Changes are Coming….But are they Good?!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Change, it’s coming, it’s always coming, but just what kind of change are we in favor of and support?

Obama ran his Presidential campaign on change, he wanted to fundamentally change America from the inside out, from a free and Democratic Republic to a Socialist nation ruled and governed by a One World authority.  Bernie Sanders also wants to change America into a Socialist nation, as does the Progressive Left.  But I am telling you my friends it just doesn’t work!

All we have to do is take a look back in history to see the failures of Socialism, the tyranny, the oppression, the evil and violence, the mass murders of millions of people, starvation, hunger, the lack of medicine and essentials for life.  Heck, all we have to do is take a look at Venezuela today!

Venezuela is a Socialist nation, a nation that was at one time very prosperous, very well to do for itself and for its citizens.  But that all changed once Socialist leaders took control, and once the nation became a Socialist dictatorship then the country took a steady decline downwards into what we see today.  The people of Venezuela are starving, they are dying from lack of food and medicines, and the leaders of the nation are not allowing humanitarian aid into the country!  Those in opposition to President Maduro are treated as enemies of the State, even its own citizens!

Is this what we want for America?!  Is this really what we want for the world?!!!  Is this the change that so many on the Left are pushing for?  Not only do they want a form of Socialism, but they want to unite the world as a Socialist nation, One Socialist Nation, One Socialist Government, a proud and arrogant government at that!

Change is coming to the world and it’s not for the better.  People in the world are being deceived into believing lies, into believing that if we just all unite as a One World Nation then everything will be better, when nothing could be further from the truth!

If the world united under one leader, under one government, then what’s to stop that government from enforcing oppressive laws, what’s to keep it from suppressing the people, from forcing the people to do what it tells them to do no matter what?  The world would be at the mercy of the government, under the strict control of the government and a One World Leader!  It will not only be an oppressive government but one in which people will be told who they can worship, when to worship, and how to worship, all in rebellion to God Almighty!

As far as I know there were no nations before the great flood of Noah but all lived as one people, and the people were evil continually.  After the flood the people of the earth began to multiply, they all spoke one language, and they decided to build a tower whose top is in the heavens.  They defied God by not following His command to fill the whole earth, but instead gathered together in the land of Shinar (Genesis 11).  There they decided to build a tower into the heavens which would be a monument to give themselves a name.  Why would they do this?  It could be that they were directly defying God, and I believe that they were.  It could also be that they were very proud and arrogant wanting to give themselves a name by building the tower, and I believe this also.  God saw that as a whole they were joined together in defiance against Him, so God gave them different languages and spread them abroad over the face of the earth.  God knew that as one nation, as one people, they would do even greater things in rebellion to Him.

It stands to reason that the good Lord does not want the nations of the world to unite as One, He didn’t want it in the past and He doesn’t want it now, at least not until He comes to rule and reign.  He knows that if the world unites as one nation then it will do abominable things in rebellion to Him, just as it was doing thousands of years ago, and it will do even greater things against Him then it did then!

But my friends it will happen, a One World Government, a One World Leader, and a One World Religion, all in rebellion to Jesus Christ and our Father in heaven.  This is the change that’s coming and it’s not pretty!  And as much as we may not like it, as much as we abhor even the thought of a One World Government it will happen.

The time is soon coming for the revealing of the Antichrist, for the man of perdition to be revealed, the ruler of the One World Government.  And if you think that President Maduro is bad, or if you thought that Adolph Hitler was bad, just wait until the Antichrist comes on the scene!!!  There will be none more evil and wicked than this man, none.

The world is now being prepped by Satan to be accepting of this One World Ruler, to accept him with open arms!  That is why we see the world changing in the direction that it is, why we see the push for Socialism, the push for a One World Order, heck, haven’t you heard world leaders for decades now speak of the New World Order?!  That’s what it’s all about my friends, the grooming of society at large, the grooming of a generation, the seduction of the hearts and minds of people to openly accept such a man to rule and reign over them.  They won’t just accept him, they will want him, they thirst for him!

