Posting Comments Again!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Hello my friends!  On October 11th I stopped taking comments on my posts.  I now realize that this was the wrong thing for me to do.

It’s like the old saying goes, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!”.  By stopping all comments I have also stopped fellowshipping with other like minded believers on this site.  Of course I knew that this would be something that I dreaded terribly, however I have also felt overburdened and attacked, always trying to defend my beliefs, to defend what scripture tells us is the truth, and this was a bit overwhelming in light of the trials and tribulations in my life.  I have been going through some very hard and difficult times lately and I don’t think that I really thought this through well enough before I made my decision to stop posting comments.  I should not have stopped posting all comments but stopped reacting the way that I did to all comments, treating them all the same when clearly they were not!

When you lose something important to you then it doesn’t really hit you until you don’t have it anymore!  This is also the case with the fellowship that I have had with fellow like minded believers on this website over the years, and I am very sorry that I have cut them off.

This may seem like just another blog for many people, but for me it is much, much more!  This is where I commune with my brothers and sisters in Christ, this is where we share God’s love with each other, this is where we pray for and support one another, this is where we encourage one another, just as scripture tells us to do.

As far as people leaving nasty comments, I will not answer them, and I will at my discretion delete them.  As far as people wanting to argue with me or tell me that I am wrong in my beliefs, I will do the same at my discretion.  No longer will I feel that I am obligated to answer every comment or give a dissertation on why I believe what I do based upon the word of God.  I used to feel that I had to give everyone who leaves a comment the right to have it posted and to argue with me, not anymore!

I believe the word of God and what it says, and if anyone including other believers want to argue or fight with me I will not oblige them by arguing back with them! 

So, I would formally like to say that I am very sorry to those brothers and sisters who have been standing at my side for many years now!  It has grieved my heart to stop communicating with you through this site, and it has been by my own hand!  All I can do is to ask you to forgive me.  This is a learning experience for me, and all of us will keep on learning throughout our lifetime.  I do believe that I needed this short period of time to see things more clearly, and it has definitely helped me to see what is really important and what is not!

May the good Lord Jesus Christ give us all strength, courage, wisdom, and understanding through His word.  Amen.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

10 thoughts on “Posting Comments Again!

  1. Hi Gordon, I am so glad you are allowing comments again. I agree with you, just delete or don’t answer those who are nasty and contentious. We don’t have all the answers all of the time but unless it is detrimental to salvation we should be able to have discussion and sometimes just agree to disagree on matters that can be debated like timings etc. I have missed you already and hoped we would find a way to keep in touch, i have valued everything you have posted and have enjoyed the fellowship.
    I am your sister in Christ

  2. Sometimes the good news is delayed. We gotta wait for it, like Daniel when he was praying and the angel was delayed. There is a remnant. Even though we may not always agree, we can encourage.


    Brother Steve

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