Jesus told us what is coming upon the world so that we would have peace and hope!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Proverbs 3:25-26

“Do not be afraid of sudden terror, Nor of trouble from the wicked when it comes; 26 For the Lord will be your confidence, And will keep your foot from being caught.”

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior wants us as children of God not to fear what is coming upon the world but to have peace and hope!

Isaiah 41:10

“Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will help you; I will hold on to you with my righteous right hand.”

Hebrews 11:1

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Jesus gave us signs to watch for which signify His close return, both for the rapture and His second coming.  Why did He do that?  He didn’t have to but He did.

Jesus Christ gave us signs of the closeness of the rapture of the church and His second coming so that we would not fear what is coming upon the world but rather that we would have hope in His return for us!

The rapture of the church is imminent, meaning that it could happen at any time!  With that in mind we are to remain watchful and ready at all times.  But, I believe that He also gave us signs that signify the closeness of His return for us, not that we would know the day or the hour, but that we would know the season.  Why would He do this if He didn’t want us to know?  Of course He did!

He wanted us to know because He knows that we more than likely would become fearful of what is coming upon the world if we didn’t.  He knows our hearts, He knows how people are, and if He didn’t tell us these things then most of us would more than likely be in fear of what is coming, we would more than likely lose hope!

Jesus told His disciples before He ascended into heaven that He goes to prepare a place for them, that where He is they will be also.  He gave them hope, hope that one day they would be with Him, hope that this world is only temporary, and that one day they would be in heaven, and this goes for all believers in Jesus Christ.

He told us that things in this world would get bad, very bad just before He comes to take us home.  He didn’t do it in order to scare us, but in order to give us hope of His return for us!  In order to give us peace, in order for us to keep our eyes on Him and not the world if that makes any sense.   When times get really bad then look up, look to and for God not the world.

He gave us these prophecies so that when they do come to pass our faith would be increased!  So that we know that His words are the truth, and that our relationship with Him would become even stronger.

Jesus told us what would happen just before the rapture and His second coming, He didn’t have to but He did.  Many will say that He didn’t tell us what would happen before the rapture but I disagree.  In 2 Thessalonians 2 the apostle Paul tells us not to worry about the gathering together with Christ (rapture) having occurred yet, it will not happen until the “falling away” comes first.  So we know that there will be a falling away from the faith before the rapture of the church.

2 Thessalonians 2:1-3

Now, brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him, we ask you, not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as if from us, as though the day of Christ had come. Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first,…”

Apparently the Christians in that church were led to believe that the rapture had already taken place, but the apostle Paul reassures them that this has not yet happened and to not be deceived by those who said that it already has. 

If the rapture is pre-tribulation then why would Jesus tell us all about what is coming afterwards and before His second coming?

I don’t have all of the answers to that question, however, I do know that He wants us to know for some reason, perhaps many reasons.  He wants us to know that He will take vengeance on those that have persecuted the church for thousands of years, He wants us to know that He is a righteous and just God, and He wants us to know what is coming so that we can warn unbelievers.  But, He also wants us to know what is in store for us and everyone else at the end of the Tribulation period and afterwards.  He wants us to know that He is not going to allow Satan and his demons to go free for all that they have done against Him and us!

The good Lord wants us to know what awaits us on the other side.  He wants us to know that we will be ruling and reigning with Him in His kingdom, that we will be living in the New Jerusalem, and that He will one day destroy this earth and heaven and create new ones!  Why did He tell us these things if He didn’t want us to know?  That’s just it, He did want us to know!  For one thing it gives us hope, hope of what is coming for us, not in this world but afterwards.

We do not worship a God of fear, but a God of peace, comfort, and hope!  We are to fear God in the sense of humbling ourselves before Him, of giving Him the thanks, praise, worship, and adoration that He deserves!  But not fearing Him as we would fear other things, unless of course you do not believe, then I would fear Him above all other things!

The signs of the times are not for us to fear, on the contrary my friends, they are for us to increase our hope!  They are given to us to increase our faith, to give us peace and comfort in trying and perilous times!  They are given to us and the world so that all may know that God is who He says that He is!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

2 thoughts on “Jesus told us what is coming upon the world so that we would have peace and hope!

  1. Dear Gordon,
    You mentioned FEAR a lot – I’ll get to it.
    I’ve been grappling with getting folks to understand the difference between reaching folks during the church age and those left behind, that is post-rapture/tribulation period.
    It’s my contention that the majority of writing for those left behind is for fence sitters or current Christians in name only who will hopefully be able to recognize and UNDERSTAND what has happened, can read what has been written for them, and to then make a decision for Christ.
    But, what about EVERYONE else?
    I see BASICALLY 3 groups left behind:
    1. Christians in name only, those with “holiday” Christianity knowledge, or those from a pseudo Christian sect who can be led to Christ. They have some knowledge of the Lord.
    Within this group is the subgroup, the JEWS, for whom Daniel’s 70th week is meant. They will have the 2 Witnesses and the 144,000 trying to reach them!
    2. The WORLD (even though everyone left behind is technically the world….). These are folks without any REAL concept of God. The may believe in a so called higher power or have been raised in another (anti-God) religion. To them, what’s been written will NOT make sense as they have no basis for understanding it – not initially anyway.
    3. Anti-God. Folks who have made a deliberate and knowing decision against God.
    * * * *
    My concern is for the second group – the World.
    HOW to reach them?
    They will be living in a terrifying time period – one thing after another with no end in sight!
    They will be experiencing the judgements of God
    AND the demonic whiles of Satan and his demons!
    They will come to KNOW that it is God who is making things happen!
    My response was to “fight fire with fire” so to speak and respond with SCARING them straight –
    literally SCARING the HELL out of them!
    A message of FEAR for a people experiencing the wrath of God like none before!
    What the HELL is Going On!?!
    We’re at War?
    It’s a cosmic battle between GOD and EVIL.
    Despite how it seems,
    God has a plan and HE is in CONTROL
    God Wins!
    Whose side do you want to be on?
    God wants you SAVED!
    The devil wants you DEAD!
    The choice is yours.
    If YOU want to be saved (John 6:29)…
    * * * * *
    My comment was to KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE.
    I argued that it’s a time of judgement/wrath and a time of FEAR.
    That not everyone (the world) can be reached with “Jesus Loves Me”
    and “Gentle Jesus Meek and Mild” during such a time – that is, they’re not
    experiencing God’s gentle side even though what’s happening is done out of love!
    Does this make sense?
    Too negative?
    I’d appreciate your commentary on it – when you have the time.

