Rebellion Against God Almighty is Coming to a Head!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Take a look around you and what do you see?  A world that is continually rebelling against God Almighty!  A world that is indulging in sins which lead to death and destruction, a world full of lies and deceit, deceptions which lead people away from the truth, which lead them to eternal death!

Many people wonder why the world is in such a mess, why there is so much chaos, confusion, hatred, and evil.  It’s not a coincidence nor is it by chance, it’s the direct result of rebellion to God, rebellion to Jesus Christ!

The evil in the world is not status quo, nor is it diminishing in any way, but it is in fact growing exponentially day by day.  And as this evil grows it becomes even more out of control, as it expands its bounds it requires more and more, this is how sin works my friends.  It’s like telling a small lie, then another lie to cover it up, then an even bigger lie to cover them up, it just never stops!  Once the lies begin then they become commonplace, they become the norm, the conscience then becomes seared as if with a hot iron, what used to seem wrong now has no sense of direction but what we give it, this is how sin works, the more we do of it the more we will do of it, this is how Satan works.  The more evil a person commits the more he will commit, and the more it will become normal, the more it will seem to be a good thing and not a bad thing!

Satan deceives the masses by telling lies, by twisting the truth, and if he can get you to believe one lie then he can get you to believe even more.  Once he has gotten you to take the bait then he has you hook, line, and sinker!

We follow one of two rulers, either Satan the ruler of darkness, or Jesus Christ the ruler of light and life, there are no others my friends.  And Satan will come with all signs and lying wonders seeking to deceive even the elect if it is at all possible.  He comes dressed as an angel of light, but he is an imposter and a thief!

How many times have you heard of people saying that they are “spiritual”, yet they lay no claim to Jesus Christ as their Savior?  How many times have you seen people doing “good works”, yet they are not born-again by the Spirit of Christ?  These are people who are led astray, they have bought into Satanic lies, deceptions which are leading them astray.  They have been seduced by wolves in sheep’s clothing who were dressed as angels of light!

Even many in the church today are deceived by such spirits, spirits of darkness.  They believe lies which come straight from the pit of hell!  They believe that there are many ways to heaven, that Jesus Christ is not the only way.  Some believe that all of us will some day get to heaven regardless of our relationship with Jesus Christ.  And there are even those who believe that abortion is our choice to make, that it’s certainly not a sin.  These are all evil and wicked, and all are an abomination to God Almighty!

Satan comes with all lying wonders, and he will steal what he can from us.  He will have an answer to everything, but all of his answers are from hell!  They may sound good to the ears but they are rotten to the core!

The world is being taught that the Jews and the nation of Israel are evil and wicked and must be annihilated, that Christianity is a hateful religion and must be subdued, that Jesus Christ was merely a man and a prophet, that we can all become like God, that our eternal destiny belongs to us by us, that we ourselves determine our eternal destination by what we think and what we do, not by turning our lives over to Jesus Christ.

All of the immorality in the world, all of the growing hatred against Christians and Jews, of the intense division among people, of the rising tide of people pushing for a New World Order leading to a One World Government, all of this is a direct reflection of rebellion to God Almighty!  It’s a growing trend of continual evil in the world, a trend of hatred of the truth, a trend of the hardening of people’s hearts, just as in the days of Noah.

Anything which leads people away from God seems to be the norm for society today, anything which is in direct opposition to Jesus Christ is not only tolerated but celebrated!  This is the way of the world, this is the direction the world is headed in, and we see it increasing day by day my friends. 

Also, anything that leads us away from God is an idol and therefore a sin, not necessarily the thing or the act but in worshiping them instead of God!  Anything, even our own families, our jobs, television, food, entertainment, anything.  We must always put God first before “all” things, it does not mean that we are to put all things away, but always make God first in our lives.

The good thing for believers in Jesus Christ is that God is with us!  That God is the same today as He was yesterday and always will be.  That God still performs miracles today just as He did thousands of years ago when He parted the Red Sea, when He fed a multitude of people with only two fish and five barley loaves, when he saved Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego from a fiery furnace, He is the same God, He does the same things today, and He still performs miracles!

Although the world is in rebellion to God, the people of God have God at their side, and God will perform miracles in our lives and in the world, sometimes through us and other times not.  He will provide for us what we need to perform and accomplish His will on earth just as it is in heaven.  He will move mountains for us and He will open doors which are closed.  He will protect us under the shadow of His mighty wings!

But there is a time soon coming in which the light will be taken from the earth, when all believers in Jesus Christ will be raptured.  It will be a time of utter darkness, when darkness rules with great intensity, for the Holy Spirit filled church of Jesus Christ is now holding it back!  The darkness is dark and getting darker by the day, but it is in check by the Spirit of God through His church.  We are here, we are occupying, and we are to be performing His will on earth until He comes to take us home, this is what is keeping evil at bay, from keeping it from going completely out of control, and it’s the only thing!

The great rebellion is coming, and it will not be a pleasant time to be alive on earth.  This will be a time when Satan rises to his pinnacle of power, but also a time when God pours out His wrath upon the wicked, it will be a time like no other!

The rebellion that we see today in the world is coming to a head, it’s not by chance, but it has been prophesied to happen, and it’s the scheme of the devil for it to happen, but ultimately it’s all part of God’s plan.  If you have eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart that is open to the word of God then you can see what is happening in the world and you will know that our time is near!  You will know that we are in the season of Christ’s return, that our redemption draweth nigh, that what God foreordained to happen will happen very soon!

Have faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


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