The World’s Elite Unite! The Plan for a One World Government, it’s already here!!!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The world’s elite are uniting in Davos Switzerland on January 22, 2020 for a meeting known as the “World Economic Forum Annual Meeting”, this year marks the 50th year of the forum.

The following manifesto by this group uses the word “company”, but what they really mean is global or world government!  When you read it try replacing the word “company” with “global or world government” and see how it sounds to you.

The following excerpt is taken directly from the World Economic Forum website:

Davos Manifesto 2020:

The Universal Purpose of a Company in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

A. The purpose of a company is to engage all its stakeholders in shared and sustained value creation. In creating such value, a company serves not only its shareholders, but all its stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, local communities and society at large. The best way to understand and harmonize the divergent interests of all stakeholders is through a shared commitment to policies and decisions that strengthen the long-term prosperity of a company.


i. A company serves its customers by providing a value proposition that best meets their needs. It accepts and supports fair competition and a level playing field. It has zero tolerance for corruption. It keeps the digital ecosystem in which it operates reliable and trustworthy. It makes customers fully aware of the functionality of its products and services, including adverse implications or negative externalities.


ii. A company treats its people with dignity and respect. It honours diversity and strives for continuous improvements in working conditions and employee well-being. In a world of rapid change, a company fosters continued employability through ongoing upskilling and reskilling.


iii. A company considers its suppliers as true partners in value creation. It provides a fair chance to new market entrants. It integrates respect for human rights into the entire supply chain.


iv. A company serves society at large through its activities, supports the communities in which it works, and pays its fair share of taxes. It ensures the safe, ethical and efficient use of data. It acts as a steward of the environmental and material universe for future generations. It consciously protects our biosphere and champions a circular, shared and regenerative economy. It continuously expands the frontiers of knowledge, innovation and technology to improve people’s well-being.


v. A company provides its shareholders with a return on investment that takes into account the incurred entrepreneurial risks and the need for continuous innovation and sustained investments. It responsibly manages near-term, medium-term and long-term value creation in pursuit of sustainable shareholder returns that do not sacrifice the future for the present.


B. A company is more than an economic unit generating wealth. It fulfils human and societal aspirations as part of the broader social system. Performance must be measured not only on the return to shareholders, but also on how it achieves its environmental, social and good governance objectives. Executive remuneration should reflect stakeholder responsibility.


C. A company that has a multinational scope of activities not only serves all those stakeholders who are directly engaged, but acts itself as a stakeholder – together with governments and civil society – of our global future. Corporate global citizenship requires a company to harness its core competencies, its entrepreneurship, skills and relevant resources in collaborative efforts with other companies and stakeholders to improve the state of the world.

This my friends is Global Governance, sound familiar?  It’s the control of the world by one government, and one day soon it will have one leader! 

Another thing they talk about is “Governance for Sustainability”, sounds an awful lot to me like Agenda 2030!  Once again, the global governance of sustainability.  Lets take a look at the issues they cover then compare them to Agenda 2030’s issues and see how they match up.

World Economic Forum issues and goals for sustainable development:

Agenda 2030 issues and goals for sustainable development:

Hmmm, they look exactly the same to me!!!  No difference whatsoever my friends, none!

It’s all one and the same, the World Economic Forum, Agenda 2030, the Elite, the Deep State, the United Nations, all working together, all heading up and supporting a One World Government, all one and the same!

I tried to read many things from the World Economic Forum website, however it blocked me from doing so, it either said this information is no longer available or you do not have access to it, then other areas said you must first log-in.  No thanks, I would rather not log-in, thank you very much!

Click on the image below to access the website address for the World Economic Forum:

I strongly urge you to visit this site and see for yourself what they are really all about, it’s very scary my friends, they seek domination of the world through power and control!

The thing is that these groups of people make their cause sound very, very good and admirable, but my friends this is the hook, this is where they draw you in through propaganda, lies, this is where they mislead you into believing that their agenda is the right thing to do for the world when it is anything but!

It’s not about creating a better world, it’s all about control!  Control of our minds, our beliefs, our actions, our thoughts, our very way of life!  It’s about controlling the nations, controlling society, controlling the very lives of people each day, controlling what we eat, what we wear, where we go, what we do, and how we do it, controlling what we read, who we worship, and how we worship!  And there is coming a time when these people will not only control all of these things and more but they will enforce it through not only intimidation, but through force and brutality!

Don’t be fooled my friends, do not be led astray, for there will come false prophets, false teachers, and those dressed as angels of light but inside they are ravenous wolves!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

2 thoughts on “The World’s Elite Unite! The Plan for a One World Government, it’s already here!!!

  1. Thank you Gordon, the scene is being set, things are moving so quickly now, like a snowball running down hill and gaining speed and size. I just read the following…

    Amazon is in the early stages of developing a technology that essentially turns your hand into a credit card. It is likely to tie in with it’s previously filed patent that includes a “non-contact biometric identification system” that features a “hand scanner” to produce a picture of a person’s palm.

    The company is already working with Visa on testing out terminals which would be placed in brick-and-mortar stores and allow shoppers to link their card information to their hands. They could then pay for purchases with their palms, without having to pull out a card or phone.

    The company plans to first pitch the terminals to coffee shops, fast-food restaurants and other merchants that do lots of repeat business with their customers.

    Love always in Jesus name

  2. Thanks for your comment Christine!

    Yeah it’s really crazy how fast things are moving! It’s all falling into place, the technology for the Mark of the Beast is definitely here, and now we are seeing the precursors of the final product. I’ll have to check that out and most likely post a piece on it, thanks for the heads up.

    I pray that you and yours are well and that the good Lord gives you peace and comfort in these trying times.

    God bless sister! Maranatha! Gordon

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