Of course this man will not come on the scene appearing wicked and evil, he will come dressed as an angel of light, he will come in charming and full of charisma, and the world will be seduced by him.  He will be a man proclaiming to bring in world peace, to heal the world, to save humanity, and they will believe that he can!  This is what the world is now being groomed for, this is why we see the changes that we do, why we see political correctness, why we see tolerance of everything, why we hear people saying that all ways lead to heaven.

The truth is that there is only one way to heaven, through Jesus Christ.  There will only be true peace on earth once Jesus arrives to rule and reign.  There is only one government for all people that will work, and that is a government ruled by God!

What we see happening now in Venezuela is a horrific tragedy.  These people need our prayers, they need our help and support.  The evil dictator in Venezuela must be stopped before even more lives are lost.  Let us pray that the good Lord removes this man from power quickly, let us pray for the peace, safety, health, and provisions to the people of Venezuela.  In Jesus name, Amen.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


8 thoughts on “Changes are Coming….But are they Good?!

  1. Yes changes are coming and future will not looking good. Socialism is very bad. Here in America, Berine Sanders pushes socialism if he win the 2020 election. He’s a joke and idiot old man. Of course we all know that Democrats are pushing Socialism. Socialism does NOT works. It is very evil and not democracy.

    I truly believe the rapture is very near. When the rapture come, then socialism will leading to a One World Government.

  2. Myrtle Esther
    10 minutes ago (edited)
    The false Messiah is coming and they are preparing to bring in the Noahide laws which will form the basis of the one world religion. There is a lot on youtube about it now as Christians are waking up to what is being planned and are warning others and leaving information for those who will be left behind . I think it is important to warn others about the Noahide laws, whilst we wait and occupy until Jesus comes for us. Gordon have you researched the Noahide laws and how they will affect everyone left on Earth bringing the threat of death by beheading to all who worship and professes the name of Jesus as the true messiah.
    I share this link but there are many others on youtube,

    • Thanks for your comment Myrtle Esther!

      No, I haven’t heard about the Noahide laws. But, we as children of God are not condemned by any laws, we are instead saved by the grace of God through the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ. Ours is not condemnation but salvation. Many if not most of these laws sound like the Ten Commandments. I think that the main point is that we are not saved by the law but condemned by it! We must all remember that it is not what we do or don’t do that saves us, but only by repenting of our sins, by having a contrite heart and believing on the One who Created us all, Jesus Christ, He is the only way.

      God bless! Maranatha!

    • I clicked on the link you gave me Christine, but it only comes up error. I shall have to check out some other videos which I will take with a grain of salt as I am very cautious about what I see on YouTube.

      God bless! Maranatha!

  3. Thanks Gordon, I think you will be surprised at how far they have actually got with planning to incorporate these Noahide laws. Maybe in tribulation period (time of Jacobs trouble), those who oppose and commit idolatry will be beheaded by Guilotine and that means anyone who worships Jesus Christ as God.?
    Bless you and thank you Gordon

    • Thanks for your comment Christine!

      There will be many deceptions in the last days and many if not most will be deceived. We must always keep our eyes on Jesus Christ for He is the only way! The times are coming quickly for the beginning of the Tribulation period, and when that time comes it will be like no other, not just the second half of it but the entire thing, all seven years! I cannot for the life of me understand why a believer in Jesus Christ believes that the church will go through at least part of the Tribulation period, none of it will be good. In fact, Jesus Christ Himself will pour out His wrath upon the world during the first half, is that supposed to be comforting to us? I don’t think so. We are not destined to wrath but to salvation through Jesus Christ, not the wrath of Jesus Christ!

      For those saved during the Tribulation period it will be another story all together, they must hold strong in the faith, they must stay focused on Christ and what He has done for them.

      God bless! Maranatha!

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