Millions Missing off the face of the Earth!!!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

What in the world is happening?!!!  Millions upon millions of people, adults, children, and infants are reported as missing from all corners of the earth within the past 24 hours, without any signs of foul play or signs of struggles.

First responders across the globe are now inundated with calls for help as hundreds of thousands of people are the victims of world-wide accidents from automobiles to train and airplane crashes, as vehicles of all sorts are left driving themselves due to missing drivers!  What in the world is going on?!!!

People are marching in the streets searching for loved ones and demanding that authorities give them answers to what has happened.  The President of the United States has just issued a warning for all citizens to return home and remain locked inside.  There has also just now been a press release stating that Martial Law is now in effect until further notice!  Anyone found wandering the streets or outside of their homes will either be shot or taken to a Federal Dention Center for further processing.

Local police departments are reporting mass looting and arson, as buildings are going up in smoke!  People are acting extraordinarily aggressive and without self-control as chaos and confusion rule the streets.  The Governors of most states have declared state of emergencies and have called up the national guard for assistance.  The U.S. Military has been dispatched throughout the nation, and all military personnel currently on reserve status have been notified to stand-by for recall to active service.

Scientists from around the world concur with one another that the explanation for the missing people is alien abduction!  They believe, as does the United Nations, that these people were detrimental to the safety and stability of the earth and the world powers.  The alien beings (our brothers and sisters from another solar system) have been sent to aid the people of the world and the planet earth.  Therefore, they did what was best for the planet and relocated those that were in the way of healing the earth and the world.

The United Nations Secretary General has issued the following statement: 

“People of the world, we have seen over the past 24 hours the unexplained disappearance of millions of people from the face of the earth.  Many people that remain are in a state of shock and panic over what has happened, but rest assured that we are coming together as one, as one world, as one people! 

Our brightest and most intelligent scientists tell us that the reason for this mass disappearance is nothing more than the cleansing of the earth and the world!  This cleansing has taken place by aliens from another solar system, aliens which have been around for decades now in an effort to assist us in our proliferation and in saving our planet, they are in fact our brothers and sisters from across the galaxy.  The missing people were somehow infected and a detriment not only to society but to the world at large, and the only way to save our planet and mankind was to eliminate the threat, thereby removing them and relocating them to another planet in another solar system like our own.

Let us all come together as one people, living on one planet, with the same mindset of saving the world and the human race!  If we all just come together under one government, under one leadership, and with one religion, then we can do anything, we can accomplish anything, and we can all be as one!  Let us give thanks to our friends from another planet, and thanks to our Mother Earth!  Peace be with you all!”

Of course the preceding scenario hasn’t happened yet, and it may not happen just like that, but this is how I see it going down after the rapture of the church. 

Once this event takes place then the world will be in utter chaos!  Can you imagine what will happen when all Christians are removed from the planet?  Imagine surgeons instantly missing during operations, airplane pilots gone while in mid-flight, millions of automobile drivers instantaneously gone!

And then there are those that are left behind, what will be going through their minds no one really knows, but I bet there will be many who will know what actually happened!  And then there will be those who will be stunned and shocked, not knowing where to turn for answers or help, nowhere to run nowhere to hide, I believe that this will be the majority.

It doesn’t take much for people to gather in the streets and begin rioting, and once it begins then it’s really difficult to stop!  It’s so easy now for people to be without self-control, but it will be even easier once they have something such as this to use as an excuse!  And without the light and salt of the earth on the earth, then there is nothing really stopping them.

Without the Holy Spirit filled church on earth, the world will quickly become a very, very dark place!

The warning signs are all around us my friends, the preceding scenario is being setup even as you read this post!  It could happen at any time, it is imminent!  Jesus told us to watch and be ready, He told us what to be watching for, but are we?

The bible is a history between man and God, it’s what has already happened, but it also tells us what will happen in the future, it’s His story.  It’s not difficult to believe that God knows what will happen and to tell us about it, He is God!  If we believe that He is God then we must also believe that He knows the future as well, He knows all things my friends, all things!

If we believe that the bible is true then we must believe it all, we must believe that the rapture of the church is imminent!  And it is!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!