Forced Lock-Down, Forced to wear a Face Mask, What’s next?!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The response to the Coronavirus seems to have been a knee jerk reaction all around the world.  Governments and government leaders have called for extreme measures in fighting the virus, but, is there really any scientific evidence that these measures actually work?

I for one do not believe that most of the measures taken will have a positive outcome or that they really do much to stop the spread of the virus, that in fact just the opposite is more than likely the truth.  The measures taken will in fact cause more death than the virus itself!  It will destroy lives not only physically but financially and emotionally.

How does anyone know if being quarantined at home will stop the spread of the virus, and even if it does to some extent what will happen to those people’s immune systems?  If we hide ourselves from the rest of society, if we prevent ourselves from any germs, then our immune systems will become weakened to the point that when we finally do expose ourselves then we will not be able to fight off even the mildest of bacteria or virus.

I can understand those with compromised immune systems or those highly at risk of becoming gravely ill or even dying staying away from others, but what is the sense in quarantining healthy individuals?!  It makes no sense whatsoever, and I see no scientific explanation for it.

First they tell us not to wear a face mask, that it is unhealthy and will do no good, then they tell us that we must wear a face mask in order to prevent the spread of the virus.  Well, which is it?!

If I choose not to wear a face mask that’s my right, if someone else chooses to wear a face mask that’s their right, and if someone is that frightened of getting the virus then they shouldn’t be going out in public in the first place!

Even if face masks did any good, most people don’t wear them properly, they touch the mask, they touch their face, and they end up spreading germs either to themselves or to others.  These people believe that they are safe from getting the virus, however, that has not been proven to be true and I believe that they could still contract the virus.  When people are shopping in the store they touch items and put them back on the shelves, what’s to keep the virus from spreading from hand to hand, and then hand to face?

And why is it safe for big box stores to remain open but not mom and pop stores?  What is the difference?  Isn’t it just as easy to contract the Coronavirus in a big box store as it is in a small and locally owned business?  And if so-called “essential” businesses can remain open, then why couldn’t all businesses stay open?  Don’t these workers also have the same potential for contracting or spreading the illness?  It makes no sense whatsoever my friends!

If people are afraid to go out in public because of the danger of the Coronavirus, then why are they not afraid of catching the Flu or any other illness, why are they not afraid of being hit by a car, my point is that in life there are many dangers and risks, life itself is a risk!

Being forced to wear a face mask in public is only the beginning my friends, it’s only the beginning!  And we can already see the tension that this is causing, many people are becoming fed up with being told what they can and can’t do, with being forced to do something against their will.

Are we being told what to do and how to do it because it is actually good for our health?  Or our we being told what to do and how to act as a form of control over our lives?  With more and more government control comes less and less rights, liberties, and freedoms!  Once the government gains control they won’t let it go, this has been proven over and over again.

Face masks, lock-down, standing 6 feet apart, being shamed for not wearing a mask, increasing tensions and violence, what’s next?  Martial Law?!  Forced testing, forced quarantines, being marked somehow as the Nazi’s did to the Jews?!  If you speak out about what is going on then you are shunned, censored, and labeled, called a conspiracy theorist.

Are we being told the truth or are we being fed lie after lie?  Of course the virus is real, it can kill people, however I’ve heard it said that the death rate is less than one percent of those infected in the United States.  So why the egregious and draconian measures instilled upon all of us?  It makes no sense whatsoever!

It’s all about control, control of the masses!  The Elite, the Globalists, have taken control of the situation, they have placed mass fear among the people of the world, and they continue to do so.  When people are in fear the Elite have power, so lets keep it rolling!

It’s only going to get worse my friends not better!  Scripture tells us that in the end times perilous time will come, the apostle Paul in his letter to Timothy (2 Timothy 3) didn’t say might come, he said will come!  And we know from Matthew 24, Luke 21, Mark 13, and the book of Revelation that times will be getting much, much worse!

The times that we are in are the beginning of sorrows, the birth pangs that Jesus spoke about.  And when you see these things beginning to happen then look up for your redemption draws near!

If you don’t yet know Jesus Christ then I strongly urge you to do so now!  Today is the day of salvation.  Without Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior there is no hope for the future, no chance of entering into heaven, only eternity in hell and that means forever!

Accept Jesus Christ now as your Lord and Savior!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

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