  2. Thanks for your comment Jenny Tate Sullivan!

    I’m not really sure what you mean by “KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE” if you are referring to what I write? I write for everyone, both the saved and the unsaved. If you have read many of my posts then you will see that I do both, I tell it how it is, that includes showing the love of God and also telling people that without God then they will in fact be cast into hell! It is also part of God’s will for me to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ, and I share the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone, that’s what we are told to do as believers. It’s not up to me if they accept it or not, but the Holy Spirit of God Almighty! I write what the Spirit leads me to write, it is my mission from God to share the truth of scripture, that includes the gospel, the love of God, the fear of God, the wrath of God, both the blessings from God and the judgments from God, to expose the darkness and tell it how the Holy Spirit shows me it is. Sometimes that does include scarring the hell right out of people!

    During the Tribulation period many will be saved and many will not, and again it’s up to the Holy Spirit to soften the heart and open the eyes and ears. However, this time period is of the Jews. It’s the time of Jacob’s trouble, Israel’s trouble. The 144,000 Jewish evangelists will be out evangelizing the world, there will be many who are saved both Gentile and Jew, yet most will not be.

    As Christians we are to tell the truth, to expose the darkness, and that is what I do on this website, perhaps not the way many believers want me to, but nonetheless I do it according to the drawing of the Holy Spirit and I have since 2012.

    The good Lord is warning the world to repent, showing them that He is in fact God. Will they believe? Sadly most will not. God tells us that those who have turned away from the truth are blinded by the god of this world Satan, and after the rapture of the church God will give them strong delusion to believe the lie. What is this lie spoken of in 2 Thessalonians 2:11? I believe that it will be believing that Satan is God, that the Antichrist is God! And I believe that most will accept the Mark of the Beast and worship Satan!

    Jesus told us that few will find the gate that leads to life.

    Matthew 7:14
    “Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.”

    We cannot for the most part change people’s hearts or minds, and that is not for us to do. But, we are commissioned by God to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, to plant seeds. We cannot worry about people not accepting it, but pray by the blood of Christ that they do!

    I suggest that you look through the close to 1,400 posts that I have written since October 2012, then you will see that I have most definitely written about God’s wrath, hell, what will happen to a person if he or she is not saved, etc. Not only have I written many, many posts about these things but these things are also included in many, many posts which were not written about these specific things. I cannot really comment on why others write what they write but that I suppose they are led by the Holy Spirit to do so.

    As far as those of the world not experiencing God’s gentle side I would have to 100% disagree! God causes it to rain on both the good and the evil, He provides for everyone alive on earth, air, sun, rain, food, water, beauty, etc. And as Romans 1 tells us they are without excuse.

    Romans 1:19-20
    “because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them. 20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse,”

    We don’t know what people of the world have heard from others about Jesus Christ, about heaven and hell, about the gospel, we don’t know what seeds have already been planted in them. And we certainly don’t know what words will trigger a positive response regarding the gospel message if any, we just don’t know. And to tell you the truth it’s not even up to us to make them believe, that’s not our job, that’s God’s job! But what we can do is spread His message and pray about it, pray, pray, pray! I pray everyday for people to be saved, everyday. And even though I may not see it come to fruition I continue to pray, pray without ceasing.

    You said it yourself,John 6:29
    ‘Jesus answered and said to them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent.” ‘

    It is the work of God that people believe in Him, it’s not of us but of God. Yet, we all have to make that choice, we are not robots.

    So after all that being said, should we preach the love of God? Yes! Should we preach the consequences of not accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior? Yes! Should we preach about hell? Yes! Should we preach to fear God? Yes! However, that does not mean that we should preach all of these things at the same time.

    It’s very frustrating that we cannot make people believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, very frustrating in the least! Yet, we cannot. But what we can do is plant seeds, it’s not up to us to make the seeds grow that is reserved for God Almighty! We should listen to the Holy Spirit and preach accordingly, we should pray beforehand and follow His lead.

    So if you are asking me if you should preach about the wrath of God, of the lost being cast into hell, about scaring the hell right out of them? Then I would say if you feel led by the Holy Spirit to do so then you most definitely should. We all have our own missions from God, our own calling, and we should all do things according to His will, however from our own personality as well, just as the apostles did.

    I don’t know if this helps but this is how I see it. We are merely humans, we don’t know it all, but God does!

    God bless! Maranatha! Gordon

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