Accepting the AntiChrist!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

What would it take for the world to openly and willingly accept the Antichrist as the world leader?

We have heard talk of a “New World Order” for the past couple of decades now, and most of the world seems to be in favor of a One World Government.  In fact, most of the world is not only in favor of a One World Government, a New World Order, but embraces it with a strong and powerful determination!

There are not many nations on earth today that are not in favor of a One World Government, America and Israel are two of the most prominent ones.  These nations are fighting against a One World Government, yet the forces against them are very strong and powerful.  President Trump has been attempting to undo the damage that was done by President Obama, who was all in favor of a One World Government, and was in fact leading not only America but the world in that very direction!  Yet it’s not all Americans who support President Trump and his plan to keep America a sovereign nation, it’s mostly the Conservatives.

Most of the world is being led to believe that we need one ruler over the entire world, that globalization is the key to freedom, the key to peace, the key to a better way of life.  They are even teaching young children in school that this is the way, actually throughout the educational system including those in college.

Nations who are opposed to globalization, to the idea of global warming, to not wanting to be a part of this global agenda are too often ostracized and severely criticized for not following along with their plans, and it is becoming much more apparent as time goes on.

This is the way of the Left, the way of the Progressive Movement, the people who claim to be the most tolerant people on the planet.  They pride themselves on being tolerant of all things, that anything goes, that we all have the right to do what we please if it makes us happy, that heaven is whatever we make it out to be, that God is whomever we make Him out to be, that there are many ways to heaven, that all ways will actually lead to heaven eventually, someway, somehow.  They are tolerant of all things except Christianity, except Jesus Christ as God, except Jesus Christ being the only way to heaven.  They are tolerant until they are confronted, until someone has an opposing viewpoint other than their own.  When someone tells them that they are wrong or even expresses an opposing viewpoint then they become frustrated and angered, and at times violent.  There is a building anger and hatred among these people, and it is growing and intensifying by the day.  They will not compromise, they will not give in, we see it now in Congress, with the Democrats refusing to make any compromises with President Trump, they will not give one inch!  They don’t do it in order to make things better, they do it because they hate Donald Trump, what he stands for, and what he is doing in America.  They do it because he is ruining their plans for a One World Order, a New World Order, the plans of the Elite, the Deep State!

The secular Left often says that Christians are the one who are intolerant by saying that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, that there are absolute rights and wrongs, absolute morals.  Yet it is not from people that we say and believe such things but from the Creator of the universe, God Almighty!  This is the difference.  They claim to be tolerant then why are they not tolerant of Christians who believe and practice their faith?  Don’t we all have the right to practice our faith?  You don’t hear them speaking out against Muslims or Hindus, against Witchcraft or Sorcery.  There are Muslims all around the world who are torturing, killing, and persecuting people of other faiths, yet you don’t hear the Progressives saying anything against them! 

As Christians we should tell them the truth out of love not hatred, we should be kind, loving, and forgiving.  This is also the difference between Christians and the secular world.  The Progressive Left hates Christians, true Christians, true followers of Christ.  It’s because we speak the truth and go against their agenda.  Why don’t they hate Muslims?  After all Muslims say that the only way to heaven is by accepting Muhammad and Allah! Muslims are persecuting people all over the world, where is the outcry from Progressives?  It seems non-existent!  They don’t hate the Muslims because the Muslims don’t speak the truth!  They hate Christians because they do speak the truth about God, they hate the Jews because the Jews are God’s chosen people, Israel His chosen nation, this all stems from Satan, from demonic lies and the twisting of the truth, it is a spiritual battle.

My point to all of this is that the Progressive agenda is to promote and usher in a “One World Order”, that they have a plan and are implementing that plan, and they will stop whomever stands in their way, this includes Christians!  Many Christians know what is coming to this world, they know about the One World Government headed by the Antichrist, they know about the Tribulation period, the Mark of the Beast, and the Abomination of Desolation, they know!  This Progressive movement is evil and wicked, it is anti-God, in rebellion to God.

