fail to tell people what will happen to them without accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior then they end up in hell for eternity, who’s accountable for their eternal destiny?!

I don’t know where people came up with the idea that Jesus only told people about the love of God and not the other sides of God.  That He only told them about God saving them if they believe and not of what would happen to them if they didn’t!  That Jesus only spoke of heaven and not of hell!  That Jesus told us of what we have to look forward to as believers, but didn’t tell those that were not saved of what they have to look forward to in outer darkness for eternity, of being cast into a lake of fire!

And it really astounds me at just how many believers cannot see that God is warning people about the coming disasters that are about to befall the world!  They seem to ignore the entire book of Revelation!

Jesus told us to fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.  Fear of God to the unbeliever is different than fear of God to the believer.  For the unbeliever he or she should fear God, fear what God can do to him or her, they should be scared!  For the believer he or she fear God in a different way, in a reverent and humbling way.  

I didn’t make these things up my friends, these things didn’t come from me but from God’s word!  Jesus came to save the lost, they need to know the truth, the whole truth!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

12 thoughts on “Scaring People into Heaven or from going to Hell?!

  1. I suppose people who are not saved will fear the rapture because their life is still in this world and they are a part of it. I n comparison I have noticed so many comments on youtube of Christians saying they just want to go and be with Jesus, perfect love casts out all fear!

    God bless Gordon

  2. God’s Word is like holding up a mirror to our life.

    The preached Word pierces a person’s heart, making way for the Holy Spirit to convict them of their sin.

    Yes, God is love; And He does love all of us., but people must come to the realization that the scary stuff comes when a person continues to operate outside of salvation.

    We’re not trying to scare people, but they need to be made aware that this world is heading down a dark path.

    I will say that since this Pandemic hit our nation, I’ve had people whom I’ve been trying to witness to for years, now begin to want to seek after the things of God.

  3. Thanks for your comment Myrtle Esther!

    I don’t think that people who are unsaved would even believe in the rapture, so why in the world would they fear it? That’s what doesn’t make any sense to me. And if they did fear getting left behind then wouldn’t you think that this would turn them towards the Lord?

    God bless sister! Maranatha! Gordon

  4. Thanks for your comment Marques Jefferies!

    That is awesome brother! I do believe that it’s scary to hear the things that are coming if a person is not saved. However, I don’t see anything wrong with putting fear into someone’s heart if it draws them in the right direction either. I’m not saying to force anyone to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, none of us can do that. But we must tell the truth and some of the truth can put fear into the heart of man. The things coming upon this world will put fear into man’s heart, and for many it will be too late!

    God bless brother! Maranatha! Gordon

    I’ve gotten into it recently with some who ONLY want to preach God is LOVE.
    They forget that God is also righteous and just and that sin comes at a cost.
    This seems to be especially the case these days with regard to those who will be left behind after the Rapture of the Church and HOW best to leave info for them.
    The tribulation is a time of horrific judgement.
    It isn’t about “gentle Jesus meek and mild”, it’s about the Lion of Judah!
    While God is the very essence of LOVE, a good parent disciplines His children. God will definitely be “disciplining” Israel in order to bring them back to Him as wall as punishing the world for its’ wickedness and wanton rebellion against Him.
    Remember too, that Satan and his demons will also be let loose to wreak further havoc and chaos throughout the world – it’s not just a frontal attack, it’ll be an all out blitzkrieg, albeit 7 years long, rather than short and swift. (Still 7 years is short in God’s time frame.)
    * * * * *
    My point is that we not only tell people God is love, but explain a bit about WHY things are happening and HOW God is dealing with it, as well as WHAT will happen if they don’t heed God’s FINAL warnings. Short, simple, to the point and NOT preachy. Because we also have to remember WHO the message is aimed at: the world, and they have a completely different mindset from Christians. They also will NOT have the time necessarily to delve into much in the way of Bible studies, if they even have access to a Bible!
    I think it’s important to also mention that OSAS ends with the Rapture. While salvation is ALWAYS by Grace through Faith, after the Rapture, the Holy Spirit will no longer sealed within believers as during the Church Age. This is what the Olivet Discourse Parables are all about – Tribulation Saints will have to work AT (not FOR) maintaining their salvation.
    Blessings, Gordon – good job, always!

  6. When I began reading this post, the first thing that came to mind was something R.C. Sproul said in one of his books, “If the only reason we obey the law is out of fear of punishment or dread of the consequences, and not because our hearts are inclined to please God, we are no better in the sight of God than the person who, with reckless abandon, violates His standards and His law.” (“How does God’s Law Apply to Me?”, pg. 25)

    I thought I’d share that with you. When people accuse me of the same thing, I often share that quote with them because it is the most succinct answer I have yet to come across.

  7. Hi Gordon
    I have missed your posts recently are You ok brother?
    We are living in such uncertain times but our hope in The Lord is certain and His promises are guaranteed, He will not fail.
    God bless you

  8. Thanks for your comment Myrtle Ester!

    I appreciate your concern sister! I’m not sure why I haven’t posted for a while. I am ok physically, but have been struggling otherwise. I feel as though I have been a bit paralyzed lately. I have begun writing posts then have not posted them for some reason. I have been feeling overwhelmed with all that is going on in the world today with all of the opposition and adversity around us. And even though I know what’s coming it deeply saddens my heart to see it happening so quickly and intensely! Yet I know that God is still in control of all things, and our blessed hope is all that keeps me going these days. I hope and pray that you are well!

    God bless! Maranatha! Gordon

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