Evil and Wickedness Increasing Each Day!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The world is a mess!  Tensions are rising faster than anyone can keep up with.  Chaos and confusion rule the day, and division among the masses continues to grow at unprecedented speeds.  What has to happen now for something to give?  How much longer can the world go on like this before we have a major melt down?!

Hatred and aggression towards Israel and the Jews seems never-ending as antisemitism around the world escalates in mass numbers.  The BDS Movement and anti-Israel protests are growing substantially.  The nations surrounding Israel grow in boldness and intimidation towards her with threats of annihilation, as the arms race in the Middle East continues to grow out of control!

Christianity is being taunted as a religion of hatred and intolerance, Christians themselves are being persecuted with increased intensity and with a boldness that we have never seen before in our life time.  The church itself has been invaded with doctrines of demons, and apostasy in the church is at an all time high!

Division among the masses is growing deeper by the day, differences of opinion and of beliefs are causing people to become full of hatred, to become more bold and brazen, to act out in ways that we never thought that we would see. 

The world economy hangs on by a thread, as nations collapse, as people become homeless, as people go hungry.  The fear of civil unrest and civil disobedience fill the hearts and minds of people trying to make a living, of people just trying to survive!

Immorality is replacing morality!  What was once good is now bad and what was once bad is now good.  Most people don’t really know what is going on, they are confused about the ways of the world, yet most are accepting of it!  People are being brain-washed into believing lies, into believing that immoral ways and life styles are good, when God tells us that they are bad!

The world has turned its back on God, rebelled against God in all areas of life, and that rebellion is growing stronger by the day!  The world celebrates and worships all things and everything but God Almighty, it denies that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, it even goes so far to say that all of us can someday not only be like God but actually be a god!  Witchcraft, necromancy, demonology, spirituality, the New Age Movement, all are on the rise, all with roots in Satanism!

What is happening to the world?!  Why are we now seeing such a dramatic rise in all of these things and much more? 

Satan is a master at manipulation, at telling lies, at making people believe what is untrue, that good is bad and that bad is good!  He knows that his time is short, and he is making use of every minute that he has.  He is setting the stage not for the coming of Jesus Christ, but for the coming of the Antichrist! 

That’s why we see the world in turmoil, that’s why we see such evil and wickedness in the world today, it’s not by chance that all of these things are happening now my friends, it’s Satan’s grand scheme!  It’s Satan’s scheme, but God is allowing it to happen, because in the scope of things it’s actually part of God’s plan.  God knows what will happen, he knows what Satan will do, and He allows him to do it.  This is what really amazes me about Satan, although he is a very intelligent being, it’s as if he doesn’t realize that God knows his plan, that God doesn’t know what he’s up to!  It’s not really funny, but it is in a very ironic way.  Another thing that I find sort of fascinating is that Satan actually believes that he can over power God, the Creator of all things, even of Satan himself!

By no means is Satan funny, and by no means should we take him lightly or for granted.  Satan is real, and his plan is a very sinister one at that, it is pure wicked and evil!  We can see how the world is quickly changing for the worse, it is becoming darker by the day.

We can pray for peace in the world, we can pray for the light to over come the darkness, but we cannot change what will happen with the world becoming darker and more evil and wicked, it is written in scripture that it will happen!  With that being said, as followers of Christ we are to shine a light into the world, to share the love of Christ, to make a difference in a dark, dark world, as long as we are still here on earth.  The world is becoming very evil and dark, yet it is being restrained by the church of God Almighty, the Holy Spirit filled church.  But once the church is taken from the earth then all Hell will literally break loose!  If you think that the evil is bad now just wait until then!

All of the increased evil and wickedness, the chaos and confusion in the world, the fear of economic collapse and civil unrest, the increasing persecution of Christians and the Jews, lead me to believe that the return of Jesus Christ for His bride is not far away!  God decided to flood the earth once the hearts and minds of almost all of the people were evil and wicked continually.  Just how far are we from that now?  Just how much worse must it get before Jesus comes to take us home?  I don’t know the exact answer to those questions, but I do know that we are in the season, that it’s getting close!

We can make it through and succeed in these dark times if and when we stay rooted firmly in the word of God.  We can over come the darkness when we walk with God, for He is Light and the Light is in us, we are one with the Light, we are the light of the world!  And when the light is taken out then the darkness will be overwhelming.

Stand firm in God’s word, walk with God, walk in the spirit not the flesh, live by faith not by sight.  Know that God is with you and for you, know that He will never leave you nor forsake you!  And know that He will not lose even one that belongs to Him, we are His forever!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


3 thoughts on “Evil and Wickedness Increasing Each Day!

  1. So true Gordon! I hope you are well and standing strong in The Lord!
    It would be easy to become discouraged and take our eyes off Him but He alone is our place of safety and no matter what happens we must continue to trust even though all seems more and more hopeless in the world situation. He is out blessed hope!. We know all of this must happen it is just amazing we are alive in these times when we see the end times prophecies of lawlessness and chaos and natural catastrophes being fulfilled right before out eyes and are escalating just as The Bible scriptures warned they would before Jesus return.

    God bless you brother

  2. Thanks for your comment Christine!

    I could lie and tell you that I am doing great, that everything is fine, but that would be a lie! Everything is not ok, in fact I struggle each and everyday, I battle against the enemy daily, evil spirits are fighting against me each day, but God is with me through it all, and I walk with the Lord daily, I pray without ceasing, He is my strength, my courage, my best friend, I walk by faith not by sight.

    It is absolutely amazing to see bible prophecy coming to pass right before our very eyes! While at the same time it is frightening to see it happen. One part of me thinks that I can’t believe this is really happening, that the world and people are becoming so dark and evil, then my spirit tells the other side that this is how it is to be according to God’s word, that all of these things must take place and then the end shall come.

    I hope and pray that you and your husband are well sister, I pray for your peace, comfort, protection, and increased insight, wisdom, and knowledge of God and His word! Amen.

    God bless! Maranatha!

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