The young people of this world are being indoctrinated by the Left, they are being fed lies and untruths, they are being brain-washed into believing that this world needs a One World Government!  It’s happening my friends in real time, it’s happening now!  What will happen when these young people get a little older, when they outnumber those who know the truth?  They have been brain-washed by the Left through modern technology and the education system which has a Leftist agenda, they will believe lies and untruths, and they will be more than willing to accept the Antichrist as a One World Leader!!!!  This my friends is frightening!

We will see increased persecution in the world, and even in America!  The pot is already boiling my friends, the underlying hatred and evil against Christians is already here lying under the surface.  The question is not if it will get worse but when will it get worse?  The Left is very large and powerful, with many powerful people behind it lying in the wings.  What will the next Presidential election look like?  Will the Left by that time out number the Right, the Conservatives in America?  If so then I don’t really want to be here!

I pray for peace in the world, I pray for peace in America, and I pray for the soon return of Jesus Christ for His Bride, the church!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


2 thoughts on “Accepting the AntiChrist!

  1. Here in America, Hollywood, the Left, liberal, and Democrats are pushing socialism. Just heard that 2 Muslim Brotherhood from Congress are planning to running the President in 2020.

    CFR, Bilderberg, other sinister organizations are pushing One World Government which I know you know.

    Look at around the world, it is a mess. People and world leaders are looking for a man to solve the world problem, that is upcoming of Antichrist.

    I’ve heard some people say that French President is a good candidate as Antichrist. I disagree because we the church don’t know and we will be up in the air and Antichrist will be down here. But I have to tell you again and again, he is here alive and waiting under the wings. No question.

    Did you hear about Germany and France are forming EU Army?

    My opinion, I think Antichrist will be coming out of EU. I don’t know which nations. It is possible he is a homosexual.

    My opinion, the elite are using the Muslim as their weapons to attack the Christians. EU, United Nations, Democrats, Left, Liberal are too soft with the Muslim because they hating the Christians.

    My opinion, when Israel win both wars which are Pslam 83 and Ezek 38, million of Muslim will losing of their power due defeat of the Israel aftermath war. The Muslim can’t challenge against the Antichrist. I know for sure Russia will lose her superpower after Ezek 38 War.

    My opinion, America will shield to the Antichrist after the rapture. Keep in mind, million of American Christians will be vanish and bad people will be left behind. Democrats, Left, etc will turning this country very dirty and nasty. This is my opinion.

    Israel will standing alone and USA won’t help. I believe Democrats will betrayed Israel after Donald Trump term. I believe after 2020, United States of America will never be the same again.

    • Thanks for your comment Jim!

      If the Democrats win the Presidential election in 2020 then this nation is in for a world of hurt, not that it isn’t already. You get what you sow, and the United States has sown some very dark seeds my friend! Taking God out of public schools was the beginning of many sorrows, and you can see where it has led our school system today. The legalization of abortion was another seed of darkness which is also bearing it’s fruit, as well as the legalization of homosexual marriage. God will allow us as a nation to reap the fruit of the seeds that we as a nation have sown, and today we see the fruit maturing and coming to fruition.

      It seems to me that the prayers of the saints and the repairs to the nation that President Trump is doing is just that, repairs. It’s as if we are living in a sinking ship, trying to patch the holes before we sink! That’s exactly how it feels to me, like this country is headed for disaster and there is not much we can do about it. We both know that we are in a spiritual battle, and the forces of darkness seem to be increasing their offensive against us.

      Even though we are living in a world that is headed for disaster, we as Christians are to stand firm in our faith, to battle the enemy to the very end, until Christ comes to take us home. We are not to give up or give in but persevere to the end, to run the race, to cross the finish line. This is where our faith in God is so very important and vital in these end times, we must know our God, we must know that He is with us at all times, that He is for us, and that He will never leave us or forsake us!

      God bless! Maranatha!

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