The World is Uniting in these Last Days! It’s a Satanic Deception!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The world seeks domination over all the earth!  The Elite of the world are seeking domination over all people, tribes, and nations, this is their end goal my friends, make no mistake about it!

If you have eyes to see and ears to hear then you can see what is taking place upon the face of the earth, the strive for world domination.  This isn’t anything new, it began thousands of years ago with the World Ruler Nimrod and the Tower of Babel!  Yet it continues on until this very day.

Not only does it carry on but also with the same goals in mind!  The Elite of the world, the Shadow Government, are very hard at work seeking to unite the entire world under a one world government, led by a one world ruler, just as in the days of Nimrod.  This is demonic, it is satanic, it is being led by the now ruler of this world Satan!

Don’t be fooled my friends, don’t be led astray, seek the truth, know the times just as the sons of Issachar did.

1 Chronicles 12:32

of the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their command;

The sons of Issachar knew and had understanding of the times, they knew what Israel ought to do.  And so it goes now, we as the children of God must know and understand the times, we must know what to do!

Knowing the times is one thing, understanding the times is another.  We must not only know the times but understand them and their significance.  These are the times of the end, the last days.  They are the times just before the return of Jesus Christ to earth at His second coming, but they are also the times just before the rapture of the church!

Therefore, we must be obedient to the Lord, we must be ready for His coming for us, His bride, the church!  We must walk in the spirit and not in the flesh, we must persevere to the end, we must continue on in His work, we must continue to spread the gospel in a dark world, a world that sees no light.

We at times may draw weary, we at times may feel like giving in and giving up, but my friends this is no time to give up, to throw in the towel, we must stand firm in our faith, courageous in our works, and wise in our understandings.  We must be able to discern the times, to discern the spirits, to know right from wrong and to not be deceived in these very deceptive times!  We must stand for the truth, not be swayed by the wicked, not be drawn in by fables and lies.  For the enemy will do everything in their power to dissuade us from our work for the Lord, they will stop at nothing to see their plans from coming to fruition.

As we see the days drawing darker we must become brighter, as the world becomes more wicked in their ways we must stand firmer in the truth!  This is our calling, this is our mission as followers of Christ.

Jesus told us that in the last days deception would play a major role just before His return, that false teachers and false prophets would arise, that many would come in His name preaching lies.  The apostles told us that in the last days men’s hearts would become cold, that they would be lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God!  We are told that people would turn away from God and worship the creation rather than the Creator, and for that reason God gave them over to a debased mind! 

When a society takes God out of the equation then it leaves a void to be filled, and this is exactly what the world is doing, removing God and replacing Him instead with the things of this world, with satanic things, with idols and false gods!  It sounds to me a lot like what Hell will be like, a place devoid of God and the things of God!

This is the satanic deception, that the world can do it better without God, that it knows better than God, and that it can rule the world without God!  And isn’t it funny that Satan thought the very same things just before being cast out of Heaven?!  The pride, the arrogance, the selfishness, hmmm, sounds just like the Elite of this world!  And no wonder, for Satan is the ruler of this world and the Elite follow Satan!

Believe it my friends for it is the truth!  Do not be led astray, do not follow the doctrines of demons, do not follow wolves in sheep’s clothing!  For even Satan transforms himself into an angel of light, and if he can do it so can his ministers! 

As those under the rule of Satan empower themselves even more then believers in Jesus Christ and God’s chosen people the Jews will endure even more persecution then they are now, it’s only going to get worse as time goes on.  Increased persecution, censorship, fines, imprisonments, etc, they are all coming and with a vengeance!

We are at the precipice of the world uniting as one, at the very forefront of a new world order, standing at the doorway of ushering in a one world ruler, the Antichrist!  And if we are that close to these things happening then we are even that much closer to the rapture of the church!  How exciting is that?!!!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

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